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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


Lantern Ride

I hope you can come to my annual bike party. Its kind of a guided
meditation on wheels.

The Bike Month Musical Lantern Ride with the Fossilosopher and Friends is
a slow nighttime bicycle ride on Vancouver seawalls and Stanley park
trails. Most riders have electric light sculptures on their bikes and some
have other decorations or costumes. The ride stops several times for song
performances and sing-alongs about cycling and the green values of
cycling. Individuals, families and parties of diverse ages and
backgrounds join the ride, but not many children between 7 -12 because of
the time.

This year the ride leaves David Lam Park at Davie and Pacific in Yaletown
at 9:00 pm on Saturday June 3rd. From 7:30 to 9:00 we will make lanterns
and decorate bikes in the corner of the park by the seawall bike path. The
ride will finish around 10:30 at Third Beach.

Check the website for more info and links to picture of
past rides. Leave a phone message with questions at 604-255-2102 and I
will get back to you.

Lee Henderson foss@*@*

pictures of past rides:

--Tuesday May 30th party reminder --

Here is the final linup for the May 30th party to celebrate the launch of
'Workers Of The World Relax'. This book has a lot to do with what a bicycle
friendly world will look like.
Oh yes, please come dressed in your work costumes.

This is going to be a fun event with lots of dancing, theatre, body art,
music and even more dancing.

Doors open 7pm. Heritage Hall 3102 Main Street.

List of performers

  • CR-Avery (musician / poet)
  • Megan Rose (musician)
  • Werdamouth (band)
  • Art-topia Dave (body artist)
  • Andrea Curtis (body artists)
  • DJ BAD (dj)
  • Raputin (Russian legend)
  • Toot-a-lute (dancing minstrels)

Cover charge $3-$5

For more information please visit

7:30pm Friday June 2nd

Green Screens presents: Taken For a Ride and Easy Rollin'

Description: Video In Studios, 1965 Main St.

Join Hadas Levy of ParaDocs Productions, Conrad Schmidt of the Workless Party, and some special guests, to see and hear about the American experience with freeways and some great Vancouver-bred alternatives. Films followed by discussion, music and dancing.

Snacks and drinks available--bring your own mug!

$5-$10 Sliding Scale



Pirates Mass May26

Print and Propagate! Feel free to modify,
YOU are the Critical Mass organiser:

^^^Click on this image to link with large 200dpi
PDF format poster image [for you to print]

Event Details:
Critical Mass Roll
Friday, May 26th, 5:30 pm,
Meet at the Vancouver Art Gallery,
Downtown Vancouver
(on the side with the lions)

You are invited to join hundreds of fellow cyclists for a leisurely ride through the streets of Vancouver. Enjoy the safety and comfort of the car-free space that we create by simply riding together.

All human powered transportation is welcome. Skate, sail, pedal, push, pull, walk, run, rock and roll! We will go rain or shine, bring a pirate costume if possible, bells, music, whistles, cake... [eye patches are kindof dangerous]


ride of silence - wed may 17 2006 - 7pm

ride of silence - wed may 17 2006 - 7pm

route suggestions welcome.

how about a full-on funerary procession? widow veils. bike trailer caskets.
black banners & flags.

my main concern here is emphasizing that biking is not dangerous in & of
itself, it's the reckless obliviatoid fukwads. e.g. statistically speaking,
walking near traffic is more dangerous than riding a bike. so this will be
a protest on behalf of pedestrians too, skaters, a protest against roadkill
in general. i guess we can illustrate this with signs. car=gun kinds of
graphics. graphic representations of the road ecosystem: CARnivores. maybe
even numbers on the total car casualties (including car-car crashes) in
vanc & various countries for a given year.

the site says injured are those who have been hit by cars. do you even know
anyone who hasn't been hit? maybe they should dress differently, in white
like virgins, or wearing clock faces on their back. bikers who have been
wounded could wear an identifier of some kind (site suggests red arm bands
but something else could be better). maybe we should all put bulls-eyes on
our backs, faces, bikes.

this is also a great opportunity to raise awareness that we are entitled to
a freaking lane thanks.

i'd like to put together a list of slain bikers & pedestrians. submissions
please. year & DOB if poss. in vancouver in bc in canada, or people outside
but connected with those places in some way.

suggestions welcome.

~ifny (will be wearing a red arm band)

just a reminder that this ride is just around the corner.

screw the bit about the helmets being mandatory. i will not exclude bikers
on this basis.

you probably heard about the fatality in chilliwack last week.

ppl may want to bring trailer caskets. i'll do my best to push the message
that riding bikes isn't itself hazardous: any activity near motor vehicles
is. suggestions welcome.


Plan June Mass Mass

Check out this beeautiful flyer by redsara:
So apparently there is a gathering to begin to plan for the June 2006 Massive Critical Mass. In case you didn't know, June is Bike Month. So, in June, we make an extra special effort have a really big Critical Mass Ride. This started a few years ago with the 1000 wheels Ride which was meant to have 500 riders but broke that goal with about 800. We didn't even need our fudge factor where 1 rollerblader counts for 8 wheels. Last year, it was called the 2000+5 wheels ride and there were 1200+ pedallers, skaters, pullers, pushers, agitators, joggers... It was super fun.

So of course this year we hope to surpass last year but there hasn't been a good name decided yet. Redsara suggested 20,000+6 which I think is maybe too ambitious but you never know. In Budapest they had an irregular CM with 30,000 people and Budapest was not formerly known as a cycling city!

So come out and help make this June 30th, 2006 super duper spectacular. This Friday May 12 is the monthly MC3 ride. So, just before that, on a Friday when CM people are normally avaliable, let's meet. The time is 6pm and the location is the big glass Gazebo next to Science World [Quebec and Terminal, Vancouver]. ALL are invited! There will probably be some more meetings. Or, host your own meeting that fits your schedule and announce it and invite us all to it! [It's Critical Mass so we're ALL in charge.] Bring your voice, warm clothes depending on weather, and your bike for a ride later on with the MC3. All are welcomed.


May 20 Ride along with Expedition Plant Earth

Julie recently biked across Europe and rowed across the Atlantic Ocean
as part of Expedition Planet Earth. She and her fiance Colin will be
finishing up the self-propelled, round the world expedition on May
20th. They are inviting anyone and everyone to ride along with them
for the last 10 km, from UBC to Vanier Park to show support for their
mission of encouraging people to use non-motorized transportation and
celebrate their homecoming.


Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival volunteers desired!

Come play in the street – East Van style.
The Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival
by the people of The Drive, for the people of The Drive and our guests. The Festival gave us a day to celebrate the  unique multi-dimensional spirit of our community, and to experience our space reclaimed from cars and given back to people.

The Commercial Drive Festival was successful way beyond our imaginings. Around 25,000 people participated, including over 250 volunteers. The Festival is completely volunteer organized and presented (including performances). Many of the organizers and day-of volunteers reported that the experience of participating in the festival opened new doors for them in connecting with their community, meeting cool funky folks, and playing a part in the creation of a magnificent event.

So, we are doing it again! This year's Fest will happen on Sunday June 18 -- Fathers' Day. The street will be closed again to all motorized traffic, from First Ave to Venables and from Woodland to Salsbury. This year's Festival will also include Victoria Park, the World Cup Zone, to celebrate East Van's multicultural fabric around the theme of soccer, the "international sport." Buses will be re-routed along Victoria Drive. Programming will happen between noon and 6, but the hours of street closure will be from 10 am to 8 pm.

Of course, we can't do this Festival without you. This is your invitation to help co-create the dream.
We need some helpers before the Fest, to poster and flyer and paint banners and assist with community liaison.

And we especially need helpers for Festival Day, for sundry chores including:
-blockade marshalls

The rewards of joining the Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival Crew are many, including delight, satisfaction, connection, and bigtime karma. Plus you'll get first crack at t-shirts, and you will be in the loop on the volunteer afterparty, which is sure to bump the 'hood.

Tell your friends about the Fest. Post it to your networks. Join in creating the Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival, and start reclaiming your street, your neighbourhood, and your planet...for fun.
Thanks evermuch, see you on The Drive!

The Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival Crew
ph: 604+688=4228

p.s., if you worked on the Fest last year and have suggestions for how to do it better, speak up!