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Lantern Ride

I hope you can come to my annual bike party. Its kind of a guided
meditation on wheels.

The Bike Month Musical Lantern Ride with the Fossilosopher and Friends is
a slow nighttime bicycle ride on Vancouver seawalls and Stanley park
trails. Most riders have electric light sculptures on their bikes and some
have other decorations or costumes. The ride stops several times for song
performances and sing-alongs about cycling and the green values of
cycling. Individuals, families and parties of diverse ages and
backgrounds join the ride, but not many children between 7 -12 because of
the time.

This year the ride leaves David Lam Park at Davie and Pacific in Yaletown
at 9:00 pm on Saturday June 3rd. From 7:30 to 9:00 we will make lanterns
and decorate bikes in the corner of the park by the seawall bike path. The
ride will finish around 10:30 at Third Beach.

Check the website for more info and links to picture of
past rides. Leave a phone message with questions at 604-255-2102 and I
will get back to you.

Lee Henderson foss@*@*

pictures of past rides:


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