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Meet @ Creekside Park at 7pm‎, Saturday Night, the end of Summer


Bike Smut: Come Again @ Rio Theatre July 23rd
The world's only collection of erotic bicycle movies is back! July 23rd here to the Rio Theatre
Doors 9pm/ Show 9:30pm
Tickets $8 in advance/ $10 at the door
Strictly +19 for entry with 2 pieces of ID. Fully licensed bar
Bike Smut is a collection of short erotic films made by inspired cyclists from all over the world. It is creative, funny, and aware! The night also features Q & As and performances.
The Bike Smut Film Festival is now in its 8th year and has never been just a single person's vision, rather, a coalition of the horny work together to bring this synthesis of transportation and sexuality to life.Calling all bikers for 90 minutes of radical DIY bike loving woman centered man centered trans queer gay bikesexuals under-presented Sex Movies.ONE NIGHT ONLY. It's your only chance to see these films as they are only screened to a live audience, no internet, no DVD.

In the past year we showed consensual non-consent / forced haircuts from Chicago, golden showers and swampy dendrophilia from Gainesville, greasy cock -and-ball torture from Berlin, spaghetti-western anarchists from Montreal, gender queer Mario Brothers from Geneva, hardfem, bicycle-mounted, cavalry-archers hunting to feed their sexual appetites in Phoenix, and a hardcore, ginger-on-ginger bisexual, bikesexual educational film.
This year the submissions are from Oakland, Chicago, Phoenix, Montreal, Toronto and for the first time ever we have a film made in San Palo, Brazil!
The "Come Again" theme has inspired bicycle lap dances, Craigslist hookups, androgynous ice cave explorations, Chinese bondage pegging lessons, bike cops taken hostage until they squirt and wheelchair porn!
This synthesis of transportation and sexuality is everything you could imagine it to be: creative, ethical, aware, explicit, tantalizing, candid, and silly.
The only time you can see these movies is at a screening. Bike Smut does not release DVDs or put the movies online. The only way to see Bike Smut is live and in person (they way it should be!) but don't worry; though Bike Smut comes and goes as quick as a one-night kick stand, it's definitely not one you will regret in the morning.
For More Info:


Fwd: [BIKEHUB] Perspective On Streets

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Date: Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 9:35 AM
Subject: [BIKEHUB] Perspective On Streets

Peter Ladner writes in Business In Vancouver about the remarkable change taking place in the world of Vancouver transportation.
People are learning about the immediate, real and personal benefits of active transportation.  And are finally putting real emphasis on those who use their feet to get around. His remarks on reaction from the Chattering Classes and the politically active to the newly proposed Burrard Bridge changes are instructive as signs of major decline in motordom's dominance, and the rise of new thinking about transportation.
It can't change fast enough for me; and this progress gives me hope that sanity may be slowly creeping into public life in Vancouver.
New Burrard changes -- let's get them approved 

__._,_.___If you are concerned about cycling throughout the Lower Mainland please join HUB.  Go to for details.


WeCycle’s Inaugural Trailer/Cargo/Trike/Bike Ride for Bicycle Based Businesses!

WeCycle's Inaugural Trailer/Cargo/Trike/Bike Ride for Bicycle Based Businesses!
Saturday, June 27 at 10:00am
Creekside Park in Vancouver, British Columbia
Welcome World! WeCycle will host its first ride during Velapalooza 2015!

We're excited to meet people who want to be part of the project, or that just want to ride their cargo bikes around to show...


Donthave1million Rally June 24

This would be a good protest to support. However we also need to figure out some direct action. Maybe stop investing in the stock market and start investing in our own communities?

Wednesday, June 24:
Don to speak at #donthave1million rally

Don will be speaking at the rally organized by the Vancouverites for Affordable Housing on Wednesday, June 24 at 5pm. 

Rally details from Vancouverites for Affordable Housing: 

To keep the momentum going from the May 24th that raised awareness about the housing affordability crisis in Vancouver, Vancouverites for Affordable Housing has planned their next rally for June 24th, this time with a focus on asking our government to collect and provide essential data.

Experts agree that a variety of factors have been propelling the unsustainable and stratospheric housing prices (and its effects can be felt throughout the housing continuum, from low income housing to rentals), but the piece of the puzzle we have the least information about may be the driving force behind it all.

When pressed by MLA David Eby, Housing Minister Rich Coleman responded he's not going to research the issue of foreign capital and ownership. Without the data – we can never move forward towards finding solutions!

"Give Us Data" on Foreign Ownership & Capital Rally
Location: Vancouver Central Library
Wednesday, June 24, 2015, from 5 to 6 pm 

Confirmed speakers: Eveline Xia, rally organizer, Prof. Penny Gurstein, Director of UBC's SCARP Program, NDP MLA Jenny Kwan, NDP MP Don Davies, and MLA Green Party candidate Pete Fry.

Click here for more details and to RSVP on Facebook


Fw: [Velolove-Vancouver] CycleHack Vancouver event this weekend

YI bike nerdsz! 

CycleHack Vancouver is this weekend!


Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.


What is CycleHack Vancouver?


CycleHack Vancouver is a 48 hour event that is gathering together a diverse range of people with different skills and experiences of transit to look at cycling in a new way. The organizers looking for those with key knowledge and background in transit to join us during the weekend to spark conversations and drive good ideas.


Over the weekend of June 19th - 21st we're joining a network of over 25 cities around the globe and tooling up citizens to take a pro-active, DIY approach to reducing the barriers to cycling.

Whether you cycle, drive or walk; make, design, code or just have great transit ideas this event is for you! We're giving voice to all those who use our roads, and helping them prototype, build and test new ideas that make the experience of cycling more accessible, safe and fun.

This first-ever CycleHack Vancouver Event is supported by the Vancouver Maker Foundation and will be hosted in Maker Labs! Find out more about CycleHack Vancouver and the Global Movement here -


Advance tickets here (if you're City staff, let me know you're coming and you'll be put on the guest list for FREE):


More information about the CycleHack movement, including their library of hacks from previous events: ‎


Fwd: Survey on distracted driving

the BC govt is asking for YOUR OPINION on "distracted driving". If you
feel like it, fill in the survey below...but NOT while driving in a


Velolove-Announce Vancouver WNBR Is Here!

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Subject: [Velolove-Announce] Vancouver WNBR Is Here!

The Vancouver World Naked Bike Ride is back this Saturday, June 13! Join tens of thousands of cyclists around the world and experience the exposed joy and participate in the world's largest naked protest against oil dependency and car culture!

The ride is bare as you dare, so fear not. All that is needed is a sprinkle of colourful courage. Together we'll spread waves of happiness and contagious smiles across the city. So join us for the most fun event of the year!

Meet Saturday, June 13, 12:00pm Noon at Sunset Beach (near the corner of Beach Avenue and Bute Street) for body painting and performances with the ride itself starting at 2:00pm. A picnic follows the ride, hosted by NIFTY. The ride and all ride activities are free.

Naked bike riding tips:

· Prepare for riding rain or shine!

· If sunny, put on sunscreen!

· You do not have to be fully naked to join the ride.

· Wear shoes!

· If you are shy, the ride will start off clothed. There will be an opportunity to dress down after the start.

· Keep your clothes with you – you never know when you may need them (like... after the ride).

· Decorate your bike! Come with signs and funky hats! Cover your bike seat with fake fur!

· Ride safely and stay together as a group.


Tell your friends and spread the word!!


Facebook event:


#velopalooza #wnbr #yvrwnbr


For more information visit: (like us!)


LAST chance to get a ballot this Friday - dont let the No Side win


Please find info below on encouraging people who cycle to vote Yes by
helping out with the Mayors' Council Bike Route Canvassing.

If you are unavailable for the Mayors' Council Bike Route Canvassing,
you can also get a few people together in your neighbourhood and hand
out information along bike routes or streets or at events. Here is a
small flyer with information on cycling improvements and contact info
for registering to vote that is perfect for handing out to cyclists:

For tips on engaging people around the referendum, email me



Volunteer - Mayors' Council Bike Route Canvassing

The transportation referendum is a critical moment for the future of
cycling in our region – possibly the greatest single opportunity ever.
A YES vote means funding for tripling our bikeway network, as well as
other essential improvements for safety and convenience. A NO vote
means no new regional funding for cycling and a decline in transit
service levels.

Did you know that other transportation referendums in North America
have passed and failed by as few as 700 votes?

Every vote makes a difference. In recent canvasses, we've found that 1
out of 6 people want to vote yes but haven't registered or mailed in
their ballots yet. That's why we're organizing canvasses along popular
bicycle routes to let as many cyclists as possible know what's at
stake in this election.

Will you volunteer? Sign up here to help spread the

We'll be holding a quick conference call at 4 pm on Monday, 5/4 to
orient all the volunteers, but if you can't make it, we'll follow up
with you individually.

Feel free to email with any questions.

And if you haven't already, remember to vote YES and mail in your ballots!


Fwd: Join me for a Non Violent Civil Disobedience Training

Learn more about ForestEthics Advocacy

Join us May 2 and get ready for non violent civil disobedience training.


Last November we were reminded just how powerful non violent civil disobedience is when over 100 protesters chose to risk jail time to stand up to Kinder Morgan's plans to drill their pipeline under Burnaby Mountain.

That is why ForestEthics Advocacy is hosting a Civil Disobedience Training in Burnaby just a few blocks from the Mountain and Kinder Morgan's Tanker Terminal. If you have ever considered taking that next step and being part of a direct action or an act civil disobedience this is a great opportunity to learn more.

If you can join us please RSVP so we know how many people to expect.

Here are all the details:
Saturday May 2 9:30am - 4:30pm
Lochdale Community Hall
490 Sperling Avenue, Burnaby

We will be talking about when and where civil disobedience is a good tactic, what your legal rights are, how to de-escalate conflicts and practicing some of the techniques you can use in an action. We will also have a chance to hear about the history of civil disobedience in our province and the environmental movement.

I have long said that there were three routes for stopping the Enbridge pipeline, at the ballot box, in the courts and through direct action. That is why we have taken the Harper Government and the National Energy Board to the Supreme Court to challenge the Kinder Morgan pipeline approval process.

However we also want to be prepared for the day when we are forced to take a stronger stand. That is why we have decide to offer a Non Violent Direct Action Training for members of our community who are willing to take that next step.

This moment calls for bold action, if you are ready to step up, this event is for you.

See you there,

Sven Biggs
Campaigner, ForestEthics Advocacy

P.S. Five signatures are even more powerful than one – after you RSVP, forward this email to your friends!


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