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Speak out against the TPP, keep Canada Sovereign

After 5 long years of secret negotiations, the public is finally being asked to weigh in on the TPP, and major in-person consultations are coming to your city!
The TPP is a dangerous trade and investment deal that will have lasting impacts on our democracy, economy, health, and environment. To stop it we need to take advantage of every opportunity to raise our concerns with it.
The Parliamentary Trade Committee will be visiting select cities to get public feedback on the TPP. They’ll be reporting to Parliament about they heard and making a recommendation to government on whether or not they should pass the TPP. This is a major opportunity to have our voices heard, and our best chance yet to stop the TPP.
Upcoming consultations will be held in
  • Vancouver (April 18)
  • Calgary (April 19)
  • Saskatoon (April 20)
  • Winnipeg (April 21)
If hundreds of us sign up to speak out against the TPP at the hearings, we can show the government how strong public opposition truly is. This will make it impossible for them to approve the deal if they’re going to keep their promise to listen to the public on it.
We can’t miss this opportunity. Register to appear before the Committee today. If you’ve never done something like this before, that’s no problem! After you register, we’ll send you a support kit with details on how the process will unfold, and information on how we’ll help you prepare.
House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade to Hold Hearings in Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon and Winnipeg.

Stop the TPP

Teach-in: Sat April 16th
Federal Gov't Public Hearing on whether to approve TPP:
Monday April 18th
(Details below)

Our Common Struggle, Making the Links.

Teach in on International Instruments of Corporate Power: TPP, CETA, FIPAs & NAFTA.
Saturday, April 16th

SFU Center for Dialogue, Room 320

520 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

Coast Salish Territories

Governments around the world are working hard to secure and expand the rights and powers of multinational corporations. Their most significant efforts involve the negotiation and ratification of international trade, investment and property rights agreements. Canada is currently engaged with the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the European Union, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) involving 12 pacific rim states and counting, 29 existing Foreign Investment Promotion & Protection Agreements (FIPAs) with 7 being negotiated and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The negative effects of these agreements are far reaching and opposition to their imposition has  historically been seen as a collective responsibility of various social movements. This one day teach in aims to highlight the various ways in which the expansion of corporate rights impacts communities: corporate bailouts at the expense of social services, promoting the plunder of indigenous lands, undermining action on climate change, exploitation of workers, deterioration of people’s health, threatening food security, displacement of communities, privatization of public resources, limiting internet freedoms and much more.

The day will be provide a panel discussion, keynote presentations and caucus times for people to discuss, learn and plan together.

    Saturday, 16 April 2016 from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM (PDT)
    Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue - 580 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1L6, Canada


Fwd: PRESS RELEASE: Local Non-Profit Bares All To Raise Funds In New Clothing Donation Campaign


March 29, 2016




Burnaby, BC — People are used to the idea of donating their unwanted clothing and household items, but a local NPO is encouraging them to even donate the clothes off their back in their latest video campaign. posAbilities, an organization focused on improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities, has begun uploading a series of videos with naked TV/YouTube personality Josh Rimer. The local actor bared all for the campaign in hopes of getting people interested in making donations to their Clothes Drop program.


"posAbilities is a great organization that really makes a difference to the lives of the people they serve" says Rimer, who has collaborated with posAbilities on videos in the past. "We wanted to do something fun and a bit shocking that would get people to pay attention and think about donating their used clothing."


The initial idea first came through a Simon Fraser University co-op student who brought it forward as a possible way to get interest in their new clothing drive initiative. "The idea seemed a bit outrageous, but we wanted to catch the interest of business owners and the general public" says Jennifer Oliver, Manager of Innovation at posAbilities.


"We'd like to get everyone thinking of us when doing their spring cleaning, downsizing, and decluttering. The videos are fun and a taste of the ease that you'll experience working with posAbilities – we're helping people and the planet."   


The first video was uploaded this morning and features Rimer running around an office without any clothes on, pleading with a few unsuspecting employees to donate theirs. A second video set in a multi-unit residence will be uploaded tomorrow, followed by a third one in a laundromat the next day. The series will finish with a general information video about the program on Friday, where Rimer will finally be fully clothed.


See the first video, and the following ones as they are uploaded, at .




Media Contacts:


Media Contacts:


Subject Expert                                               

Jennifer Oliver,                                               

Manager of Innovation                                




Alternate Spokesperson

Monique Nelson,

Director of Community Engagement

phone: 604-369-4073



About posAbilities

At posAbilities we assist children, youth and adults with disabilities to lead meaningful and healthy lives. We work with families and community partners to deliver a full range of services that grow with the individual, including behaviour consultation, community inclusion, employment and home living. We are actively engaged in creating art, theatre productions and digital media, continuously aspiring to challenge perceptions of ability and to reduce the stigma that is often associated with persons who have developmental disabilities. For more information, please visit:


Monique Nelson,

Director of Community Engagement, posAbilities

• community inclusion • employment • home living • behaviour consultation
t. 778.945.3367 | c. 604.369.4073


Fwd: TPP signed but we’re still winning

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Brittany Smith -
Date: Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at 10:07 AM
Subject: TPP signed but we're still winning

Under pressure from pro-TPP forces around the world, Canada has just signed this dangerous and outdated legacy of the Harper era.

But don't despair! Signing just unlocks the final stage of the process and it is not legally binding. Parliament still has to vote to ratify the TPP into law. 

Trade Minister Freeland has promised to hold public consultations and a full debate before the TPP is voted on in Parliament.

These consultations will give us a window - time and space to build powerful opposition and stop the TPP. So the real fight against the TPP is just beginning - and you've already kicked off this campaign with a bang. 

On Monday, your donations put a powerful ad in the Hill Times, asking PM Trudeau and Minister Freeland to follow through on their promise and listen to the public before making a decision on the TPP. 

On Wednesday, your donations let us work with our allies in New Zealand to show your opposition to the deal in Downtown Auckland, where the deal was signed. We projected messages from the Leadnow community onto buildings outside of Minister Freeland's hotel, and held anti-TPP banners at a massive rally outside of the signing ceremony.

Pro-TPP forces wanted the signing ceremony to be a triumph of the corporate agenda, but your actions helped to turn it into a show of people-powered strength. All the smiles and news stories couldn't drown out the voices calling the TPP what it really is - a giant corporate power grab. 

We also ran a public opinion poll on the TPP in Canada. It confirmed that most Canadians are unfamiliar with the deal -- and the more they learn about it, the more likely they are to oppose it.1

People in many other countries have already heard more about the deal, and opposition is growing and global. Activists and community groups are being joined by business leaders, academics, scientists, doctors, lawyers, faith groups and even the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights.2

So friends, signing is just the beginning of the final fight against the TPP. As the global corporate lobby is celebrating, a growing groundswell of opposition from communities in Canada and around the world are speaking out against it. 

Trade Minister Freeland is already hearing from tens of thousands of people across the country - nearly 20,000 from the Leadnow community alone in the last two weeks - and we need to keep raising the alarm and building momentum to stop the TPP.

Want to take action now? Please forward this email to a friend and ask them to join you by sending a message into Minister Freeland's consultation process that says "no" to the TPP:

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

And, thanks for all you do.
Brittany, on behalf of the team


National Opinion poll on the Trans-Pacific Partnership
For Canadian innovators will the TPP mean protection or colonialism




Please support the community! We're funded by people like you, and our small, dedicated team and growing community make sure your donation goes a long way. Every dollar helps. You can donate online at is an independent campaigning community that brings Canadians together to hold government accountable, deepen our democracy and take action for the common good. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


Fwd: Happy New Year; Sign and Share the Billion for Bikes Petition

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From: BC Cycling Coalition <>
Date: Fri, Jan 8, 2016 at 11:08 AM
Subject: Happy New Year; Sign and Share the Billion for Bikes Petition
Happy New Year rusl!

Since launching our Cycling for Everyone - Billion for Bikes campaign, we have already made progress.

Sign the Billion for Bikes Petition

Following our submissions, the Climate Leadership Team has included the possibility of using Carbon Tax funding for cycling and walking in their recommendations and the Provincial Finance Committee has recommended investment to expand cycling.

BC Opposition Leader John Horgan says he'd follow the Alberta government new carbon tax plan, which earmarks much of the estimated $3 billion in new revenue in that province for energy-efficiency investments like expanded public transit. While the Alberta plan specifically includes cycling and walking, so far Horgan has not stated publicly that they support using Carbon Tax revenue for cycling. We are following up with him to help ensure BC follows Alberta's lead.

Help us keep the momentum building!

So far, we have around 1800 signatures. We are now striving towards gaining 2500 signatures in January, when the Climate Leadership Action Plan public input process will open.

Please help show our political leaders that there is strong support for cycling in BC:

Sign the Billion for Bikes Petition  
Forward this email to your friends, family and co-workers
Please donate to our Billion for Cycling and Walking Campaign to ensure this ambitious initiative is successful.

The BC Cycling Coalition's ability to push for safer cycling for everyone is powered by your contributions. Reaching out to people, organizations, governments and businesses across this big province building support needed for a Billion for Bikes is a lot of work that requires your generous donations. A big thanks to those of you who have already donated. Much appreciated!
Thank you for your support. We greatly appreciate it. We will be in touch in the coming weeks with information about how you can participate in the Climate Leadership public input period. Stay tuned, and keep the momentum moving forward!

Best Regards,

BC Cycling Coalition


BC Cycling Coalition

British Columbia Cycling Coalition · 15 555 W 12th Ave, City Square PO Box 47104, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7, Canada


Fwd: Fraser River coal port approval undermines Paris negotiations

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Laura Benson <>

This is an international embarrassment.

On the first day of global climate talks in Paris, Port Metro Vancouver
issued its second approval for the Fraser Surrey Docks coal port – setting
the stage for giant Panamax ships to travel up the Fraser River to load
dirty U.S. thermal coal for export to Asia.

The entire world is looking to Paris for meaningful action on climate
change, while at home in B.C. we're promoting the export of the world's
worst carbon fuel to Asia.

Our post-election hopes for positive change are being tarnished by the
cynical Conservative era appointees at Port Metro Vancouver. But there's
still a way to stop this project.

Public pressure is mounting for the port authority to put the proposal on
hold. Two weeks ago Delta MP Carla Qualtrough pledged to contact her cabinet
colleagues to ensure the Fraser Surrey Docks proposal doesn't go ahead
without a fair environmental assessment. In just three days, Dogwood
collected over 5,400 signatures to support her move.

The port leaders are feeling the heat and trying to sneak this one in under
the wire. We can't let them get away with a bogus Environmental Assessment
that ignores climate change and health impacts.

The Beyond Coal team is working to ensure federal and local officials take
action and reign in the rogue port authority, but we can't do it without

Laura Benson, on behalf of the Beyond Coal team

P.S. Like the National Energy Board, Port Metro Vancouver's leadership is
stacked with Conservative government appointees who refuse to accept that
we've moved into a new political era. It's up to us to make them clean up
their act. Please support our work today.


Dogwood Initiative - PO Box 8701 - Victoria, BC V8W3S3

"If you have two shirts in your closet, one belongs to you and the other to
the man with no shirt."
~St. Ambrose of Milan


Fwd: [Velolove-Vancouver] Bike helmet laws have little effect reducing head injuries, says UBC study - British Columbia - CBC News

as of Mon Nov 30 2015 02:37:27 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

Better to build separated lanes than force people to wear a helmet says author of cycling study
CBC News Posted: Nov 06, 2015 4:24 PM PT Last Updated: Nov 06, 2015 4:24 PM PT
Mandatory bike helmet legislation doesn't necessarily reduce cycling-related head injures according to a UBC study.
  The long-held assumption that helmet legislation helps lower the rate of head injuries to cyclists is being challenged by a new report from the University of British Columbia.
  The study published last week in BMJ Open [British Medical Journal] compared data from provinces like B.C. that have introduced mandatory helmet laws to those without them. Although helmet legislation was effective in getting more cyclists to wear helmets, it did not translate into fewer head injuries.

  "Helmet laws didn`t make a difference to hospitalization rates for head and brain injuries," said study author Prof. Kay Teschke.
  Teschke says the study yielded more surprises including that the rate of hospitalization amongst cyclists actually dropped as the rate of cycling went up.
  She says this may be a result of motorist and cyclist getting used to each other as rates of cycling increase, and also a reflection of better and safer cycling infrastructure enticing more people to get on their bikes.
  Professor Kay Teschke say building better cycling infrastructure is a better way to prevent cycling injuries than forcing people to wear helmets. (CBC)
  The report also showed women cyclists are hospitalized at a much lower rate than men who account for nearly 75 per cent of all cycling injuries. Teschke says women, on average, tend to cycle slightly more slowly than men, and choose safer routes, separated bike lanes and quiet streets more often .
  Teschke believes the results of her study support the kind of policy choices made in places like Denmark and Holland, where cycling is prominent.
  "They haven't emphasized helmets at all," she said. "They've put their emphasis on separated infrastructure, making infrastructure that attracts people to cycling. And their injury and fatality rates are quite a bit lower."
Personally: I like being able to have a helmet, but the law about it is bad policy.


You CAN Vote, do it Early Today!

This is your right. Voting this year is more difficult. That is because the ruling "Conservative" Party is anti-democratic and know that they are unpopular - that voter suppression helps them. Perhaps you think this is an exaggeration, but today's voting situation speaks for itself.

Traditionally there were many ways to vote on election day, this because it is always hard to squeeze in, when you are working or otherwise busy, when you can't get to another polling station, etc.

This is the first time on election day you can ONLY vote in your own polling station. All other elections before now allowed you to swear in your vote and show proper ID so that you could vote in a different polling station if you couldn't get to your exact one.

Which polling station do you go to? If you don't already have a voter registration card or yours is not accurate: you need to know your postal code. You need to be on the Elections Canada website. On this website you will find a not simple data heavy web form that will eventually tell you the polling place for you. Polling stations close early this year, most at 7pm here in BC and others, like mobile stations, as early as 1:30.

What is the website is overwhelmed? It surely will be. It was this morning. It's an obvious bottleneck. There aren't any widely available maps showing all the polling stations, so I can't just print a map because I have a good data connection and show it to others. (This would be a good thing to make if you are trying to get out the vote!) Fortunately, each party and 3rd Parties also have websites which list where to vote, so use those if electionscanada is down

Talk to people. Most people remember the polling station from the last election. Together we can figure it out and get people out to defeat this anti-democratic party now in power.


Depending on where you live, vote strategically. That will mean Liberal or NDP. Of in the very rare exception, Green. Do not rely on national polling averages such as Local polling is more accurate to a specific riding. has the best resource for this, and it's members, who have all pledged to vote together strategically to defeat Harper, have chosen (by pre-vote) which party to support in very close ridings so that everyone pulls together and there is a clear victory. Please consider doing this.


Whoa Canada - Stop Harper


6201 vs 79,452

Dear Cyclists,

This is the number of votes a candidate must have over their opponent in order to get elected to Parliament. [1]


This is the number of votes that gave Stephen Harper his "strong, stable, conservative majority government" in 2011.[2]

At the end of the day, after all the issues have been debated and the attack ads aired; after all the hands have been shaken and the babies kissed; when the party leaders park their campaign busses and the candidates sit with their teams to watch the results come in, they know it all comes down to this basic math: 1 more vote than your opponents to win your seat, and less than ten thousand votes in a dozen or so ridings to win an election.


This is the number of days left until Election Day.


This is the number of Leadnow members who have signed the Vote Together pledge.

Almost 50,000 of these people live in Conservative swing ridings and 15,000 live in the 11 ridings where we have teams on the ground ready to get out the vote for the candidate best positioned to beat the conservative in their riding.

And just this past Saturday the Vote Together campaign hit another milestone - volunteers in 26 communities from coast to coast to coast hosted events as part of the Vote Together National Day of Action. Check out our new report back video and consider pitching in to keep the momentum going.

When members of the Leadnow community came together to help build our 2015 election campaign, you knew that vote splitting would be the biggest obstacle to bringing change to Ottawa. It's amazing to see momentum continuing to build - every day more and more Canadians are pledging to Vote Together for change on October 19.

We can do this, but only if we can make sure that everyone who signed the pledge actually gets out to the polls. Studies show that a phone call, or a doorknock from a volunteer can significantly increase voter turnout, and we need your help to reach as many voters as possible.

We're going to need everyone pitching in what they can to make sure our Get Out The Vote efforts are as effective as possible. Every donation helps us pay for the crucial materials, technology and volunteer support that we'll need to contact Vote Together pledge signers in the days leading up to Oct. 19th.  Can you pitch in $10, $25 or $50?

Donate today!

Thanks for your continued support.

With hope and respect,

Amara, on behalf of the Leadnow team

P.S. If you prefer to donate by cheque, please send your cheque payable to "Leadnow" to:
PO Box 2091, Stn Terminal
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3T2

Please include a note with your cheque, so we know who it's from.

To donate by phone you can call us toll-free at 1‑855‑LEADN0W (1‑855‑532‑3609ext 2.

We also accept donations by PayPal, Interac e-Transfer, Vancity Credit Union instant transfer, or pre-authorized payment from your bank account. See here for details:


[1] Anam Kazim wins for NDP in Calgary-Glenmore after recount

[2] Tallying the Conservative win in 14 ridings: 6,201 reasons to be frustrated, PO Box 2091, Stn Terminal, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3T2 — 1‑855‑LEADN0W | 1‑855‑532‑3609