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Pirates Mass May26

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Event Details:
Critical Mass Roll
Friday, May 26th, 5:30 pm,
Meet at the Vancouver Art Gallery,
Downtown Vancouver
(on the side with the lions)

You are invited to join hundreds of fellow cyclists for a leisurely ride through the streets of Vancouver. Enjoy the safety and comfort of the car-free space that we create by simply riding together.

All human powered transportation is welcome. Skate, sail, pedal, push, pull, walk, run, rock and roll! We will go rain or shine, bring a pirate costume if possible, bells, music, whistles, cake... [eye patches are kindof dangerous]


  • At 1:28 pm, May 22, 2006, Blogger VanCM Blogger said…

    Sorry folks, when I first posted this I made the link bad. I fixed it now. Hit reload on your browser. It's a pdf file not a tif.

    If ever you want to navigate the folder with the new pictures/posters in them just go to the directory. Not pretty, but if I've screw up the html link it's a backup... (always a good idea to check the root folder if a link is broken)


  • At 6:35 pm, May 27, 2006, Blogger VanCM Blogger said…

    Great Ride Everybody! So much fun. It was so good to ride the Lions Gate Bridge and remember the Eagle Ridge Bluffs with that.

    Jane called it the U-turn ride as we did U turns on burrard and LGB, also robson... were there more, I forget. So many awesome pirate costumes. I never saw any real bad road rage things. I saw a few potential cases but everyone was calm and stuck together and -from what I saw- it was all good! Jane counted 272 people at the ride, so there is no way I saw it all. Hope everyone had a blast like I did.

    Anyone have any pictures to post or ride reviews?

    not in charge of but blogging:

  • At 11:27 pm, May 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    slight unease
    not fast enough
    for a Causeway
    ease into grace
    at the twin lions
    toungue of sea and twinkling city
    40m bridge How
    did we get so high?
    park decend four abreast



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