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Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival volunteers desired!

Come play in the street – East Van style.
The Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival
by the people of The Drive, for the people of The Drive and our guests. The Festival gave us a day to celebrate the  unique multi-dimensional spirit of our community, and to experience our space reclaimed from cars and given back to people.

The Commercial Drive Festival was successful way beyond our imaginings. Around 25,000 people participated, including over 250 volunteers. The Festival is completely volunteer organized and presented (including performances). Many of the organizers and day-of volunteers reported that the experience of participating in the festival opened new doors for them in connecting with their community, meeting cool funky folks, and playing a part in the creation of a magnificent event.

So, we are doing it again! This year's Fest will happen on Sunday June 18 -- Fathers' Day. The street will be closed again to all motorized traffic, from First Ave to Venables and from Woodland to Salsbury. This year's Festival will also include Victoria Park, the World Cup Zone, to celebrate East Van's multicultural fabric around the theme of soccer, the "international sport." Buses will be re-routed along Victoria Drive. Programming will happen between noon and 6, but the hours of street closure will be from 10 am to 8 pm.

Of course, we can't do this Festival without you. This is your invitation to help co-create the dream.
We need some helpers before the Fest, to poster and flyer and paint banners and assist with community liaison.

And we especially need helpers for Festival Day, for sundry chores including:
-blockade marshalls

The rewards of joining the Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival Crew are many, including delight, satisfaction, connection, and bigtime karma. Plus you'll get first crack at t-shirts, and you will be in the loop on the volunteer afterparty, which is sure to bump the 'hood.

Tell your friends about the Fest. Post it to your networks. Join in creating the Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival, and start reclaiming your street, your neighbourhood, and your planet...for fun.
Thanks evermuch, see you on The Drive!

The Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival Crew
ph: 604+688=4228

p.s., if you worked on the Fest last year and have suggestions for how to do it better, speak up!


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