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ride of silence - wed may 17 2006 - 7pm

ride of silence - wed may 17 2006 - 7pm

route suggestions welcome.

how about a full-on funerary procession? widow veils. bike trailer caskets.
black banners & flags.

my main concern here is emphasizing that biking is not dangerous in & of
itself, it's the reckless obliviatoid fukwads. e.g. statistically speaking,
walking near traffic is more dangerous than riding a bike. so this will be
a protest on behalf of pedestrians too, skaters, a protest against roadkill
in general. i guess we can illustrate this with signs. car=gun kinds of
graphics. graphic representations of the road ecosystem: CARnivores. maybe
even numbers on the total car casualties (including car-car crashes) in
vanc & various countries for a given year.

the site says injured are those who have been hit by cars. do you even know
anyone who hasn't been hit? maybe they should dress differently, in white
like virgins, or wearing clock faces on their back. bikers who have been
wounded could wear an identifier of some kind (site suggests red arm bands
but something else could be better). maybe we should all put bulls-eyes on
our backs, faces, bikes.

this is also a great opportunity to raise awareness that we are entitled to
a freaking lane thanks.

i'd like to put together a list of slain bikers & pedestrians. submissions
please. year & DOB if poss. in vancouver in bc in canada, or people outside
but connected with those places in some way.

suggestions welcome.

~ifny (will be wearing a red arm band)

just a reminder that this ride is just around the corner.

screw the bit about the helmets being mandatory. i will not exclude bikers
on this basis.

you probably heard about the fatality in chilliwack last week.

ppl may want to bring trailer caskets. i'll do my best to push the message
that riding bikes isn't itself hazardous: any activity near motor vehicles
is. suggestions welcome.


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