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Plan June Mass Mass

Check out this beeautiful flyer by redsara:
So apparently there is a gathering to begin to plan for the June 2006 Massive Critical Mass. In case you didn't know, June is Bike Month. So, in June, we make an extra special effort have a really big Critical Mass Ride. This started a few years ago with the 1000 wheels Ride which was meant to have 500 riders but broke that goal with about 800. We didn't even need our fudge factor where 1 rollerblader counts for 8 wheels. Last year, it was called the 2000+5 wheels ride and there were 1200+ pedallers, skaters, pullers, pushers, agitators, joggers... It was super fun.

So of course this year we hope to surpass last year but there hasn't been a good name decided yet. Redsara suggested 20,000+6 which I think is maybe too ambitious but you never know. In Budapest they had an irregular CM with 30,000 people and Budapest was not formerly known as a cycling city!

So come out and help make this June 30th, 2006 super duper spectacular. This Friday May 12 is the monthly MC3 ride. So, just before that, on a Friday when CM people are normally avaliable, let's meet. The time is 6pm and the location is the big glass Gazebo next to Science World [Quebec and Terminal, Vancouver]. ALL are invited! There will probably be some more meetings. Or, host your own meeting that fits your schedule and announce it and invite us all to it! [It's Critical Mass so we're ALL in charge.] Bring your voice, warm clothes depending on weather, and your bike for a ride later on with the MC3. All are welcomed.


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