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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


30 June 3000 Wheels!

end june bike month right
on the last friday june 30th
big giant bike ride for 2000+6
that is, 1500 bikers, 3000 unicyclists
375 rollerskaters, 750 longboards, 1000 tricycles, or...

friendly festive fun, 5pm gather
in the streets, 6pm leave the vancouver art gallery
for the heat

wear your pyjamas or bring a boom box.
decorate your wheeled steed, or just dress up

all human power propulsion
we are celebrating, but with a
serious political message
that is not just a single agenda
we all contribute and reclaim the common space
diversity is our uniting principle

ride may end at the beach? you decide.
this month normal announcements can't happen
[will be too big] so, print out the
corking instructions or make your
own printed announcements

[see below]


7-9 am-ish at union and hawkes
(aka union market cul-d-sac).
free coffee and more
please come out and
help invite people
to the ride contact cara



just before the ride
get your bicycle 'blessed'
at the plaza of christ church cathedral,
georgia at burrard, 5pm friday, june 30


pre-rides, friday june 30th:

to ride to the art gallery. meet at the the bike shop
(8999 cornerstone mews) at 3:30, leave 4p.m.
ride will follow the union/adanac bikeways.

on the north east end of the SUB,
at 4:30 p.m. for a group ride downtown.

leaving 4:30 p.m., from grandview park,
1200-block commercial drive,
ride to mass

Hosting a pre-ride?
post it on this blog!
In a comment,
or email for posting password


let's stop this stupid highway expansion

Mass 30 Mass order chaos

So, there might even be 3000 wheels or even 2006 people on bikes/skates/skoots/trikes/unicycles...

It will be tons of people no matter what. Normally at Critical Mass announcements are given to start off the ride and this is good for new riders to understand the general idea and feel welcomed. Critical Mass is leaderless and each month the ride is reborn again to be something new. But, it's good to communicate the basics, even to disagree?

Some people are going to be trying to deal with this communication issue at the ride. Come early at 5pm to participate in that, look for people who are acting busy or handing out stuff. The most simple way is Xerocracy and many will be handing out the basics of corking, etc. to riders. There also may be echo style-speaking group announcments:

One person talks in short bits, pausing after each bit. During the pauses everybody who heard what the person said, shouts it in unison, and then the people who heard that shout it and so on until everyone has heard it. It's very slow, but surprisingly easy, very effective and very fun. It also helps form a cohesive group, encourages participation, makes people really listen to what is being said, etc.

Some people will bring megaphones. There was talk of a radio transmitter so bring a radio tuner if you can. It will be a cacophony and it will be fun. [I'm hoping people will bring waterguns]. It will be an experiment in mass self-direction. Some people want to be at the front of the ride and lead it on a route appropriate to such a giant herd. Others want to make sure the back is together. It is important to ride together and take care of each other... but also groups might split and rejoin, many masses? We shall see.

Here is my flyer [two sided], in a PDF format, that was handed out last years on the June ride. Also below is the text of mine and the text of a more susinct flyer that redsara has made. Feel free to make your own version or borrow our words.

My text:

CRITICAL MASS - 3000 Wheels Ride

Last Friday. Every month. 5:30pm

Vancouver Art Gallery Georgia St.

Bicycles, Blades, Skates... All Human Powered Transportation

Who's in charge of this?

We all are! That means it's up to all of us to make the ride fun and safe. Also, it's up to all of us to make it happen next month.

Where are we going?

I dunno. I doubt we have a map this time. Generally, we just follow whoever is at the front, go there if you have an idea. We should all stick together, don't go too fast for the slowest riders, don't go so slow that we might as well be walking, and stay safe.

Why are we here?

Why are YOU here? I'm here to ride my bike, have a blast, and show the world that cycling is fun! ast, and show the world that cycling is fun! Here are 6 of the 2000+6 possible reasons to be here

#1 Government is STILL planning to build more highways and subsidise car driving

#2 Cars are what is most likely to kill me, statistically speaking, so riding together is liberation

#3 To reclaim the public street from automobile domination

#4 To support a diverse community of engaged citizen activists, to build revolutionary networks

#5. Because inside every car is a person trying to get out

Oh yeah #6, to help make the point WE'RE NOT BLOCKING TRAFFIC, WE ARE TRAFFIC!

Be Cool.

If we are friendly to everyone that we see on our ride, then it will be more fun for us and make a stronger point to others. Some accidents and arguments do happen. Don't join in confrontations; try to defuse tension when possible. If you witness a crime by an angry motorist, notify the police at 911.

Yeild to Pedestrians, Emergency Vehicles and if safe/possible the bus.

Relax and enjoy the ride, this is our moving street Party! Talk to other cyclists and pedestrians. Envision a city where it is safe to socialise in the streets all the time.

This flyer is all just what I think. You got something to say, make yer own flyer! It's XEROCRACY!

Imagine - if you will - a big bicycle bus that is Critical Mass. The bus waits for a green light to proceed. However, if the signal turns Red in the middle of the bus, the back must stay with the front so don't stop! No dangerous cars in the middle of our big bus. So we stop [or CORK] the cars from disruption the group until we have finished passing through.

Corking is the act of protecting the mass from cars, by preventing them from passing through or into the mass. Some riders place their bikes in front of cars to do this physically, others pull up alongside cars and engage the driver hence corking the car verbally.

oo Always make an effort to let car drivers know what is going on. Talk to drivers. Explain why you participate in Critical Mass, and let them know others cycle for many reasons. Thank them for waiting for us. If they honk in anger, smile, pretend it is a honk of support and hold up "honk if you love bikes" sign.

oo Don't cork too early and don't get left behind! Sometimes it is best to wait at an intersection for group catchup/get mass density.

oo There are never too many corkers. Corking is Fun - Join in! Or give a high five to say 'thank you' to corkers for corking.

oo Use your good judgement - no one is in charge. Ask someone who looks like they know what they're doing if you need help. Make choices based on talking to people around you. This is what democracy is like.

oo Remember, drivers, like us, are also the victims of stupid car culture. Don't take your agression out on them! The key to getting more recognition for cyclists, is to respect all kinds of road users and more bums on bikes!

oo The aim of Critical Mass is NOT to block traffic, rather it IS the traffic flowing swiftly and smoothly through the streets of Vancouver and over three hundred cities worldwide!

This info partly compiled from:

Redsara short and sweet text:

1. Corking is where we keep the intersections free from cars so the bikes stay as a group. (Watch what bikers do at intersections...It is helpful if we all take turns doing it.) You can wave at the bikers going by, and entertain the drivers who are waiting. Personally, when I am friendly to drivers they are nicer about having to wait.

2. Stop at the top of bridges / hills so that the group can catch up.

3. Big streets are better for big rides... if you are at the front you can decide as a group where we are going... we will probably follow you!

4. Always, when riding with a group, watch where you are going.

5. Critical Mass is a worldwide event that happens the last Friday of EVERY month.

More info at

6. Critical Mass is about different things to differnt people:

It is about being part of a community,

about safety,

about celebration,

about checking out the scene,

about protest

about NOT telling people what to do

about telling people what to do

about leading by example, loving ourselves and our bikes.

It is harder for people to be angry when we are having so much fun... we are

a rolling street party!

6. If you see a conflict, assess whether there is someone trying to cool the anger, and keep riding.Stopping to oogle seems to escalate the problem by focussing on the conflict.

7. When you are tired of riding you can leave anytime. The June ride will probably end at a Beach (if you want it to)!


Someone was once talking to a Police officer about Critical Mass. They said they liked the ride but wished we would encourage riders to wear bike helmets. I think wearing a helmet is a good idea myself, and encourage others to do so. I started wearing one in grade 9 after my own bike ran me over [really] and I was very lucky to not have the chainring impale my skull. On the other hand, I disagree with making it a law enforcement issue. It is better for safety to have more bikes on the road rather than less bikes but all helmeted. It is a very controversial topic among bikers, check out the velolove discussion list for some good debate on that.


An Inconvenient Truth Bittorrent Frustration

Since Yesterday, even better: a small, watchable version of this movie!
Thanks to "eee" in Slovenia [.si] who re-encoded and compressed the movie, you rock! From 2.4G down to 537mb. A quick download! This is the same thing as the previous torrent but much smaller. It is put into a .rar but thankfully this has no password and IS legit. The txtfile of eee even gives me props! And since then, [16 hours] someone has repackaged it without the .rar and put it out through demonoid.
Which is nice because it doesn't require you to unrar it to watch it, which is just another step and seriously the rar compression only saves like 30mb which is nothing. And also when I am browsing for torrents I always try and avoid the rar versions just because half the time it does require a password and you have to go through all the shit you see written about at the bottom of this post.

It loses some quality, but it doesn't need much quality because the movie is essentially a slideshow with sound. [There is this video of the al gore slideshow only - avaliable on a website] If you have unlimited bandwidth the global_warming torrent is a sharper picture, but still with the annoying CAM flicker.

The only thing the new torrents lack is the files bundled and the text file from the rar. I don't normally like bundled files but these ones are quite interesting I think. I've taken the liberty of hosting those files here so you don't need to BT them since they are tiny anyways. One of them is this great vitaminbike video that you can download straight from their website [so why was it bundled anyway ghsodt? just gi
ve people the URL and don't waste more space for us]. Also the pedaling pub is hilarious. It has to be Amsterdam.

First Good Torrent Link: inconvenient_truth-global_warming.torrent---2.4G
This one is Good! Finally! It is on piratebay. I don't think it is by my contact on IRC though, it is on piratebay not isohunt.

It is a slow torrent still so you should seed it. It does work! It flickers a lot for some reason and it is huge!!??? 2.6G and the quality is terrible. What is wrong with people? but it does work. No rar or zip or anything BS like that. I knew I would get to see it free eventually, the net will provide. Hopefully a smaller more manageable version will come out eventually too. Can't people hear of transcoding?

PS to anyone just new to this thread. Only link to the Torrents mentioned above! The other ones are ALL bullshit, don't bother with them. Hopefully they will die soon because they are scams. This is a history of a bunch of fake torrents below, the ones above are the only real ones [as of July 29th]

---ancient history of all the bad torrents :

I heard on IRC from a reliable source. There will be a non-rar, non-zip torrent link that is cam capture in a few days. No BS. It will probably be put up on isohunt. I will link to it right here on this blog!

In the meantime, you do know about this videos of the al gore slideshow, the slideshow the movie is based on. That video has the same or more facts about this topic.

---July 8
Didn't even get a response to my throwaway email account for the poem I sent for the zip. Still nothing! So far: 0 [zero] good torrents. Somebody needs to get a camera, computer, $10 and do it!!!
My confusion, is why is the An.Inconvenient
.Truth.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND[].rar on isohunt says it has 153 seeds? I think seeds can be spoofed. I was never able to open it and noone else seems to have. Some people say uharc x -pw_toexoezl mydata.uha but when I tried that before it didn't work and I've since deleted the data.

It looks like isohunt cleaned up and there are only 3 listed torrents. None good still. The first multirar with uha in it. The 2nd rar that is so popular. And the stupid zip.

I've heard of somebody who says they will try to do a cam capture. One day. If they do I will post the link here and try my best to help seed [though my computer is slow and tends to crash even with µtorrent]. I hope they do it soon. They said they were having trouble finding 80 min DV tape. I don't know much about that. Apparently it is easy to find on the net but where is a retailer? In Vancouver? I wish I had a nice camera, I'd totally do it myself. But I don't really know how, I've just seen CAM rips I've downloaded and guessed how it was done. Anybody done it or have tips?

---Tues June 27 new version out! Will it be watchable? It is a ZIP file [why oh why!?] bundled with a text file called which is NOT promising. Also it says it is a DVDrip which to me, I don't know about DVD releases, but to me that sounds fishy because the movie is still in the theatre, don't the DVDs normally take a while to get released? The info file tells you to send a poem to a certain email address, that this is just a lonely guy in a hotel looking for attention, thus the password email requirement. It was cute really, like those Nigerian money transfer spams.
--This is the original post info from June 14:
I've been really wanting to get ahold of the new Al Gore movie about Global Climate Change called An Inconvenient Truth. I'm not much of a fan of Republicrats or Tipper Gore's husband, but I've heard it's a persuasive film. I'm not sure I'd have my own mind changed, I'm probably going to be very cynical about the prescription of green cars greenwashing technofix. But if others who are not so into this stuff it may be a good tool of emotional argument [feeling the image to appreciate it, as with The Revolution Will Not be Televised which moved me even though I already knew the facts] Many have seen it, I'd like to promote anything that might get people out of their cars and thinking a little.

So, I tried to find it on BT a week ago. Suspiciously it wasn't out there! I got a bit paranoid as that was the same time as Piratebay was taken down. It got put back up and still no inconvenient truth! Well, I learned how to spell "inconvenient" [not inconveniant or inconveinient] finally from querying it so often. So yesterday or the day before I finally find a torrent on isohunt! And I jump on it and it finished downloading last night. So I try it out today and it turns out it is one of those **** compressed with password, send us money to decrypt deals. I should've known. Usually I never bother downloading .rar files cause its not much smaller and half the time it is BS like this. But of course this is an important movie that I think should be shared P2P as far and wide as possible [I sure hope my friends who have seen it are right that it is that good]

The torrents are
[isoHunt] An Inconvenient Truth.torrent
which is the damn .rar and another interesting one .avi I found that I haven't got yet is
[isoHunt] An Inconvenient Truth - Fox News Bullshit Response.torrent
[If you don't know about BT P2P read my instructions I did for art school]

So, I was wondering about cracking the password. And I don't really have those kind of skills. But I happened upon this wonderful tutorial about doing almost the exact same thing! How to hack! So I got all excited and downloaded the Uharc, Upx and Ollydbg free programs needed. I already had a hex editor [Hackman]. So I unrared the thing, Confirmed it was compressed with UPX, decompressed that, and found what I thought were the parts of the password with Ollydbg. Feeling very impressed with myself, I attempted to enter in the password to WinUha and bingo: Doesn't work. Keep getting
ERROR: Can't read from archive file / Unexpected end of file (maybe corrupt)
...which I also get if its not the right password. I'm new to Uha so I'm not sure if this means the data is bunk? Or the password is wrong? Or... apparently Uha isn't reverse compatible so maybe I've got the wrong version [0.6a not 0.6b] I tried everything I could, various combinations of the 4 parts of the suspected password [not every combination, if you get it PLEASE tell me]

The parts are
c6b09 wer32 toexoezl alkj984

If anyone knows how do this please share!

So, I'm giving up on that for now. Hopefully a better torrent will be released soon. I'll post it here if I see it. The rar file is supposed to be a screener anyway so it might not be that good in the first place. But still, people who seed scam torrents like this should be... shouldn't do that.

Right now it seems the best bet to see it is in a theatre. I think it's playing at 5th Ave and Tinseltown.

Share and Share alike! Knowledge is power.
old updates:

2nd torrent from isohunt. It's a rar and when you download it asks for a password. Straight rar passwords are not easy to crack. If anybody knows the password? Some comments suggest _toexoezl However, the rar contains a 200MB txt file so it is 99% sure to be a bunk file. Inconvenient.Truth.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND

my question is, why are there 113 seeders for it? I've heard of the RIAA tricking the system into displaying more seeds than is real, or paying people to seed crap. 113 seeds is pretty low for a hot movie like this actually. It would be 1000s if it was finally the legit torrent.

There is another link on isohunt to a 273MB version of the title which is a straight .mpg file but when you download it the file actually contains the movie Gayniggers from Outer Space, not Inconvenient Truth!
Thanks everybody for the comments. Here are two links someone posted in my comments of discussion of this on mininova.


2000+5 Wheels Ride video online

Home Grown and Out of town Videos for your inspiration!

I've put a low res version of the short video of last year's CM online at:


Secret: Free movie at VIFC Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour. Not a Public Screening. Doors 2pm, show 3pm. Friday before Mass. Preview the nearly finished history of Vancouver Critical Mass and Bike Culture film by Bob. By invitation/donation. There will probably be some empty seats avaliable. Critical Mass keeners encouraged.


Hey, Liz pointed this out:

The 1999 Ted White movie history of CM starting in SF [a wonderful movie from the guy who suggested the term "Critical Mass"] is online at google videos. Also a whole bunch of other Critical Mass around the world videos are there. I haven't looked at them all but there a bunch I would really like to see because I wonder how the Mass is in all these other towns. [I've ridden Vancouver, Montreal, Berkeley and San Francisco] They've got videos from San Frans, Many Londons, Chicago, Rome, Vienna, Budapest, Chicago, Atlanta, NYC...


3000 Wheels Ride on 30th

This is Cheryl's great colour poster! Print it out. Currently it is a high res jpg file suitable to print two, side by side on a large 11x17 poster.

Bev's poster new for 2006 Classic!

Friday, June 30th is fast approaching. We've still got lots of inviting to do if we want this to be the BIGGEST RIDE EVER and invite 3000 skaters, cyclists, and other pedal powering funsters.

I've done some gravedigging and rehashed 10 posters/flyers to print up and hand out. They are in various sizes from big ol' 11"x17" posters to quarter sheet handbills and everything in between. Be careful when you print multiples to leave enough room for the borders to cut inbetween the copies. Also, some are pretty minimal with information and you might want to add things to them. These are all Adobe PDF format files [download free reader] which should be easy to print, I hope. Now, go forth and multiply!!!

single giant
This is meant to be printed on 11x17 but for some reason I think the image is only 14" long so you can stretch it or fill the space or, blank space is relaxing.
[warning large file ~6mb]

This is printed on 11x17 and then cut in half to make two long narrow posters, perfect for light poles!
[warning large file ~7mb]

This is from 2000+4 resurrected and is the same long 5.5"x17" proportions... Except that like the one above it is only 14" long so stretch it or leave blank or...
[warning large file ~2mb]
Or print the Combo file martin3000+ladylong both fit onto 11"x17"
[warning large file ~2.7mb]

I think martin designed this for the 2003, 1000 wheels ride. I remade it. It is 17" long double. Classic.

one way?
I made this years ago but it seems to get more timely all the time. Just normal sheet landscape [8.5"x11"]
Or print the Combo quartersheet file

June 2002 was supposed to be a Dr.Seuss themed ride but it never happened because it rained. Why not dress up as Dr.Seuss or ride a crazy Dr.Seuss chopper? This could be full page 8.5"x11" or you could squeeze 4 on one page.

made this wonderful one for this year and it lists all the different types of bikes. 2 fit on a normal sheet, the proportion is 5.5"x8.5"

Emily made this fun little quarter sheet handbill

Or print the Combo file redsara+emily

Another rehash. I like cartoons.
[warning large file ~1.5mb]

This needs more detailed information but you can write that yourself. I figure it makes a nice quarter sheet handbill landscape.

Going way back to Bikesummer 2001 this poster is about size. Quarter sheet handbill.

The classic Summer of Velolove Redux. Handbill.

Hey, soon we need to handout handbills on the bike route. Who is up for poster bike ride parties with a tape gun or some wheat paste? Fun, fun, fun!

Sacred Steed

Blessing of the Bicycles

The Annual Blessing is sponsored by the Environmental Unit of the local
diocese of the Anglican Church of Canada to acknowledge sustainable
human-propelled transportation. Join your brother and sister cyclists and
receive a blessing for your bicycle - and for you. Come, bells ringing, to
celebrate creation and claim your place in using the resources of our world
wisely and well. On the plaza of Christ Church Cathedral, Georgia at
Burrard, 5 pm, Friday, June 30. (Just before Critical Mass).


Thursday evening

Pedal Potluck Picnic - Thursday June 29th, 2006

6:30 pm at the Science World Gazebo

Bring food and drink to share!

The Pedal Potluck Picnic is a weekly series of bicycle rides
hosted by the Urban Adventure League that happen in
Portland, Ore. But here's an extra-special one for Vancouver!

If you want to participate, just show up Thursday June 29th
at 6:30pm at the Gazebo near Science World on the False
Creek Bikeway (near the intersection of Quebec and Terminal
Ave) No need to RSVP! If you¹d like more info, or would like
to organize a PPP of your own, email

The ride will be a casual one traversing approx. 5-8
kilometres. The end destination is a mystery, only known by
the ride leader, but it is a park or park-like setting. The
term ³park² will be used liberally here, so expect the

At the endpoint we¹ll enjoy a picnic dinner. Eating will be
potluck style, so please bring food and drink to share
(preferably vegetarian/vegan). If you don¹t have time to
prepare something before the ride, fear not! We¹ll either be
passing by and/or ending up near a grocery as well.

The Urban Adventure League aims to reconnect you to your
"childlike sense of wonder". We host various events that
will explore our urban environment using our feet, bicycles,
public transit, and possibly other alternative forms of
transport. All Urban Adventure League sponsored events and
projects will emphasize fun, de-emphasize competition, and
foster connectivity and awareness. There's plenty of
interesting things to be done in an urban environment, and
we want to encourage and foster creative ways to enhance our
living experience to its fullest. For more info on the Urban
Adventure League,

For a printable flyer of this event, go here.

PS: I heard the midnight mass ride may be meeting for a special ride this thursday at 11:45pm at Grandview Park to celebrate bike month mass madness!


car free drive/chopper fest photos rolling in

hey we are some hella smooth cats, did that seem easy peasy or what?
potholes of doom, anarchobikathalon, tallbikes virgins down & back up, bare
knees, no casualties & we made it look so simple because it was!

let the images begin:

and more from unicycle fixie red pete



June is bike month!

June 2nd, Friday night, around 6pm
is a planning meeting for any interested in promoting/organising for

the JUNE 2000+6 Wheels Massive!
[where we hope to gather 2000 cyclists, skaters, bladers, runners, bouncers, funsters...]
Sadly, nobody remembered to announce that at last night's CM announcement time [that's what happens when no one is in charge]. But every CMasser [you] is definately invited. Discussion of such things is known about by joining the open velolove listserv.

I don't know the exact time or location of this meeting. I'll post it here as soon as I know. If you know, post the info as a comment please. The time is likely to be 6pm and location likely to be Science World Gazebo. Because that is where it was last time. But I'm not sure so don't quote me on that. I'll post it here when I know.

Anyway, the main thing decided at the last meeting was to make posters and distribute them at the Critical Mass to riders who could distribute them during this month of June. The word of Mass is spread person to person, primarily, so if we all get those cyclists we know or have contact with to come that is how we reach people.
These are the posters made by Redsara and Emily. Print them out and put them up on your local bike route, hand them out at work...
Here is my own poster:
updated from something I did last year.

June is Bike Month, put on by BEST, and there are tons of great things happening. They printed a big calender/flyer with all the info so look out for that. I'm not sure if it comes inserted in Momentum or another newspaper. Anyway there are thousands so get one. Otherwise look on their webpage for info. Also their webcalender is useful, if less to the point.

disappear the cars

  • o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o
    Walk for Peace, Justice and Sustainability
    Saturday, June 24

Riot! Flip Hummers! Youth in France burn 1000s of cars! People who are not
yet Zombies gathering at 12 Noon at two starting places: Seaforth Peace
Flame Park (south end of the Burrard Bridge), or Waterfront Skytrain
Station in front of Canada Place. The walk starts at 1:00 p.m. with a rally
and festival 2:00-5:00 p.m. at Sunset Beach on English Bay (Bute at Beach Ave).

The walk features Cindy Sheehan and local and international speakers, plus
music, food, children's activities and a peace and justice information
fair. 'No War' posters and flyers for the Walk and Festival are available
at the People's Coop Bookstore (1391 Commercial Drive), the Maritime Labour
Centre, and the WPF offices at 550 West 6th Ave.

  • o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o
    Vintage Bicycle Swap Meet & Show
    Sunday, June 25

Many unique vintage bicycles and parts on display and for sale. Learn to be
a bike snob with bikes that get looked at not ridden. Actually, this is one
kind of antique you CAN use. Balloon tire, Muscle/ banana bikes and vintage
BMX. This years features vintage skateboards for the first time.

Time: 9:30am - 3:00pm
Location: Cambrian Hall at 215 East 17th Avenue (near Main Street)
$2 Admission. Vendor space available.

info, Dave 604 779...7170

  • o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o
    The Critical Crawl [Sprint]
    Sunday, June 25

To all of you out there that want to see the North shore in a new way get
you ass on your bike -- join us to drink beer and ride fast[?] bikes.

The Critical Crawl will be taking place Sunday June 25 from Horseshoe bay
to Deep Cove stopping at all the pubs along the way including the Queens
Cross pub which located at the top of lonsdale. This ride inspired by 'The
Crawl', by Spirit of the west, a song about this exact trip, yet again made
better now that it will be accomplished by cyclists. This is a long ride
and we all looking to have a quick ride, so not for novices. Drink Drink
Drink Run Run Run.

We will meet in East Vancouver at McSpadden park (Victoria Drive at East
4th) gathering around 12 Noon to ride together to Horseshoe Bay.

For those coming from other locations can meet us at the Troller at 2:00pm
to depart at 2:30pm.

contact Timothy Wyatt

  • o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o
    Vancouver Transportation Plan Open House and Presentation
    Tuesday, June 27

PR from the city about 'sustainability' BS. Speak up! No more damn Cars!
Busses that work! Bike routes that feature bikes before cars! No more

6:00-8:00 pm (Presentation at 7:00 pm)
Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch, 350 West Georgia, Alma VanDusen
and Peter Kaye Room

A copy of the Transportation Plan Progress Report can be accessed at

RSVP by email or contact Christopher Darwent,
City of Vancouver Engineering Services,
Strategic Transportation Branch, 604 873.,.7358.

  • o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o-o=o
    BEST Pancake Breakfast
    Wednesday, June 28

Free pancakes, fair-trade coffee, juice, and organic oranges for all who
commute by biking, walking, carpooling or transit. Minor celebrities
flipping your flapjacks. Yell at politicians about crappy bike routes with
pancake on your face!

Time: 7:30am - 9:00am
Location: Granville Plaza, 200 Granville St, Just west of the SeaBus. or call 604==669==2860

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    Disappearing Traffic! The Challenge of Reallocating Public Space
    Wednesday, June 28

A free lecture at SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver,
7:00-9:00 pm, where Dr. Jeff Kenworthy will explain why traditional
planning methods are inadequate. He'll show us why we can't always get rid
of congestion -- and why we shouldn't get hung up about it. "Congestion,"
he notes, "is part of the whole issue of redistributing traffic to other
modes rather than trying to cater for expansion of the road system." With
an Australian perspective, Jeff Kenworthy looks at the bigger picture -
making the city more sustainable and livable.

Speakers: Jeffrey Kenworthy, Associate Professor in Sustainable Settlements
at Murdoch University, has spent 26 years in the transport and urban
planning field. He is the co-author of several books including "Cities and
Automobile Dependence: An International Sourcebook" and "Sustainability and
Cities: Overcoming Automobile Dependence". Other speakers/panelists
include: Gordon Price, Director, The City Program, Simon Fraser University;
Richard Campbell, Manager of Active Transportation, Better Environmentally
Sound Transportation; and Jack Becker, Director, Vancouver Area Cycling
Coalition. Co-sponsored by the Simon Fraser University City Program and
the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition with financial support from Translink
- The Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority.

Admission is free; reservations required. Call 604:::291:::5100
or email

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    Pedal Potluck Picnic
    Thursday June 29
The Pedal Potluck Picnic is a weekly series of bicycle rides hosted by the Urban Adventure League that happen in Portland, Oregon. But for Bike Month, here's an extra-special one for Vancouver! The ride will be a casual one traversing approximately 5-8 kilometres. The end destination is a mystery, only known by the ride leader, but it is a park or park-like setting. The term "park" will be used liberally here, so expect the unexpected!

At the endpoint we'll enjoy a picnic dinner. Eating will be potluck style, so please bring food and drink to share (preferably vegetarian/vegan). If you don't have time to prepare something before the ride, fear not! We'll either be passing by and/or ending up near a grocery as well.

To participate, just show up Thursday June 29th at 6:30pm at the Gazebo near Science World on the False Creek Bikeway (near the intersection of Quebec and Terminal Ave)

urbanadventureleague@$ * * *
For printable flyers of this event:


PedalPride Queer

queers on bikes:: rainbow riders :::
come to the east van pride event at grandview park tomorrow saturday [24th june]

roger lee will sing his song "bicycle highway"

lift your bikes in the air in the global atmosphere
for the song for the singersongwriter
"a lesbian trapped in a gay man's body"

i ll be in the chorus


June 18 Car Free Bike Day!

We need 300 volunteers to keep those cars at bay on Sunday June 18, so the good people of the Republic of East Van (and their guests) can PARTY IN THE STREET. We're almost there, but we still need a few good people.

(and if you've already signed on, of course, please ignore this nagging)

If you can spare 2 hours to marshall a barricade, you will receive bigtime karma points, a gorgeous t-shirt at the low low volunteer price of ten bucks, lots of gratitude and smiles, and you get to meet lots of great neighbours. Sidewalk chalk, snacks and water, and a stylish safety vest will be supplied.

Our final Volunteer Orientation Meeting is this Thursday, June 15, at 7 pm. The meeting is in the Learning Resources Center at the Britannia Center (walk east down the Napier St. Greenway from Commercial drive, past the Library and down the ramp). At the meeting you will get important instructions, get first dibs on t-shirts (which will likely sell out), and find out about the volunteer reunion afterparty.

It will make our job less stressful if you pick your barricade shift beforehand, plus, you will get your preferred slot (check the website and work it in around your favourite acts!). Shifts available are:

10:00 - 12:00
12:00 - 2:00
2:00 - 4:00
4:00 - 6:00
6:00 - 8:00

Please email matt@@& (don't reply to this message from the drive fest address) indicating your top three choices and Matt will slot you in and write to let you know what you get.

If you want to help out but you can't do a barricade shift, or you have some other resources to offer, or you can't make the meeting -- please let us know at volunteers@@&

Thanks evermuch, this is going to be a mind-blowing day.

-the Commercial Drive Festival Crew
Hello all biker friends,

We need your help on Sunday JUNE 18th.

WHY? because PedalPlay is helping to create the 5th Annual EastVan ChopperFest. Last year we partnered with the Carfree Commercial Drive Festival... and this year same thing. If you attended the EVCF last year then you know what a tremendous sucess the day was... over 20,000 people attended! the ChopperFest brought SO MANY SMILES to faces of all ages.

Riding bikes is a joy (as we all know), and Riding crazy bikes is a dream come true for some folks (who don't have the everyday priveledge of owning a freakbike). We don't tell people what to do... we just let them have fun, and they will do what HELP MAKE THIS DAY A SUCCESS !!!

How would you like to help? Pick a shift (or more than one if you feel like it, cause it's so much fun anyways Pick an area Let me know by replying to this email with shift and area preferences or by giving me a call at 604...222-->>>0464

S H I F T S :
9 til Noon
Noon til 2
2 til 4
4 til 6
6 til 7:30

A R E A S :
1. set-up (9 til Noon only),
2. sound system,
3. info table / merchandise,
4. Pedalling Zoo entrance,
5. mechanical assistance,
6. safety,
7. helmet / bike-riding help,
8. sound system encouragement
9. kids parade (9 til Noon only),
10. Show'n'shine,
11. blender,
12. donations,
13. volunteer coordination (day of),
14. tank rides.

R E W A R D S :
volunteer food and water.
discounted price on this year's BIKER T-shirt.
bike love, passed on, to the next generation, feels good, YA.
probably a July 16th thank you BBQ (flexi-date).

THANKS from me,
from PedalPlay, from the folks involved with the carfree Commercial Drive Festival, and from all the potential future bike-riders out there who will get to share this crazy, positive association with cycling for ever forward!

Sincere riding regards,

See pictures from Last Year's EVCF at: