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Thursday evening

Pedal Potluck Picnic - Thursday June 29th, 2006

6:30 pm at the Science World Gazebo

Bring food and drink to share!

The Pedal Potluck Picnic is a weekly series of bicycle rides
hosted by the Urban Adventure League that happen in
Portland, Ore. But here's an extra-special one for Vancouver!

If you want to participate, just show up Thursday June 29th
at 6:30pm at the Gazebo near Science World on the False
Creek Bikeway (near the intersection of Quebec and Terminal
Ave) No need to RSVP! If you¹d like more info, or would like
to organize a PPP of your own, email

The ride will be a casual one traversing approx. 5-8
kilometres. The end destination is a mystery, only known by
the ride leader, but it is a park or park-like setting. The
term ³park² will be used liberally here, so expect the

At the endpoint we¹ll enjoy a picnic dinner. Eating will be
potluck style, so please bring food and drink to share
(preferably vegetarian/vegan). If you don¹t have time to
prepare something before the ride, fear not! We¹ll either be
passing by and/or ending up near a grocery as well.

The Urban Adventure League aims to reconnect you to your
"childlike sense of wonder". We host various events that
will explore our urban environment using our feet, bicycles,
public transit, and possibly other alternative forms of
transport. All Urban Adventure League sponsored events and
projects will emphasize fun, de-emphasize competition, and
foster connectivity and awareness. There's plenty of
interesting things to be done in an urban environment, and
we want to encourage and foster creative ways to enhance our
living experience to its fullest. For more info on the Urban
Adventure League,

For a printable flyer of this event, go here.

PS: I heard the midnight mass ride may be meeting for a special ride this thursday at 11:45pm at Grandview Park to celebrate bike month mass madness!


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