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Earth Day Activists Take Over Freeway Site

DELTA – Today, 200 concerned community members took over an active construction site on the banks of the Fraser River in Delta (between 10749 and 10739, River Road), obstructing work on a key portion of the contentious South Fraser Perimeter Road freeway. They planted trees on the road bed and set up a full campsite on Friday April 22 - International Mother Earth Day. About 25 are currently camped out, vowing to stay and stop the freeway they call a 'climate crime.' They expect that the camp will grow as as word of the blockade spreads


"Gateway's goal with the South Fraser Perimeter Highway is to triple truck traffic. What they don't tell you is that means triple the pollution, too," says North Delta resident Richelle Giberson. "I live three doors up from where this freeway is slated to go. My windows get coated in black soot from the truck exhaust already; it scares me to think about what it could be like in a few years."


"We are planting these trees on the freeway route to demonstrate that we are fed up with battling asthma and cancers," explains PJ Lilley, a Surrey organizer with "As a mom with kids at a school near the highway 'fall-out zone', I want to see a stop to the insanity of paving over our last green spaces on the Fraser River just to bring more trucks and pollution to our communities. Christy Clark's government is not putting 'families first', money must go to transit, schools and health care instead."


The province is spending an estimated $2 billion on the new South Fraser freeway and is planning to spend up to $1 billion more on the North Fraser Perimeter Road through New Westminster. Meanwhile, this week, Translink is cutting bus service.


"TransLink has cut bus service to save a few million, and meanwhile the province is spending billions on freeways which increase our dependency on cars and tar sands oil," explains Bob Ages of the Council of Canadians national board. "1950's thinking won't solve the problems of the 21st century."


"We must stop spending public money to make the climate crisis worse, and shift the money to solutions like public transit and electric trains" says Eric Doherty with the Council of Canadians Vancouver / Burnaby Chapter. "It's time for all concerned people to take a stand against these freeway projects that are cooking our planet."


The freeway site occupation is an initiative of local residents and climate justice activists from, local Council of Canadians chapters, and the Critical Criminology Working Group at Kwantlen University, and is endorsed by the over 20 groups listed at


Media Inquiries:


PJ Lilley, Surrey mother, member of (CAMP INFO LINE) 604 355 2771


come out! CALL TO EARTH ACTION on Friday, April 22

>    >  >  > > > >>>  please take some of your time to spread the word about this Friday, Earth Day action.

Hey all friends in creating a better world,

I am called to defend land this Earth Day & this weekend against another highway being pushed through.
This majestic river valley NEEDS US NOW!

Busses are leaving from Brittania oval at 2pm, this Friday, April 22. They'll take you to the direct action (planting trees) in Delta.
Many ways to be involved, not requiring arrest by any means. Come in creative solidarity, bring your strengths! Food, music, banners, cameras, organizing skills, etcetera.

***Reminder*** that there is also an awesome Earth Day Parade and Celebration (Youth4ClimateJustice created) on the Drive and at Brittania this Friday, which is why buses are leaving from there.

More info: please see

With great power, I stand for this earth.  J o i n   u s.

My thoughts on why this is important:

Having cycled through this beautiful delta and felt its contours,
witnessed its devastation, its birds, its power, salmon and life,
I feel strongly called to give what time, energy and spirit I've got to
CLEARLY REQUEST: Stop the South Fraser Perimeter Highway.
Building another highway to move crap goods from abroad does not meet my needs
for clean air, space for birds, a re-localized economy, healthy watersheds, accessible public transit, community process, local values,
and I could go on.
The roar of the SUV, of the 18-wheeler, of the exploitive reign of greed must be confronted.
We must speak truth from our hearts in the face of power.

As you know I mostly focus on creative projects. However, at times (remembering Claoquot Sound)
I believe the force of numbers must arise together to say what is important.

This weekends' blockade may begin small, we warriors and common folk
who understand earth and connection
may plant a few trees where forest has already been clearcut
to start the South Fraser Perimeter Highway.

It may begin small, but it is not small!
Knowledge has been building about this issue for 5+ years.
Lots of advance media has already happened for this upcoming action.
Great energy from many directions is coming together now, and we are all a part of it.



cough it up yo


Hey friends! A whole bunch of kickass warriors of all stripes (including me) are now preparing to hunker down for as long as it takes, to stop the South Fraser Perimeter Freeway. This is an abomination in our own back yard - Surrey/Delta is not far away, and this earth is very small.

We really need some money to buy supplies. Our bank account is down below $400. We can do a LOT with a LITTLE so think about it for a moment - what is at stake and what we all take for granted (our air, our rivers, our blessed lives) - and if you can, please give what feels right. PayPal here or email to send a cheque. Have I ever asked you for money before? No! So you know, I'm serious.

Check out to find out more about Gateway or for more info about the EARTH DAY ACTION (this Friday).

And here is a great piece about the Action that was published in the Georgia Straight online today - here

I do hope to see you out on Friday, either at the Action or at the Earth Day Parade on the Drive (or in spirit if you are off and away). It's International Earth Day, Good Friday, Passover - a time of gratitude and liberation. Enjoy.



-drip- -drip- -drip- INVITE!

sitting quietly i everywhere hear
water flowing over earth, up branchwise leaftip
over this city street, into long forgotten creek ravine
in my heart

i am flow.

Greetings to all!
I am excited to let you know about a creative project I've been directing personal energy towards.

The Spirit Fish Festival resonates deeply with me, and encompasses many of my personal values: bicycles,
birds, art, right relationship with natural world, community, inclusivity, inspiration, connection, co-creating meaning... and celebration!

Please feel invited to participate, yet with no sense of obligation (intended to be a small festival).
If you would like more information read below, or email me.

I hope you are all LOVING SPRING!

Spirit Fish Festival 
 Saturday May 7th,  noon til 4pm

About the Festival:
The Spirit Fish Festival is an art and watershed awareness project
which energizes our connections to water through celebration & creativity.

This creek-side Festival takes place from noon til 4pm on Saturday May 7th, 2011. 

WALK a Nature Tour, SEE the arrival of the River Goddess, EAT cookies, CREATE an
origami boat or fishy art creation, DRINK tea, OFFER a prayer to the water, ABSORB beauty,
and lots of other FAMILY art & fun.

Festival location:
---Join the Journey of Water with Still Moon Arts Society---

Kicking off the Spirit Fish Festival is a celebratory Bicycle Parade & Pilgrimage.
Co-presented by VeloPalooza and the Still Moon Arts Society,
bikes of all fishy persuasions will ride together along Still Creek through East Vancouver
and Burnaby, arriving at the Festival site in good time to enjoy the

Meet 11:45am outside Renfrew Skytrain Station.
Ride departs at noon. All abilities welcome.
Fishy Bicycle Parade info:

NOTE: The Spirit Fish Festival is being Collectively Created.
We value low impact materials and processes, inclusiveness, & collaborative process. 
All are welcome to get involved, either day of or leading up. For real.

the Spirit Fish Project has many elements.

1. event ::: Fish Release, 25 000 Coho ::: TOMORROW Thursday, April 15!
2. Ongoing free public Spirit Fish workshops
3. event ::: Earth Day Parade ::: Friday, April 22! (linking to Wave against the Pave)
4. Festival site transformation wants YOU ::: Week prior to Festival, May 2 - 6

More info:

1. event ::: Fish Release, 25 000 Coho ::: TOMORROW Thursday, April 15 at 1pm

Join Still Moon Arts Society and the DFO to release 25,000 Salmon fry (Chum) into Still Creek.
Location: Still Creek behind the McDonalds near Willingdon.
FREE, all ages.

2. Ongoing free public Spirit Fish workshops

Everyone is welcome to drop in and check out a Spirit Fish workshop. Kids encouraged with accompaniment.
All workshops held at the Slocan Park Field House (right next to the 29th Ave. Skytrain Station), unless otherwise stated.

Core Organizing Collective
Fridays 4 – 7pm
Spirit Fish Crafts & Projects Fridays 4 – 7pm
Young Performers Fridays 3:30 – 6pm
Performer Intensive Saturdays 1:30 – 4:30pm ::: Renfrew Community Centre 2929 east 22nd ave. (dojo room lower level)
Costume Workshops Saturdays 6 – 8pm ::: Purple Thistle Centre 260-975 Vernon Dr.
Bicycle Decorating & Costumes May 3, 4 & 5 from 3 - 6pm at the Slocan Park Field House

3. event ::: Earth Day Parade ::: Friday, April 22! (linking to Wave against the Pave)

Friday, April 22 bring your bicycle and roll in style for EARTH DAY! The GREATEST thing about this event is that is from the freshest of the grassroots -- this Earth Day Celebration is being plotted by young folks throughout Vancouver High Schools! So roll out for the planet and it's young stewards.

Parade starts at Commercial Drive and Broadway at 11am, Friday, April 22. (Good Friday!)

We parade in high style -- fishy characters, mutant bikes, decorated bikes, fun fur, body paint, et al -- and party at Britannia Oval until 3pm!

After the march and the festivities, buses will be heading to an Earth Day direct action in resistance to the Gateway Project's South Fraser Perimeter Road - see for the inside scoop.

4. Festival site transformation wants YOU ::: Week prior to Festival, May 2 - 6

Get down Get dirty!
We'll be on-site ( in the mornings (10am-1pm) working magic to create mud stencils, weavings, sculptures from natural materials, ETC!. A great opportunity to enjoy nature time, for as much or as little time as you like. Connect with other creative folks who care about Nature. Kids encouraged with supervision. More info? contact me!


Trailer Trash

The Shoppers Challenge.

A Bike and SUV compete to see which is faster to run errands in Chicago. April 2008.

Velopalooza June 2010. Cargo Bike Ride.

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[StopThePave] Teach-in this Saturday, donation wishlist, Join the Wave April 22!

Teach-in this Saturday, donation wishlist, Join the Wave April 22!

<< a bulletin from >>

* please forward widely *

We're just over two weeks away from Join the Wave Against the Pave!
Don't miss the Surrey TEACH-IN this Saturday April 9, 1-4 pm, Kwantlen
University, Room D-128 (Fir Building), 12666 72 Ave (accessible by 319
bus from Scott Road Skytrain/Newton Exchange, or 301 bus from
Brighouse Skytrain/Newton Exchange)

The April 22 action is already receiving extensive media coverage, and
endorsements from a growing list of groups (see below). The push is on
now to get the word out to every possible neighbourhood. Posters and
leaflets are available for all at these locations:

    * Burns Bog Conservation Society, 4-7953 120th Street, Delta
    * Spartacus Books, 684 East Hastings Street, Vancouver (7 days per week)

You can also download the poster here and leaflet here. Weekly
outreach meet-ups are happening for leafleting, postering and
door-knocking. Drop us a line at to get involved.
Don't forget to hit the facebook event and invite your friends.


Please donate now to support this action! We can squeeze a lot of
action out of a few bucks. Donate via PayPal to
(or contact us to make alternate arrangements)

We also need donations of the following items. To arrange drop-off or
pick-up, call 604 877 1223 (North of the Fraser) or 604 588 4203
(South of the Fraser)

- pop-up shelters and tents
- large water containers
- burn barrels or fire rings
- dry firewood
- outdoor chairs and tables
- flashlights and work lights (preferably LED)
- extension cords
- tarps, ropes and bungee cords
- blankets and cots
- banner making materials (sheets, paints, paintbrushes)
- food: rice, grains, beans, sugar, peanut butter, jam, tea, coffee,
canned and non-perishable food and beverages
- pots, pans, dishes, cups, utensils, yoghurt containers
- cooler boxes for food
- volleyball or badminton nets
- beach balls and other outdoor games
- first aid supplies

As chainsaws roar and bulldozers get set to roll on the controversial
$2 billion South Fraser Perimeter Road freeway (SFPR), join local
residents and community groups to stand up for climate justice!

Last October, hundreds of people dug up the freeway construction site
in Surrey with shovels and wheelbarrows, and in December we used sand
from the SFPR to build a dike blocking the provincial cabinet offices.
Now it's time to step up the campaign of mass direct action against
climate crime. We need to turn up the heat, in order to turn down the

WHAT & WHEN: Mass Direct Action against Climate Crime, beginning at 2
pm on Friday April 22 (Mother Earth Day). Actions may continue over
multiple days on this long weekend and beyond. Like our previous
actions, it will be non-disruptive to area residents, even as we
disrupt continuation of the South Fraser Perimeter Road freeway
(SFPR). There are a variety of ways people can get involved and
demonstrate their support, including roles with little or no legal
risk. All are welcome to participate.

WHERE: Meet at Annieville Supermarket, 10996 River Road, Delta. (Take
the 640 bus from Scott Road Skytrain/Ladner Exchange, or the 312 bus
from Scott Road Skytrain/Scottsdale Exchange) Please note that if you
are planning to attend the Vancouver Earth Day Parade, buses will be
available to transport you to this action in Delta (details TBA).

Come to the pre-action Teach-in! Join us for presentations, action
planning, skill sharing and legal info: Saturday April 9, 1-4 pm,
Kwantlen University, Room D-128 (Fir Building), 12666 72 Ave, Surrey
(accessible by 319 bus from Scott Road Skytrain/Newton Exchange, or
301 bus from Brighouse Skytrain/Newton Exchange)

WHO: This is an initiative of climate justice activists from (formerly, local Council of
Canadians chapters, the Critical Criminology Working Group and others.
We welcome your involvement in the planning process, especially at a
teach-in before the action (see above). We seek endorsements and input
from other organizations, and your help in mobilizing your friends,
neighbours, community groups or affinity group to join us!

WHY: Now under legal challenge in federal court, the estimated $2
billion proposed SFPR freeway would greatly increase greenhouse gas
emissions, pave invaluable farmland, scar the banks of the Fraser
River, pollute elementary school playgrounds, and damage indigenous
heritage sites. This freeway is an irresponsible waste of public
money, and many similar projects have been stopped before. The SFPR
has already been "downgraded" due to lack of funds, and dubbed a
"white elephant" in the mainstream press. We will emphasize the need
to shift resources from climate crimes like freeways to public transit
and electric rail, and to protect communities from flooding and other
effects of global warming.

Endorsed by: Bridgeview Community Action Group, Forest Protection
Allies, Lily Point Defenders, Livable Region Coalition, No One Is
Illegal, South Fraser Action Network, Streams of Justice, Sunbury
Neighbourhood Association, Unitarian Church of Vancouver Environment
Committee, Vancouver Island Community Forest Action Network, Voters
Taking Action on Climate Change, Women Elders in Action, Youth Taking
Action on Gateway, add your group's endorsement now!

CONTACT: Send endorsements and questions to or
call 604 877 1223, and visit us at

Let's kick off a hot summer of resistance!

<< a bulletin from >>



[VACC] Vancouver bike Lane Nazis

That is the funniest version of the subtitles for the Hitler rant that I have seen!

I remember many years ago (probably in 2000) when us Critical Mass "organisers" were being called nazis by call-in people to CBC radio.

Even if this may bring up Godwin's law, it's pretty hilarious. Thanks.


On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 10:50 PM, Arno wrote:


If you are concerned about cycling throughout the Lower Mainland please join the VACC. Go to for details.

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Apologies to those who haven't encountered this internet meme of subtitling this dramatic scene from a movie about Hitler. I once read a critical theory article about how the glib mention of Nazis such as in Monty Python were watering down our understanding an vigilance against human capacity for evil. I sort of agreed with that article, but not participating in the joke isn't really a solution. I'd not support this video if this was the only version to do it but there are hundreds out there already. Humour can break down past problems.

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