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cough it up yo


Hey friends! A whole bunch of kickass warriors of all stripes (including me) are now preparing to hunker down for as long as it takes, to stop the South Fraser Perimeter Freeway. This is an abomination in our own back yard - Surrey/Delta is not far away, and this earth is very small.

We really need some money to buy supplies. Our bank account is down below $400. We can do a LOT with a LITTLE so think about it for a moment - what is at stake and what we all take for granted (our air, our rivers, our blessed lives) - and if you can, please give what feels right. PayPal here or email to send a cheque. Have I ever asked you for money before? No! So you know, I'm serious.

Check out to find out more about Gateway or for more info about the EARTH DAY ACTION (this Friday).

And here is a great piece about the Action that was published in the Georgia Straight online today - here

I do hope to see you out on Friday, either at the Action or at the Earth Day Parade on the Drive (or in spirit if you are off and away). It's International Earth Day, Good Friday, Passover - a time of gratitude and liberation. Enjoy.



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