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Old Critical Mass News paper story from SF

From: Little Green Dino
Subject: [Velolove-Vancouver] Old Critical Mass News paper story from SF,5743992&dq=critical+mass+cycle&hl=en

Interesting to read the more positive and sympathetic coverage
received back then.

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Another Ride tonight 2x MASS

There is another ride tonight, now (Sorry for posting it so late, I wasn't sure if the plan was changing), somewhat controversial on the velolove list:
Here is an idea for a way to create a happy schism between the traditional CM dogma [sic] and something new: Critical Occupation -- OCCUPY THE BIKE LANES!!

Last Friday of every month, we gather at the Art Gallery after 5PM and depart about 6:00 pm via the bike lanes. Essentially we endeavor to fill up the downtown bike lanes from end to end with riders (how many riders end to end would that actually take?).

To start, we strategically create long line-ups of cyclists where it has the most visual impact, based on things like video and surveillance cameras locations, highest density of pedestrian eyeballs etc. In the spirit of the CM bridge takeovers, we stop and hold up our bikes, screaming and shouting: Thank you Vancouver!
In addition, we constructively interact with citizens on sidewalks and in cars and spread good cheer. We party for as long as we want with costumes, DJ's, live music, mobile PA systems, whatever we need. Kind of like CM mated with Car Free day or something.

Car drivers and the whole community would witness us embracing the magic of our new bike lanes and see just how much fun you can have on a bicycle downtown.

Future proof:
If in the future for some reason (like R. MacDonald becomes Mayor MacCheese) we want to "Go Orthodox" and celebrate CM again we can. We will all be meeting at the same place and time...

BTW: Thanks to all of you who weighed in on this second round of CM debates.

Pedal Pundit
This is a 2nd Critical Mass ride happening at the same time as the other ride. Or not a CM ride? I'm not sure. Dontcha love Anarchy?! (Crazy cyclists)

AFAIK there are also regular CM riders meeting on the normal side of the VAG at the normal time. None of the rides will be large because of course it is a very cold February - but a beautiful day for riding and for bringing some public dialogue to the public street!

Take care and take the lane, all.


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Performance Invitation: Bikes Inside Friday Feb 25

Hey Friends,

I am emailing you because you are my friend, and I thought you might
be interested in this Performance I am creating tomorrow night.
It is quite experimental, and I am excited about it. Called "Fabulous
Beating Heart" and on at 9:30 until 9:45 in the Studio Room of W2.

Fabulous Beating Heart: this multi-media performance piece explores
memories in the body which arise out of cycling in a fast urban
environment. Fears, emotions, reactions, and claiming space are
presented from cyclists' often marginalized location. Illuminated by
mesmerizing visuals of citylights: jewel-like at night. Performers:
RedSara, Lori Kessler, Lisi Tessler. Driving soundtrack by amazing
local DJ Michael Red (who is also hosting an event at W2 on Saturday
night (Feb 26)
More info about Michael Red's event, Low Indigo Glow here:

Awesome! Stay warm.
If I don't see you tomorrow I'll tell you all about the show next time
I see you!
; )


Interested in Bikes, Culture, Art, Dancing, Partay too?

Come out to Bikes Inside! Friday night, Feb 25.
W2 Storyeum (151 W Cordova)
and yes, as the title suggests, please bring your bike inside to this
awesome huge venue. heh heh!
$10 at the door. Polo at 6, Party at 9 til wee hours.

A few things that are happening at Bikes Inside:

1. Fabulous Beating Heart
2. B:C:Clettes new show
3. many many local artists showing visuals (see for artist links)
4. hot DJs, including DJ Estro-Testro! aka Lester.
5. Indoor Bike Polo Tounament starts at 6pm

1.  Personally I am excited -->  to be presenting a performance
piece/dance performance/multi-media event along with a few other
It will be on at 9:30pm (15 mins running time), in the Studio Room.

Titled "Fabulous Beating Heart", this multi-media performance piece
explores the memories in the body which arise out of cycling in a fast
urban environment. Fears, emotions, reactions, and claiming space are
presented from cyclists' often marginalized location. Illuminated by
mesmerizing visuals of citylights: jewel-like at night. Driving
soundtrack by fabulous local DJ Michael Red (who is also hosting an
event at W2 on Saturday night (Feb 26)  More info about Michael Red's
event, Low Indigo Glow here:

2.  The first B:C:Clettes showing of 2011, debuting a new lineup and themes.

Join us and many other artists and friends at this huge indoor
bicycle-themed dance party.
We're creating new performances & interactive events throughout the
night and would love to share them with you!
Our main show will be on at 10:30pm, but we've got surprises on our ratraps too!


Moving Beyond the Automobile: Biking


Bikes Inside dance party this Friday @ W2 Storyeum

In case you missed it on Facebook:
This Friday Feb 25 is Bikes Inside! A bicycle-themed dance party at the huge indoor space at W2 Storyeum (151 W Cordova). Indoor bike polo tournament starts at 6pm, the party starts at 9pm and goes until the wee hours of the night. $10 at the door. Projected video, art and photography, performances by the B:C:Clettes, Gastown Sprints, DJs and dancing and more!

Check out for all the details and invite
your friends on the

Please spread the word (and the bike-love)!

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Farewell Terry Lowe

I didn't really know Terry except through his excellent writing. I know he made such a tremendous contribution to our city and community he will be sorely missed. Here follows a tribute from Amy Walker of Momentum Magazine, as well as some information on memorial events:
Dear Momentumites,

I have some sad news to share. Terry Lowe passed away recently in his sleep after a brief illness.
Here is a note to be published in Momentum:

Terry Lowe

1957 – 2011

Our beloved friend and colleague Terry Lowe passed away unexpectedly after a brief illness January 24. Terry's ideas, questions, and respectfully offered corrections helped shape each issue of Momentum for the past five and a half years. Like a ray of sunshine, Terry introduced himself at a Momentum summer barbeque. He joined the magazine as a writer in August 2006, and by December of that year accepted the role of Editor, later also editing the Vancouver/Victoria and books sections. Terry loved riding his bicycle and letting people know how easy and fun biking could be. We will miss seeing him at all hours of day or night, grinning like a kid while he explored the streets wearing his white bike helmet with its distinctive home-made rain visor. Terry, it was an honour and a pleasure to know you. May you ride in peace forever more!


Terry befriended many people through his love of art, reading, writing, and music, his work as a computer programmer and graphic artist, and his community involvement. He volunteered for the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, Velopalooza, and Free Geek. At Momentum we shared with Terry a love of cycling, a wish to share everyday cycling with more people and an appreciation of well-crafted prose. Terry was a gifted and gentle editor. I will be forever
grateful for his insight, his steadfast support and his willingness to read through and comment on articles sent at 2am (both of us being night owls...)

I know Terry touched many people with his gentleness, his humour and his diligence. He will be missed!! If you have a memory of Terry to share, please feel free to write a note on the Facebook memorial page or respond to this email.

Celebration in Memory of Terry Lowe
Sunday, February 20 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm
W2 - Woodward's Building, second floor
Suite 250, 111 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
Please join friends and family in celebrating the life of our friend and colleague, Terry Lowe.

We will remember Terry with stories and song, images and objects from his life. If you would like to bring a story to share we will have time in the program for guests to share a brief remembrance of Terry.


there is a facebook event page if you'd like to rsvp:

Terry gave generously of his time, intelligence and talents to his friends and to society through his writing, editing and art. Terry was a great friend and support to many people. We invite you to share in remembering Terry and how he touched our lives.

Since we believe Terry would want to be remembered in a fun, light-hearted way, we welcome you to a warm and friendly wake, with food, drinks and music. We look forward to seeing you at this joyful celebration of Terry's life! Light snacks and coffee will be provided. Guest are welcome to bring snacks or treats to share. W2 will provide a cash bar.

Please feel free to share this invitation with others who would want to attend.

We will collect donations at the event to help with any costs for the memorial. Surplus funds will be donated to the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition in Terry's name.

Terry loved riding his bike and exploring the city so we have organized a fun and easy bike ride will take place immediately preceding the gathering. We will meet at the gazebo just south of
Science World at 1:45 for a 2:00 departure. Ride will proceed over the Dunsmuir Viaduct, Dunsmuir Lanes, Hornby Lanes, Seawall path to Carrall Street and end at the Woodward's Building at 111 West Hastings.

It was such a delight to know you Terry! You left a lasting impression on me with your integrity, your humility and your joy. I imagine you riding somewhere in the sunshine, wearing a big grin!

With love,


Amy Walker

MOMENTUM – the magazine for self-propelled people

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Fun Saturday Bike Events Tweed Ride!

Alleycat, Bike Polo, Tweed Ride and other fun rides this weekend, all on the velopalooza calender:
(Also, People's Prom is on Monday night!)

Under the cambie bridge, Marinaside Crescent and Cooperage Way, Vancouver, BC
10:00am - 5:00pm
East Van Bike Polo is hosting a Valentine's day 2x2 tournament on Saturday Feb. 12th. Prizes for best dressed, kiss to make it count rule :)

The circle on the seawall near the Stanley Park Rowing Club, Stanley Park, 2:30pm
Leisurely cycling for Ladies and Gentlemen alike around the wall of Seas ending at a venue for Tea of upmost nostalgia (location TBA).
Rational dress and natural fibres (wool) are encouraged.
Tweed riding is sweeping the continent. We invite bicycle lovers, fashionistas, historians, steampunks, environmentalists, and everyone else who enjoys a spirited afternoon of riding and a hot cup of tea to join in on the days adventures in Vancouver.
ph: 778...227-l893

Crab Park (aka Portside Park), 149 E Waterfront Rd, Vancouver, BC
3:00pm Come enjoy the Oldest alley cat in North America
$5 and Clothing donation for the homeless(full bag)
No bullshit, no sponsors, just str8 up $500 for 1st place
Brought to you by Jeff Fucking Curry

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Fake car survey on Dunsmuir Viaduct?

(the part about the survey may have been debunked... stay tuned)

The people who oppose bike lanes are doing a bit of a dirty tricks campaign... maybe.

These folks in the video were out pretending to be working for the city, acted a little shady when questioned, and yesterday were suggesting that "the city is thinking of getting rid of the bike lanes."
Read more »

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vancouver auto show

The Vancouver International Auto Show is here March 29- April 3, 2011. Here to greenwash cars, make people think they are necessary and functional, gloss over the public health menace cars represent, and belittle other forms of transportation. In other years the auto show has been associated with advertising that equates bus ridership to a choice only the poor are forced to endure, trying to get college kids in debt, greenwashing and other vitriolic propaganda. Already the shows website lists a poll of "menace on the road" and gives pedestrians and cyclists equal weight as dangerous with cars and tractor trailers. The current poll lists cycling as the number two menace on the road! It use to be number one but velolove listserv members voted. Please contribute. There may be direct action at the auto show at the end of march. It would be really nice if this love-in for the most reckless public/private thing on our streets was made uncomfortable. There are dozens of more cars added to the lower mainland streets every day of the year and no one has a plan to handle that safely (it's already a menace) but they keep pushing pushing pushing because the problem is public but the profits private.

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