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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


Another Ride tonight 2x MASS

There is another ride tonight, now (Sorry for posting it so late, I wasn't sure if the plan was changing), somewhat controversial on the velolove list:
Here is an idea for a way to create a happy schism between the traditional CM dogma [sic] and something new: Critical Occupation -- OCCUPY THE BIKE LANES!!

Last Friday of every month, we gather at the Art Gallery after 5PM and depart about 6:00 pm via the bike lanes. Essentially we endeavor to fill up the downtown bike lanes from end to end with riders (how many riders end to end would that actually take?).

To start, we strategically create long line-ups of cyclists where it has the most visual impact, based on things like video and surveillance cameras locations, highest density of pedestrian eyeballs etc. In the spirit of the CM bridge takeovers, we stop and hold up our bikes, screaming and shouting: Thank you Vancouver!
In addition, we constructively interact with citizens on sidewalks and in cars and spread good cheer. We party for as long as we want with costumes, DJ's, live music, mobile PA systems, whatever we need. Kind of like CM mated with Car Free day or something.

Car drivers and the whole community would witness us embracing the magic of our new bike lanes and see just how much fun you can have on a bicycle downtown.

Future proof:
If in the future for some reason (like R. MacDonald becomes Mayor MacCheese) we want to "Go Orthodox" and celebrate CM again we can. We will all be meeting at the same place and time...

BTW: Thanks to all of you who weighed in on this second round of CM debates.

Pedal Pundit
This is a 2nd Critical Mass ride happening at the same time as the other ride. Or not a CM ride? I'm not sure. Dontcha love Anarchy?! (Crazy cyclists)

AFAIK there are also regular CM riders meeting on the normal side of the VAG at the normal time. None of the rides will be large because of course it is a very cold February - but a beautiful day for riding and for bringing some public dialogue to the public street!

Take care and take the lane, all.


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