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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


freedom on a bicycle

august 31, last friday of the month
5:30pm, lions side - vancouver art gallery

themes to inspire you to dress up
(make the fun more visible if you like)
: summer of (velo)love
: garbage strike mass
: public works mass (bike do a lot for a city)
: virgo-vixen celebration
: whatever you bring!
THERE IS A MISUNDERSTANDING OF THE IDEA OF FREEDOM. the juvenile version broadcast everywhere from tv to bus-side billboard is a version of freedom in name only. when we define freedom as car driving and hyper mobility of the individual, all by her lonesome - then we enslave the rest of us to car-road expansion to infinity, to stalled traffic... even the driver: the slave to the stop and go, the driver must not waver or face ultimate punishment of death. there is a long line of cars, and it's all because of? the individual driver shirks the responsibility of caring and sharing in the mobility of those going the same way. this driver is enslaved on the wheel, not allowed to stop or breathe, the eyes cannot deviate. cell phones and other distractions like conversation are fatal... enslaved to paying forever for an overpriced impossible system.

A quicker way to your final destination


it is the misunderstanding of freedom that pits each against all. an APOCALYPTIC STREET WAR FANTASY that does so well at the box office. the measure of success is community, not selfish fantasy. step out into true freedom, embrace the responsibility that comes from riding under your own power, of being open and visible to all, don't hide in a box.

All are invited to this CELEBRATION ON WHEELS. Join hundreds and hundreds of diverse and supportive people in conversation with the street space. Enjoy the safety and comfort of simply riding together. confront this conflict at the centre of our urban (majority) existence. dispel that apathetic sadness that threatens to consume us all as the rush (crawl) hours tick away. Yes, it is possible to have fun and be happy here, to reach out in consolation of the other: CRITICAL MASS!

RAIL FOR THE VALLEY is an antidote to more lanes in vancouver
we are all connected.

regular pre-rides:
  • UBC riders meet at the ubc bike hub/kitchen, on the north east end of the student union building, at 4:30 p.m. ride as a group to the VAG. phone 604+822-bike.
  • EAST VAN riders meet 4:00 p.m., leaving 4:30 p.m., from grandview park, 1200-block commercial drive, ride as a group to the VAG.
upload/view vancouver CM photos:

* ~ *

august 31, post CM

join amy, conrad, jen, kari, tannis and others for this second annual celebration of summer, shimmying, and if desired, some mild sousing! a virgo celebration with friends, the community, music, mystical mirth, bicycles and more!
the world famous anza club,
corner of 8th ave and the ontario bikeway
doors/bar open: 8 pm till late
(wind down around 1:30 am)
a fabulous fortune cookie and tantalising temporary tattoo for the first 40 folks to help us start the festivities. bring your friends! a fundraiser for the "anti-poverty committee"
for more information, visit


your friendly neighbourhood pedal revolutionaries are pleased to announce that the INFAMOUS BIKE CARTOONIST ANDY SINGER will be joining us for this thursday's rush hour.

thursday august 30

who's andy singer?
(he's rad!)
you may have seen this book of his:
music brought to you by ac/dc.

call in with questions/comments during the show at 604+ubc-citr
for instructions on listening to the show live via the internet, or pod-cast/archives,


LOVE YOUR BIKE thursday, august 30
clean off the grime and get your ride spiffed up before the midnight mass and the critical mass! on the last thursday of every month, join momentum and bikes on the drive for a free, fun evening of bike cleaning, lubing, and loving. all supplies provided by bikes on the drive.

time: 7­9 pm
bikes on the drive,
1350 commercial drive

604+>215->7433 ~


monday september 3, 2007 it's the:
it may be a long title but that's half the fun.

mini bike army invites you to ride mini bikes (or whatever bike you have) on a holiday monday afternoon ride. meet at noon at the science world gazebo, ride at 12:30 to downtown, to the beaches, down robson for some exposure, probably for food since mini bike riding takes a bit of energy... and perhaps some other special treat? yes, it's probably the last opportunity for a mini bike monday with nice weather. don't hesitate, just ride.

welcome home the b:c:clettes from their westcoast tour with some bike love.


"CHRIS MASS" friday september 7
meet 7pm, depart 7:15 sharp
science world gazebo

if you're a chris, join us on this ride. if you're not a chris but would like to be an honourary chris for an evening, join us. if you just want to go for a ride, join us. really, just come out for a ride, do you need an excuse? come and see what it's like to be a chris... hear your name constantly, meet as many chris' as you can, find different ways of spelling chris.

we're encouraging everyone to wear red, green, and/or something shiny. name tags will be provided. we'll go on a ride on some of chris' favourite routes and finish in a local drinking establishment. discover if beer is really chris' favourite drink? good times.

everyone welcome.


my name is rich ralph, i live in vancouver. for the past months i have been ROLLERBLADING ACROSS CANADA for cancer research. i will be arriving and finishing my journey in vancouver on sept 8. i want to invite anyone (critical mass riders especially) to come out and roll or bike with me for the last few kilometres through the city. on that saturday morning, i will be coming from horseshoe bay, over the lions gate bridge and weaving my way to english bay. i thought this would be a great opportunity for everyone to come out and help raise awareness. the more people who attend, the better.

rich ralph ~ fighting cancer one stride at a time


car free day saturday, september 22

each year on september 22, international car free day is celebrated by over 100 million people in about 1,500 cities around the world. the roots of car free day extend back nearly forty years, but the initiative has gained most of its momentum over the last decade.

what will happen in vancouver? for some bright ideas go to Carbusters Magazine
(an excellent quarterly magazine that could really use your subscription!)


pedal fest sept 22, 2007
main street and 17th, noon til 6pm

BIKING SEASON IS NEVER OVER, start the year right with pedal fest!

a celebration of bike arts and culture. performances by the sprockettes, b:c:clettes, velovixens and brakes. all your favourite djs play while you pedal the music on the pedal powered sound system. slurp a freshly pedal blended smoothy. enjoy a ride in the pedalling zoo. get a free bike check and performance tips from the staff at our community bikes. hey fixy! exhibitions and competition. bike craft presents bike inspired fashion and crafts.

a part of velomutations 2007. supported by the city of vancouver celebrations grants.


last saturday of every month
info: 250+653-0035 or


city council is again considering the idea of improving BURRARD STREET BRIDGE cycling infrastructure. The details on the latest instalment of this 20 year project are at So, take some time out to lobby your politician or media about this. The best solution is -of course- to take away car lanes, put in plants as barriers to protect pedestrians, and alter the bridge so cars are not always-indefinitely-forever the first priority.


sign the PETITION: BETTER TRANSIT, NOT FREEWAYS if you care about living in one of the most livable cities in north america, now is the time to take action to keep it that way!


want to talk about bicycle issues and critical mass in vancouver? are you planning bike related events or have announcements? JOIN THE VELOLOVE list to connect with the like minded: --->lots of email discussion list
--->periodic, succinct announcement list


Some thoughtful DISCUSSION from the list:
...some of the promotional materials and messages for vancouver's critical mass describe the event as a "party on wheels". i'd like to suggest that we instead promote critical mass as a "celebration on wheels" and be careful to avoid the word "party". the difference may seem subtle, but i think you may know where i'm going with this.

"party" will bring out partiers who see this as a direct invitation to drink and carryon as some do at parties -- some of the unwanted behaviour that's described in the sun newspaper letter and by others on this list.

"celebration," on the other hand, doesn't imply that (or at least not as directly) and is more in line with what i believe many would like critical mass to be...

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

"history does not always repeat itself.
sometimes it just yells
'can't you remember anything i've told you?'
and lets fly with a club."
- john w. campbell

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Animated Bike-In invitation

Animated Bike-In 2007
Vancouver, CST, BC, Canada
Thursday August 16, 2007
(after dark) Call 604.682.3269x7466
on the day of, for location

August 16th Hungry Ghost Cinema and allies present a one night international festival of short animation in the urban outdoors. The program features experimental animations from Canada, the U.S., Netherlands and Germany with a number of local artists present. Prepare for experiments in low-fi, high-tech and all crossbreeds in-between (including what may be the world's first collaborative mail art movie). These sentimental tales and conceptual gestures expand the medium to disorient, move and fascinate.

In case of rain the screening will be moved inside (if so please call the number listed for directions).

This screening forms another part in HGC's occasional collisions between public space and contemporary cinema practices. The fabric of the city is the host for these films.

Includes new (to Vancouver) and reused works by:

Amy Lockhart – Tell Mumsy I Love Her (Video, Canada, 2006) Jo Dery – Echos of Bats and Men (16mm, USA, 2005) John Cannizzaro – 50 Feet that Shook the World (Video, USA, 2003) Clare E. Rojas and Andrew Jeffery Wright – Ich Bein Ein Manipulator (Video, USA, 2005) Amanda Thomson – in Waves (16mm, Canada, 2006) Thorsten Fleisch – Energie! (Video, Germany, 2007) Charlotte Taylor – Aurora and the Sea (Video, USA, 2006) Ross Nugent – A Man With a Past (16mm, USA, 2006) Skiilsltd/Judith van der Made – To Seek Some Eat From (Video, Netherlands, 2007) Collective mail art film (LIFT/Filmprint) – Direct Mail Movie (16mm, Canada, 2007) Hoooliganship – SUPER SELLODY (Video, USA, 2007) Jody Kramer – Pinch (Video, Canada, 2006) Jody Kramer – Lost Monster Hop (Video, Canada, 2007) Stephen Wichuk and Cameron Latimer – Who Shot My Pa (16mm, Canada, 2007) Stephen Wichuck – The Dentist )Video, Canada, 2007) Ricki Lee Owens – The More I Sleep the More I Dream (Video, Canada, 2007) Tasha Brotherton – Untitled (Video, Canada, 2007) Malcom
Sutherland – Untitled Drawing. 5 (Video, Canada, 2007) Barry Doupe – excerpt from A Boy on a Dock Blowing His Nose (Video, Canada 2007) Heather Harkins – The 8 Husbands of Zsa Zsa Gabor (Video, Canada, 1999)

Please bring your own seating material etc….

For more information: or 604.682.3269x7466

Hungry Ghost Cinema is supported in this project by:

Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society, Gallery Gachet, the Purple Thistle Centre and Programming in Illegality.

Special thanks to Colleen Langford and Stephen Wichuck for their support with this one.



Rail for the Valley

A facebook group, The Fraser Valley needs passenger rail service NOW! has been created. It is growing quickly. Check it out, join the group and invite your friends! You may want to get involved in the August 10 facebook flood!

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