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Animated Bike-In invitation

Animated Bike-In 2007
Vancouver, CST, BC, Canada
Thursday August 16, 2007
(after dark) Call 604.682.3269x7466
on the day of, for location

August 16th Hungry Ghost Cinema and allies present a one night international festival of short animation in the urban outdoors. The program features experimental animations from Canada, the U.S., Netherlands and Germany with a number of local artists present. Prepare for experiments in low-fi, high-tech and all crossbreeds in-between (including what may be the world's first collaborative mail art movie). These sentimental tales and conceptual gestures expand the medium to disorient, move and fascinate.

In case of rain the screening will be moved inside (if so please call the number listed for directions).

This screening forms another part in HGC's occasional collisions between public space and contemporary cinema practices. The fabric of the city is the host for these films.

Includes new (to Vancouver) and reused works by:

Amy Lockhart – Tell Mumsy I Love Her (Video, Canada, 2006) Jo Dery – Echos of Bats and Men (16mm, USA, 2005) John Cannizzaro – 50 Feet that Shook the World (Video, USA, 2003) Clare E. Rojas and Andrew Jeffery Wright – Ich Bein Ein Manipulator (Video, USA, 2005) Amanda Thomson – in Waves (16mm, Canada, 2006) Thorsten Fleisch – Energie! (Video, Germany, 2007) Charlotte Taylor – Aurora and the Sea (Video, USA, 2006) Ross Nugent – A Man With a Past (16mm, USA, 2006) Skiilsltd/Judith van der Made – To Seek Some Eat From (Video, Netherlands, 2007) Collective mail art film (LIFT/Filmprint) – Direct Mail Movie (16mm, Canada, 2007) Hoooliganship – SUPER SELLODY (Video, USA, 2007) Jody Kramer – Pinch (Video, Canada, 2006) Jody Kramer – Lost Monster Hop (Video, Canada, 2007) Stephen Wichuk and Cameron Latimer – Who Shot My Pa (16mm, Canada, 2007) Stephen Wichuck – The Dentist )Video, Canada, 2007) Ricki Lee Owens – The More I Sleep the More I Dream (Video, Canada, 2007) Tasha Brotherton – Untitled (Video, Canada, 2007) Malcom
Sutherland – Untitled Drawing. 5 (Video, Canada, 2007) Barry Doupe – excerpt from A Boy on a Dock Blowing His Nose (Video, Canada 2007) Heather Harkins – The 8 Husbands of Zsa Zsa Gabor (Video, Canada, 1999)

Please bring your own seating material etc….

For more information: or 604.682.3269x7466

Hungry Ghost Cinema is supported in this project by:

Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society, Gallery Gachet, the Purple Thistle Centre and Programming in Illegality.

Special thanks to Colleen Langford and Stephen Wichuck for their support with this one.



  • At 6:13 pm, August 16, 2007, Blogger VanCM Blogger said…

    If you phone the number now (6pm) it says the location is macLean park, georgia and hawkes - which is just off the union adanac bike route. Here is a google map link: maclean+park+vancouver+bc and it is supposed to be at 9pm. However, if it rains it will be moved inside so call that number again.


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