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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


June29 Critical Massive!

Be sure to tell your friends
about the big Critical Mass ride!
And share this basic information about
keeping the ride peaceful with inexperienced riders:

Hooray, it's the end of June Bike Month
the last friday of every month is of course the
{you and you're friends and family are invited to the}
an especially big and festive Critical Mass
in the city of Vancouver, meet 530, leave 6pm
from the Vancouver Art Gallery Downtown
on the side with all the people with bikes and costumes
bikes are freedom in motion!

You don't want to miss it. It will be the ride of the year. There is nothing like it. For a little while - as many bikes as possible, a better world is possible - is the reality and the streets are taken over by happy cyclists, skaters, joggers, skippers, talkers, tricyclists, unicyclers, wheelchairistas, pedalling gardens, music, costumes etc. And it is all rolling along nicely.

Posters and handouts that you can print and distribute in your neighborhood!

In keeping with my very low energy blogging this month, I'm going to direct you to last years' info on this blog. There you will find many more posters, a corking flyer, all of which you can modify or make your own relevant to this year.
[these all need to be -at least- changed to June 29, 2007]

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One of the biggest ride and rolls of the year, on the First Nations' National Day of (In)Action, and possibly the largest ever bike ride to hit the streets of Vancouver, the June Critical Mass Ride closes out this year's Bike Month.

Join fellow bicyclists, skaters, and bladers for this leisurely and spirited ride and roll through the streets of Vancouver. Meet at the Vancouver Art Gallery on the Georgia Street side between 5:00 and 5:30 p.m. -- and roll and ride at 6:00 p.m. The ride is on rain or shine. Decorated bicycles, trailers, costumes, signs, flags, noisemakers, gettoblasters, sound systems, drums, and wildly modified bicycles are all highly encouraged.

After the ride is a party starting 9:00 p.m. at the ANZA Club, 3 West 8th at the Ontario Bike Route.

Pre-rides riding to the Critical Mass:

  • UBC riders meet at the UBC Bike Hub, on the north east end of the Student Union Building, at 4:30 p.m. for a group ride to the Vancouver Art Gallery. Phone 604-822-BIKE for details.

  • East Van riders meet after 4:00 pm, leaving 5pm, from Grandview Park, 1200-block Commercial Drive, for a group ride to the Vancouver Art Gallery.

  • Blessing of the Bicycles and Bicyclists. 5pm Come, bells ringing, to the steps of the Cathedral to receive a blessing. Christ Church Cathedral, Burrard and West Georgia, 604-684-6306 x 227

  • Others? Post it here, or here.

Celebrated around the world, Critical Mass is a grassroots reclamation of public space -- on the last Friday of the month -- which allows cyclists and other self-propelled people to move safely and comfortably through city streets in a car-free space. Non-polluting forms of transportation are promoted.

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So this is the big one. Last year (2006) we advertised it as the 3000 wheels ride. Last year we beat that number by a lot. It will likely be larger this year. There has not been a lot of ride publicity this year, but a lot of it is word of mouth anyways. Each rider brings another next month/year... and it just keeps growing.

It is so big that sometimes we create traffic problems for ourselves and have trouble BEING the Traffic, so to speak. For instance, many have said that narrow streets of one or 2 lanes are just too small to handle the volume of bikes in a reasonable amount of time. Last year I remember standing still for a while and not riding because there was some delay of this sort. Also with the delays people sometimes get frustrated. It is very important that we all try to avoid negative conflicts and keep people together on the same side. Explaining the ideas in the Corking/Rules Flyer is important for new riders to understand this situation. Many responses to the larger ride have been suggested: such as planned routes, split multiple masses, parade float directions, radio communication, rules about avoiding less than 6 lane roads, schemes for instructing people to make friends with stopped car drivers... I am not aware of concensus or widespread planning for any of it, so I will assume that Friday will be a somewhat cohesive somewhat chaotic event. If you want to get in on last minute thinking about this topic then plan with those you know who will be attending or try the velolove discussions.

Let's all remember to have fun on Friday. This is a very serious topics: Cars, the environment, bicycles, public space, safety... all topics too serious to approach without a sense of humour. Smile and wave and talk to the people stuck in cars, nicely encourage them to cut the engine [idling laws, hey] maybe turn up the stereo, party in the streets! It will be gone before you know it, Critical Mass is a beautiful long term moment about preparing for the present using the cycles that we all share.

PS: Tell all drivers to avoid driving downtown Friday Afternoon/evening. Avoid the Lions Gate too. Avoid the downtown bridges and maybe even Broadway. Leave the car at home Friday. Take a bike if you can. It will be faster and funner. Don't think of it as a curtailment. Realise that it is a temporary respite from confinement - a special time when we can step out of the car and feel safe in the street, sharing the city with all of us who love it.

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Car Solution


June is Bike Month!

There are so many things going on. Hooray!
...and the website is broken and also I don't have time to keep up with it all as I am starting up a bike trailer making workshop so I can't be at the computer all day.

So your best bet to keep up with it all is the BEST bike month Calender, which tons of events listed, lots of detail, well updated.

There is also the Momentum Magazine Calender, some of which duplicates content.

The fearlessgearless drupal blog is shaping up to be a very well maintained and active hub of bike culture. Includes what you won't find as official bike month events. [though I still think fixies are bad for your knees] They have a phenomenal splash page currently.

All of this confusion is exactly why the Critical Mass and velolove website needs to be refashioned and organised so as we can keep things fresh and lively. Something very similar but a little more explicitly political than fearlessG and styled to be less cool and more inclusive. But we don't want to compete, we want to compliment. Unfortunately, it seems only Ryan, Ifny, Steve and I are into this velolove project at the moment - and all of us are too busy with our other lives to spare time for it right now, so that is on the backburner and the page isn't really being kept up.

Though I do wish we were more on the ball because there is some special things we need to make happen here.
  • Such as the important street reclaimation project of the car free commercial drive festival happening both Sunday June 17th, and Sunday July 22nd. They need your help now to make it happen.
  • Five Ring Circus screening and wonderful work less party stuff. A sequel is already in the works!
  • The Anti-Poverty Commitee keeps fighting the good fight but are getting slaughtered in the corporate media spin machine. The police are impersonating 24hour news reporters to muzzle them. This issue is important.
  • The world naked bike ride, indecent exposure to cars - This Saturday!
  • MCthree performance ride this friday the 8th.
  • You Never Bike Alone DVD and reviews and upcoming screenings?
  • Tuesday June 12th city hall is reviewing some bike lanes so you should speak up and support them.
  • Hey, right now is Bike to Work Week with the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition!
  • On the 28th, Thursday night, is the ever popular Bike Shorts film night, but this year at the Van East Cinema! Presented by Freegeek Vancouver.
  • And so very importantly, the June 29th Critical Massive is going to be H-U-G-E, finale for bike month. Last year there were 400 more than 3000 wheels. This year we may well get 3000 riders/skaters/whathaveyous. We are supposed to have some meetings to promote this ride and also to plan for it and plan some ways to keep such a ride sane with that size... Such as my keen idea of planning a route that goes on wide streets only and is led by parade float/4 wheel bike chariots etc. But I don't have the time to organise anything for that right now. Your best bet is to talk to people on velolove and get planning! We have lots of worried people to reassure. Also, I am going to make one float/love bike/ sound system thing to help lead the route to sensible street venues [single lane in just too small for thousands of bikes] and we need good corking instructions and ways of communicating the peaceful wisedom of experienced riders too the many new-comers that will show up.
So, that is it. I'm not writing any more, but you know I missed most of what is happening still. That is all I am posting for like 3 weeks, because that is all I can do. Even if it is the most active/important time for human power activists to be connecting. Follow the links, there is a lot there. Talk to people on velolove email list - or use other forums also. You can always post comments to this story with links to what else is needing mention. Or, if you have something valuable, email me, and I'll forward it or set you up to post on this blog yourself.

Take care and take the lane!




Bikers, Please vote NO. See below. Thanks.

Garden City on-line poll:
Richmond News is doing an on-line poll about the Garden City Lands, the 55 hectare parcel in Richmond that Malcolm Brodie and the Canada Lands Company want to pave.

Please vote on the Richmond News website. Question this week is "Do you want the Garden City Lands developed?"

Please vote and pass it on!

Donna Passmore
Agriculture Campaigner,
Fraser Valley Conservation Coalition



World Naked Bike Ride

Naked Cyclists Take to the Streets!

On Saturday, June 9th, 2007, cities around the world will experience the exposed joy of the world's largest naked protest against oil dependency and car culture. It's time to stop indecent exposure to automobile emissions! Hundreds of cyclists will ride in various stages of undress, reclaiming the streets as sexy, self-propelled citizens. Raw Naked Bicycle People Power!

The Vancouver ride starts Saturday, June 9, 1:00pm at Sunset Beach (corner of Beach and Bute).

Body painting and performances will take place before the ride, arrive between 11:00am and 1:00pm to catch some of the action and some of the paint! A picnic following the ride will be hosted by NIFTY.

Naked Bike Riding Tips

. Prepare for riding rain or shine!
. We often start the ride with some clothing on and then stop away from the crowds to get bare!
. You do not have to be naked to join the ride.
. Wear shoes!
. Keep your clothes with you -- you never know when you may need them (like... after the ride.)
. Decorate your bike! Come with signs and funky hats! Cover your bike seat with fun fur.
. Ride safely and stay together as a group.
. Tell your friends! Spread the word!

Posters and handouts at: