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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


spring flower power CM


Friday March 31st
meet 5:30 leave 6pm
from Vancouver Art Gallery
Georgia and Howe St
Downtown Vancouver
by the Lions

the theme this month
is spring flowers: bring and share
5 bright flowers spring forth
7 streets full of biking skating
5 we roll together

come on out for a relaxing fun party
in your city streets. a comfortable ride for all riding
sensibilities, enjoy a safer riding experience with less cars,
as we temporarily displace the automobile and imagine
a healthier city. rain or shine

The Poster that inspired the theme:
{notice one of the drivers has escaped the car and the rest are smiling}

Confirmed Party After Ride:

Anza club

Pedal Fusion: Friday March 31st
A celebration of Vancouver's vibrant bicycle culture.
Bands, Dj's, Movies, Bike Art and much more.

March 31st after Critical Mass 7:30 pm -> 1:30 am
sliding scale $6 includes a free beer if you arrive with Critical Mass.

Fundraiser for MOBY Community Garden
Bands and Performers: Werdamouth, Timothy Wisdom,
DJ Corrior and DJ BAD, Nomadic Noize, Your Little Pony,
Little Woo, Tangerine Smile, Burlesque Boy...

flyer to print and download, invite friends and strangers every month


+++Rock solid weekend agenda+++

Hi All,
Here's the latest agenda. The only changes were the addition of out-
of-town arrivals and the Sunday brunch (It's now at Pol's)


Friday PM til 7am Saturday: Seamrippers dance party
436 w. Pender

Opportunities for Community Input on
Pre-Design Concepts for the Port Mann / Highway 1 Disaster Plan
Saturday, March 25 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Hastings Community Centre,
3096 East Hastings Street

Saturday 11:00 AM: Breakfast at Intermission
Don't bring food, bring a $3 donation instead
1009 East Cordova
If people want to volunteer they can contact David ahead of time. 604-->254...3766

Saturday at 1:30 PM: Carcass Polo!!!
Strathcona park gazebo, East Van

The Pillow Fight Club
March 25th - 3pm SHARP
1: At exactly 3pm Pillows OUT!!! And descend onto Robson Square.
2: ONLY Pillow fight those with Pillows…
3: DO NOT hit bystanders or cameras unless invited.
4: At 3:15 walk away…
That's it… TELL EVERYONE!!!
No one knows why or for whom… it "Just happens"

Saturday at 8:30 PM: Bike Bike Bike Party!!!
New PedalPlay space, back door of 194 West 3rd Ave.

Sunday Noon: Birthday Breakfast Bonanza at Pol's place
307 W 19th Street.
$3.00 donations graciously accepted.

Sunday afternoon: Bike sightseeing / poetry with Lee
:::after brunch ride to sunset beach
:::sunset beach to second beach on seawall views of english bay &
van :::cross peninsula at lost lagoon :::ride around stanley park
seawall back to second beach
views of vancouver harbour and north van mts
:::cross peninsula again at or near lost lagooon
:::coal harbour seawall to dtn or east van
the ride will involve 2 or 3 brief stops for short songs or poems in
resonant venues



Sat.25.March afternoon+party


click on image below to go to MC3 website with
details of spectacular sat. evening party
[and flyer you can print and share.]


a polo like game, involving afganistan traditional bicycles, with a vegan meat CARcass?
"this saturday we're playing bike polo with a dead SUV effigy. no
sticks. cheating is alright. better wear your armour if you want to
make amour. we'll also be wrestling bikes & jousting with pies. how
about that? there'll be raw vegan food to make us all the more wild.
strathcona park by the gazebo thing. meet between 1:30-2pm."


ride for peace

Saturday, March 18:

Join with thousands in Vancouver,
millions around the world,
say 'War NO More',
mark the third anniversary
of the USA invasion of Iraq.

Gather at 11:30a.m. at Peace Flame Park
[south end of Burrard Street Bridge]

'Rally' at 1:00p.m. at Vancouver Art Gallery
[Georgia and Howe]
with music, speakers and special guests, yada yada yada

Maybe the bicyclists and others will decentralise the rally part?
Have fun instead of obediently watching?
All those speeches are just preaching to the converted.
Even if they are made by awesome speakers.
Workshops? Street hockey? Networking? Tall bike jousting? Tea in the

if interested in riding West to the march as a cycling group, meet
at the gazebo at science world around 11, then ride to burrard.

bikes to be at the front of the rally. AT THE FRONT!!!
[the noisy eastern front]

Posters and leaflets are available for download at


cyclists are needed to move a car

Would you like to tow a car with your bicycle?

We will ride with 20 or so others, so the load will be light for the individual. The car will have no engine but be growing plants; it's converted into a garden!

This should be ironic and fun. It will be legal too!

The Garden Car (AKA Car Park ) is an award-winning project designed and built by the 'Vancouver Design Nerds' and was first featured at Car Free Day 2005. We believe that the image of a car converted into a garden and being pulled by a team of cyclists is very powerful and speaks on many levels.

This is a call out to a willing any self-propelled rollers interested in hauling a garden car float for the St Patrick's Day Parade on Sunday, March 19th. The parade travels along Granville from Davie to Dunsmuir. The parade is at 11am and so we would have to meet around 10am to prepare.

Crazy costumes and wild bikes are preferred, though normal bikes with actual towing capacity are helpful too.

Join us for a fun Sunday.

Please contact us ASAP because we need to know by Thursday if we can get the 20 people required.

email Eesmyal

The website of the parade is:

There is a video of the Car Park:

The car is made by:

The parade float is going to be promoting:


Fwd: Midnight ride this thursday

Well its already the second week of march (how the hell did that happen?),
so its time again for midnight bike ridin'. As always, meet at grandview
park at 11:45, ride at midnight. Its been beautiful out the last two rides,
so (with some luck and wood knocking) maybe we'll win again. Even better,
its getting warmer every day. All the better to dream about the comming
summer (as if its not already on everyone's mind). As always bring your
friends, your drinks, and your suggested routes and destinations - see you


(ps, no photos up from last ride because I foolishly brough my camera in to
get fixed before uploading the images from the ride. Oops.)