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+++Rock solid weekend agenda+++

Hi All,
Here's the latest agenda. The only changes were the addition of out-
of-town arrivals and the Sunday brunch (It's now at Pol's)


Friday PM til 7am Saturday: Seamrippers dance party
436 w. Pender

Opportunities for Community Input on
Pre-Design Concepts for the Port Mann / Highway 1 Disaster Plan
Saturday, March 25 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Hastings Community Centre,
3096 East Hastings Street

Saturday 11:00 AM: Breakfast at Intermission
Don't bring food, bring a $3 donation instead
1009 East Cordova
If people want to volunteer they can contact David ahead of time. 604-->254...3766

Saturday at 1:30 PM: Carcass Polo!!!
Strathcona park gazebo, East Van

The Pillow Fight Club
March 25th - 3pm SHARP
1: At exactly 3pm Pillows OUT!!! And descend onto Robson Square.
2: ONLY Pillow fight those with Pillows…
3: DO NOT hit bystanders or cameras unless invited.
4: At 3:15 walk away…
That's it… TELL EVERYONE!!!
No one knows why or for whom… it "Just happens"

Saturday at 8:30 PM: Bike Bike Bike Party!!!
New PedalPlay space, back door of 194 West 3rd Ave.

Sunday Noon: Birthday Breakfast Bonanza at Pol's place
307 W 19th Street.
$3.00 donations graciously accepted.

Sunday afternoon: Bike sightseeing / poetry with Lee
:::after brunch ride to sunset beach
:::sunset beach to second beach on seawall views of english bay &
van :::cross peninsula at lost lagoon :::ride around stanley park
seawall back to second beach
views of vancouver harbour and north van mts
:::cross peninsula again at or near lost lagooon
:::coal harbour seawall to dtn or east van
the ride will involve 2 or 3 brief stops for short songs or poems in
resonant venues



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