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cyclists are needed to move a car

Would you like to tow a car with your bicycle?

We will ride with 20 or so others, so the load will be light for the individual. The car will have no engine but be growing plants; it's converted into a garden!

This should be ironic and fun. It will be legal too!

The Garden Car (AKA Car Park ) is an award-winning project designed and built by the 'Vancouver Design Nerds' and was first featured at Car Free Day 2005. We believe that the image of a car converted into a garden and being pulled by a team of cyclists is very powerful and speaks on many levels.

This is a call out to a willing any self-propelled rollers interested in hauling a garden car float for the St Patrick's Day Parade on Sunday, March 19th. The parade travels along Granville from Davie to Dunsmuir. The parade is at 11am and so we would have to meet around 10am to prepare.

Crazy costumes and wild bikes are preferred, though normal bikes with actual towing capacity are helpful too.

Join us for a fun Sunday.

Please contact us ASAP because we need to know by Thursday if we can get the 20 people required.

email Eesmyal

The website of the parade is:

There is a video of the Car Park:

The car is made by:

The parade float is going to be promoting:


  • At 3:17 pm, March 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    can you believe they took the car park into the parade! holy ravioli!
    good for everybody the safely commissioner was blissfully unaware
    until this evening...



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