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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


spring flower power CM


Friday March 31st
meet 5:30 leave 6pm
from Vancouver Art Gallery
Georgia and Howe St
Downtown Vancouver
by the Lions

the theme this month
is spring flowers: bring and share
5 bright flowers spring forth
7 streets full of biking skating
5 we roll together

come on out for a relaxing fun party
in your city streets. a comfortable ride for all riding
sensibilities, enjoy a safer riding experience with less cars,
as we temporarily displace the automobile and imagine
a healthier city. rain or shine

The Poster that inspired the theme:
{notice one of the drivers has escaped the car and the rest are smiling}

Confirmed Party After Ride:

Anza club

Pedal Fusion: Friday March 31st
A celebration of Vancouver's vibrant bicycle culture.
Bands, Dj's, Movies, Bike Art and much more.

March 31st after Critical Mass 7:30 pm -> 1:30 am
sliding scale $6 includes a free beer if you arrive with Critical Mass.

Fundraiser for MOBY Community Garden
Bands and Performers: Werdamouth, Timothy Wisdom,
DJ Corrior and DJ BAD, Nomadic Noize, Your Little Pony,
Little Woo, Tangerine Smile, Burlesque Boy...

flyer to print and download, invite friends and strangers every month


  • At 11:52 pm, March 29, 2006, Blogger VanCM Blogger said…

    Ever heard of Fossil Fools Day? We're celebrating it right here, on UBC campus! Fossil Fools Day is a day where people unite to work towards breaking our addiction to oil. This addiction threatens our environment, our economy, our health, and can lead to war and conflict around the world. Help us help you to reduce your oil use and environmental impact. Dream of a world based on clean, sustainable energy. Learn what you can do to push for change!

    LOCATION: Street corner in front of UBC Bookstore
    DATE: Friday, March 31st 2006
    TIME: 11:00am - 3:00pm

    10-11am, meet by the UBC Bookstore: set up for the event
    11am-1pm and 1-3pm, UBC bookstore: balloon handlers
    11am-1pm and 1-3pm, UBC bookstore: volunteers at large/floaters
    3-4pm, UBC bookstore: clean-up
    4pm-on: paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty!!

    Some of the things we're planning:

    · Technology demonstrations of SMART energy use:
    o Solar photovoltaic panel on wheels (mini-car).
    o Energy Bike: "Feel" the difference between powering an incandescent light bulb or an efficient fluorescent spiral light bulb.
    o (Possibility) Renewable Energy Conversion Apparatus: Watch solar power panels produce hydrogen in a water electrolyzer. The generated hydrogen is then fed to a fuel cell to power a fan, with only water as the product!
    o UBC Supermileage Car - A 1600 MPG single occupant vehicle!
    o UBC Electric Bike Club - See (and possibly test ride) super-efficient and fun e-bikes!

    · Costumes! Just because people who care about the environment are crazy!
    o Wind-turbine costume
    o Dinosaur costumes
    · Poster Panels
    o Student Environment Centre (SEC) (AMS club)
    o British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA)
    o UBC Sustainability Office poster panels
    o Chemical and Biological Engineering Sustainability Club
    o Post-Carbon Institute (PCI)
    · Outline of steps students take to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and break our "Oil Addiction"
    a.. Mock Intervention of an Oil Addict!
    · Factual Information Posters:
    o Full-scale printout of the globe's CO2 concentration over the past few centuries. You won't believe your eyes!
    o Other interesting facts on blown-up posters.
    · Sign your life away:
    o Clean Energy Charter of Rights and Freedoms (
    o UBC Sustainability Pledge (
    · Free Giveaways
    o Face Paints
    o "Don't be a Fossil Fool" Balloons
    o Wristbands (courtesy of UBC Sustainability Office)
    o Candy
    o T-Shirts as prizes for contests
    o Information! Smiles!


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