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Bike 2 Ballots Nov 19

Bike2Ballots, Saturday, Nov 19 – Get Your Vote On and @ridings4ridings are teaming up to provide passionate cyclists awesome opportunities to pedal people to the polls. GYVO will be hosting “bike stops” on Davie St., Commercial Drive, and possible Main St. The shift is 11am-4pm at one of the bike . (If you can’t make it for the full five hours, let us know and we’ll plan around that.)

Email Andrea Curtis at, 778|549 = 7874

Get Your Vote On and @ridings4ridings are teaming up to provide expert tandem bike riders to pick you up and take you to the polls! In addition to four bike stops in Davie Village, Commercial Drive, Main & 49th, and Kitsilano on election day, we will also be able to pick up a limited number of voters from their homes!

The City of Vancouver will be one big election day party on Nov 19!

Here is some Riding for Ridings info as well:


SAT NOV. 19th 2011!

What if Voting was made more accessible?

What if Democracy was people powered?

Transformation Projects and GetYourVoteOn Present:


Where you get a to the voting booth.

The idea is simple. We have collected a fleet of tandem bicycles from local businesses and we have recruited a safety conscious bunch of cyclists. And now we want to give you a ride to the polls.

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