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Sheldon memorial ride reminder: this Friday Feb 8

Vancouver Sheldon Brown Memorial Ride

Friday Feb. 8th @ 5:30pm
Meet at the Vancouver Art Gallery (on the Lions' side, Georgia and Howe)

Clean up your bikes & wear a black armband & ride with us...

I put up a memorial website at

There's a place there for leaving messages and listing rides. If anyone
hears of any, please post them. So far there's one in Melbourne; Cape
Giradeau, Missouri, Austin, Texas; NYC.

It's comforting that over the last 1 and a half days, there have been
11,000 hits on the site from 15 countries. There are a lot of compadres out
there! What an amazing reach he had.



Carbusters Reader survey

Dear Valued Readers,

The Carbusters editorial collective is happy to announce that we've
launched a Carbusters Reader Survey which needs your
input! The survey won't take you much time and will really help us
to know your preferences for the magazine.

Go to:

Thanks a lot,

Bas, Chris, Justin, Sam

PS. Please go there soon, we're anxious to know what you think :)

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Czech Republic
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