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Fwd: PRESS RELEASE: Local Non-Profit Bares All To Raise Funds In New Clothing Donation Campaign


March 29, 2016




Burnaby, BC — People are used to the idea of donating their unwanted clothing and household items, but a local NPO is encouraging them to even donate the clothes off their back in their latest video campaign. posAbilities, an organization focused on improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities, has begun uploading a series of videos with naked TV/YouTube personality Josh Rimer. The local actor bared all for the campaign in hopes of getting people interested in making donations to their Clothes Drop program.


"posAbilities is a great organization that really makes a difference to the lives of the people they serve" says Rimer, who has collaborated with posAbilities on videos in the past. "We wanted to do something fun and a bit shocking that would get people to pay attention and think about donating their used clothing."


The initial idea first came through a Simon Fraser University co-op student who brought it forward as a possible way to get interest in their new clothing drive initiative. "The idea seemed a bit outrageous, but we wanted to catch the interest of business owners and the general public" says Jennifer Oliver, Manager of Innovation at posAbilities.


"We'd like to get everyone thinking of us when doing their spring cleaning, downsizing, and decluttering. The videos are fun and a taste of the ease that you'll experience working with posAbilities – we're helping people and the planet."   


The first video was uploaded this morning and features Rimer running around an office without any clothes on, pleading with a few unsuspecting employees to donate theirs. A second video set in a multi-unit residence will be uploaded tomorrow, followed by a third one in a laundromat the next day. The series will finish with a general information video about the program on Friday, where Rimer will finally be fully clothed.


See the first video, and the following ones as they are uploaded, at .




Media Contacts:


Media Contacts:


Subject Expert                                               

Jennifer Oliver,                                               

Manager of Innovation                                




Alternate Spokesperson

Monique Nelson,

Director of Community Engagement

phone: 604-369-4073



About posAbilities

At posAbilities we assist children, youth and adults with disabilities to lead meaningful and healthy lives. We work with families and community partners to deliver a full range of services that grow with the individual, including behaviour consultation, community inclusion, employment and home living. We are actively engaged in creating art, theatre productions and digital media, continuously aspiring to challenge perceptions of ability and to reduce the stigma that is often associated with persons who have developmental disabilities. For more information, please visit:


Monique Nelson,

Director of Community Engagement, posAbilities

• community inclusion • employment • home living • behaviour consultation
t. 778.945.3367 | c. 604.369.4073