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You CAN Vote, do it Early Today!

This is your right. Voting this year is more difficult. That is because the ruling "Conservative" Party is anti-democratic and know that they are unpopular - that voter suppression helps them. Perhaps you think this is an exaggeration, but today's voting situation speaks for itself.

Traditionally there were many ways to vote on election day, this because it is always hard to squeeze in, when you are working or otherwise busy, when you can't get to another polling station, etc.

This is the first time on election day you can ONLY vote in your own polling station. All other elections before now allowed you to swear in your vote and show proper ID so that you could vote in a different polling station if you couldn't get to your exact one.

Which polling station do you go to? If you don't already have a voter registration card or yours is not accurate: you need to know your postal code. You need to be on the Elections Canada website. On this website you will find a not simple data heavy web form that will eventually tell you the polling place for you. Polling stations close early this year, most at 7pm here in BC and others, like mobile stations, as early as 1:30.

What is the website is overwhelmed? It surely will be. It was this morning. It's an obvious bottleneck. There aren't any widely available maps showing all the polling stations, so I can't just print a map because I have a good data connection and show it to others. (This would be a good thing to make if you are trying to get out the vote!) Fortunately, each party and 3rd Parties also have websites which list where to vote, so use those if electionscanada is down

Talk to people. Most people remember the polling station from the last election. Together we can figure it out and get people out to defeat this anti-democratic party now in power.


Depending on where you live, vote strategically. That will mean Liberal or NDP. Of in the very rare exception, Green. Do not rely on national polling averages such as Local polling is more accurate to a specific riding. has the best resource for this, and it's members, who have all pledged to vote together strategically to defeat Harper, have chosen (by pre-vote) which party to support in very close ridings so that everyone pulls together and there is a clear victory. Please consider doing this.


Whoa Canada - Stop Harper


6201 vs 79,452

Dear Cyclists,

This is the number of votes a candidate must have over their opponent in order to get elected to Parliament. [1]


This is the number of votes that gave Stephen Harper his "strong, stable, conservative majority government" in 2011.[2]

At the end of the day, after all the issues have been debated and the attack ads aired; after all the hands have been shaken and the babies kissed; when the party leaders park their campaign busses and the candidates sit with their teams to watch the results come in, they know it all comes down to this basic math: 1 more vote than your opponents to win your seat, and less than ten thousand votes in a dozen or so ridings to win an election.


This is the number of days left until Election Day.


This is the number of Leadnow members who have signed the Vote Together pledge.

Almost 50,000 of these people live in Conservative swing ridings and 15,000 live in the 11 ridings where we have teams on the ground ready to get out the vote for the candidate best positioned to beat the conservative in their riding.

And just this past Saturday the Vote Together campaign hit another milestone - volunteers in 26 communities from coast to coast to coast hosted events as part of the Vote Together National Day of Action. Check out our new report back video and consider pitching in to keep the momentum going.

When members of the Leadnow community came together to help build our 2015 election campaign, you knew that vote splitting would be the biggest obstacle to bringing change to Ottawa. It's amazing to see momentum continuing to build - every day more and more Canadians are pledging to Vote Together for change on October 19.

We can do this, but only if we can make sure that everyone who signed the pledge actually gets out to the polls. Studies show that a phone call, or a doorknock from a volunteer can significantly increase voter turnout, and we need your help to reach as many voters as possible.

We're going to need everyone pitching in what they can to make sure our Get Out The Vote efforts are as effective as possible. Every donation helps us pay for the crucial materials, technology and volunteer support that we'll need to contact Vote Together pledge signers in the days leading up to Oct. 19th.  Can you pitch in $10, $25 or $50?

Donate today!

Thanks for your continued support.

With hope and respect,

Amara, on behalf of the Leadnow team

P.S. If you prefer to donate by cheque, please send your cheque payable to "Leadnow" to:
PO Box 2091, Stn Terminal
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3T2

Please include a note with your cheque, so we know who it's from.

To donate by phone you can call us toll-free at 1‑855‑LEADN0W (1‑855‑532‑3609ext 2.

We also accept donations by PayPal, Interac e-Transfer, Vancity Credit Union instant transfer, or pre-authorized payment from your bank account. See here for details:


[1] Anam Kazim wins for NDP in Calgary-Glenmore after recount

[2] Tallying the Conservative win in 14 ridings: 6,201 reasons to be frustrated, PO Box 2091, Stn Terminal, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3T2 — 1‑855‑LEADN0W | 1‑855‑532‑3609