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Bike Smut: Come Again @ Rio Theatre July 23rd
The world's only collection of erotic bicycle movies is back! July 23rd here to the Rio Theatre
Doors 9pm/ Show 9:30pm
Tickets $8 in advance/ $10 at the door
Strictly +19 for entry with 2 pieces of ID. Fully licensed bar
Bike Smut is a collection of short erotic films made by inspired cyclists from all over the world. It is creative, funny, and aware! The night also features Q & As and performances.
The Bike Smut Film Festival is now in its 8th year and has never been just a single person's vision, rather, a coalition of the horny work together to bring this synthesis of transportation and sexuality to life.Calling all bikers for 90 minutes of radical DIY bike loving woman centered man centered trans queer gay bikesexuals under-presented Sex Movies.ONE NIGHT ONLY. It's your only chance to see these films as they are only screened to a live audience, no internet, no DVD.

In the past year we showed consensual non-consent / forced haircuts from Chicago, golden showers and swampy dendrophilia from Gainesville, greasy cock -and-ball torture from Berlin, spaghetti-western anarchists from Montreal, gender queer Mario Brothers from Geneva, hardfem, bicycle-mounted, cavalry-archers hunting to feed their sexual appetites in Phoenix, and a hardcore, ginger-on-ginger bisexual, bikesexual educational film.
This year the submissions are from Oakland, Chicago, Phoenix, Montreal, Toronto and for the first time ever we have a film made in San Palo, Brazil!
The "Come Again" theme has inspired bicycle lap dances, Craigslist hookups, androgynous ice cave explorations, Chinese bondage pegging lessons, bike cops taken hostage until they squirt and wheelchair porn!
This synthesis of transportation and sexuality is everything you could imagine it to be: creative, ethical, aware, explicit, tantalizing, candid, and silly.
The only time you can see these movies is at a screening. Bike Smut does not release DVDs or put the movies online. The only way to see Bike Smut is live and in person (they way it should be!) but don't worry; though Bike Smut comes and goes as quick as a one-night kick stand, it's definitely not one you will regret in the morning.
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