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Fwd: Sweet bikesexual liberation this Friday!

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Date: Tue, Sep 9, 2014 at 9:49 AM
Subject: Sweet bikesexual liberation this Friday!

Dear reader of electronic mail service,  

I haven't seen you around much these days. Seems like I should have a robot that takes parts of my FB posts and some of my Tweets and mixes them into a social media slurry that I could automatically feed you at irregular intervals creating the simulacra of humanity.

But no, some real people are still using email everyday, or so I am told. Perhaps you are one of these aging luddite dinosaurs... er i mean inspiring stalwarts of simple digital communication.

If so you could be reading this email right now! Then you could learn why I sent it to you! Then you could think about it if has meaning in your life! Then you could ponder when the last time you saw me!

Remember how we used to get together to enjoy the good life? Why not take this carefully worded email, trim off the top fluff that was targeting you like a dork-guided e-missile then share it with others because it would make me more popular. ALSO it would make you seem cool by proxy. ALSO these ideas are actually worth sharing. ALSO it might get you laid. Yes, even if you are married.


For those whom haven't been keeping score, I'm a old school bike activist come international sex-positive film curator of Bike Smut. I just concluded a year of bike touring these films across North America and Europe and today Im back in Cascadia.

The world premiere of Bike Smut's new program is Friday night at the Clint St Theater!

I admit it can seem an odd connection to make at first, but thats why it is such an exciting platform to share. We all have different ways of "getting around" and since no one person's way is right for everyone it is crucial we claim our agency to decide how we move our bodies in the streets and between the sheets. That is the beauty of Bike Smut. We host various interpretations on the theme give authentic expressions of the joy and liberation of good sex and good transportation.

Thankfully Michael Anderson did a great article for us a while back on Bike Portland:

We want earnest conversations about the intersections between meaningful parts of our lives. We live in a culture that hides and shames us for just having sexual desires. If we can't talk about it like adults are we actually adults?

  • Bike Smut 8: Come Again
  • Friday, September 12, 2014
  • Clinton Street Theater - 2522 SE Clinton, Portland, Oregon, USA
  • 9pm
  • $7
  • Get Tickets online! Invite others with the offiicial FB event

But that's not all. Before Bike Smut is an encore screening of Aftermass: Bicycling in a Post-Critical Mass Portland.  This is the definitive history of transportation activism in Portland! It started as a short film about Critical Mass and quickly I realized it was way too much for me to handle alone. Thankfully Joe Biel stepped up to finish the job... and how! Now its touring all across North America. Expect some lively Q and A to follow.

Before that join the Clinton Street Social Ride. Starting at 5pm they will parade Clinton for a couple hours with joyous voices.

Then after the show join the Midnight Mystery ride. A great place to share your experiences with other consenting adults!

Its all happening this Friday! Share the bike love!

Sept Clinton St Social Ride @ 5
Aftermass: Bicycling in a Post-Critical Mass Portland @ 7
World Premiere of Bike Smut 8: Come Again @ 9
MMR @ 11 

These are not easy topics to talk about without context. I hope you will have some great questions for me!

Ill be in Portland for a couple more days after the show before I begin another bike tour of North America. Delivering porn via bicycle! I plan to return to Portland in June 2015. Please come out and say "hi/ bye" or even reply to this email with a "come cook me dinner / entertain my children / clean my gutters" or some other form of encouraging interaction with me in a different setting.

Thanks for your time and intentions. 



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