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a petition for a crosswalk on Fraser and 14th

This petition was started by my friend Charlotte, she is very concerned I guess the intersection is really unsafe for little kids

"City of Vancouver: Please create a safe crosswalk for school children at East 14th Ave. and Fraser"
Congratulations! As a community we have collected 147 signatures, in three days, for our our petition.  Each signature sends a letter directly to Mayor Gregor Robertson and his team at City Hall. 
And thanks to those of you who have shared your own experiences trying to cross.  These stories are important for the city to hear.  I have also written to the principals at Nightengale Elementary and Lord Tupper Secondary.  Since starting this petition, I have learned that there have been two recent accidents with pedestrians getting hit at this crosswalk.  This is an urgent situation, and only a matter of time before a child is affected.  If you haven't yet signed, please do.  And also share it with your family, neighbors and business owners nearby. 
It will only take 20 seconds of your time: