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Fwd: [Velolove-Vancouver] Bicycle Buddha Adventure invitation --> 6 to 8 day community bike ride in May 2014.

Explore the Salish Sea, Sooke and maybe even Salt Spring Island by BICYCLE.   Learn More...

Come ride with us?  An invitation to participate...

in the awesome Bicycle Buddha Adventure 2014
Sunday May 11 to Friday May 16, 2014.

A 6 to 8 day Community Bike Ride that combines:
• mindfulness practice,
• nature connection,
• easy-level bicycle touring,
• community practice,
• exploration + challenge + fun!



Travel by bicycle in gorgeous unfolding spring.

Meet yourself on two wheels and ride free.  This 6 to 8 day ride welcomes people who are new to bicycle touring with manageable distances and lots of snack and stretch breaks.  Regular city riders, as well as those with experience touring are all welcome.  Likely we'll be a group of 8 to 12 riders, rolling as a group.

Bicycle Buddha 2012 campsite near Metchosin, Vancouver Island

Immerse yourself in natural beauty as we ride the shores of the Salish Sea and Sooke.

Living outside is a treat, especially at this fresh new time of year.  We'll practice meditation outside daily, deepening our nature connection.
Sara's foot on pebble beach

Mindfully connect.  Authentically meet the world as it is, as YOU are.

Traveling by bicycle helps us connect directly with both the outside world, and the world within us.  We'll practice riding in noble silence.  Connection and mindfulness can come easily, especially on Vancouver Islands' famous Galloping Goose and Lochside rail-to-trail routes which are mostly car-free.

Bicycle Buddha 2012 camping oceanside

Embrace your journey and challenges within a supportive community. 

Our aim is that we wholeheartedly bring ourselves and offer our gifts, each contributing according to our abilities.  Together we roll in mutual support, sharing meals, skills, laughter, stories, mindfulness practice, and of course… fun!

Bicycle Buddha 2012 at Victoria Zen Centre

Bicycle Buddha participants 2012 at Victoria Zen Centre, feat Kosen Eshu Osho


-About the Organizers Roshin (aka Carmen Mills) and RedSara-

Please read full post HERE for more information.

Contact me with questions and excitements ;-)