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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


Bike Porn film tour

This really should be called adult sex education as it's just a fun labour of love all about the topic of love and bicycles:

If you can attend this event do it! It's only once a year and the most unique wonderful fun you could ever have.

Reverand Phil and those crazy bike porn people from Portland are back in town again on Saturday for this year's screening of porntastic bike films.

The Porny Express
Saturday, July 20th
Rainbow Connection
855 E Hastings
6pm, Adults only


Hammock ride July 31

Wed, July 31 come ride (and hang) with us!
2nd annual hammock ride.

Meet at Grandview park at 7, and we'll ride bikes to a few spots and
hang up hammocks and relax a bit.

If you have a hammock, bring it along and if not no worries you can
still hang with us :)