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An Immodest Proposal for August Critical Mass Ride

Meet: August 31st, 2012, Friday
Vancouver Art Gallery at the Lions Steps
meet 5:30pm Leave 6pm-ish
Bring your bicycles and your boobs
(uncovered as you see fit)

A good read and a great idea for a theme to this month's Critical Mass Ride. Men and women ride topless in support of breastfeeding in public. An excerpt from the article by Hilde Festerling:

..Breasts Breasts Breasts! Summer of 2012,  Bare Your Breasts! Bare them for us all! Bare them on the beach, bare them in the street, Bare them at the park, bare them at the dinner party! Breastfeeders, bare them proud, you are the reason we are called mammals. Women, i hereby challenge you to go topless at least once in the last  days of summer 2012.

A proposal: There is a little-known but new and growing holliday called Go Topless Day. This needs to blow up. Celebrated last year on August 28th, it would be perfectly timed for the August Critical Mass bike ride, which is usually the ‘wedding themed ride’- badly in need of reclamation as the Topless Ride, I’d say. Topless Bikeriding feels great, by the way. The air around your breasts is scientifically designed to be ‘breathable.’ ...

...the rest of the article is here. Seriously, go read it all (only a couple pages long with great pictures). You won't be disappointed I promise.

Men too! Even if our nipples are "useless" we really should shop up and show our support. It's a simple case of tit-for-tat (tit for tit? ...sorry, I'm a Dad now so I have to make bad puns)



UBC Bike Coop Art Show Call for submissions

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Bike Co-op <>

The AMS Bike Co-op is calling for submissions for an art exhibit and
fundraiser. The show will be exhibited in the AMS Art Gallery in the
main floor of the SUB at UBC and will run from Monday, October 15th
until Monday, October 22nd.

We will prioritize submissions that incorporate the following concepts:

Recycling (bike parts or other recycled items)
Cycling advocacy (work that promotes cycling)
Viewer engagement (work that encourages the viewer to participate or
engage with the art)
Work that the artist is willing to donate to the AMS Bike Co-op (to be
auctioned in the closing fundraiser for the co-op)

Types of art accepted include, but are not limited to: visual art
(painting, photography, video etc), performance art (music, theatre,
spoken word, etc), or sculpture (metalwork, clay, etc). Other
suggestions welcome. During the exhibit we will hold an evening event
complete with refreshments and fun where performance pieces can be

Please submit artwork proposals to Proposals
can be for art that has already been completed or for an art project
you have not yet begun.

Please include the following details:

An image of your artwork (if possible)
A description of your artwork and an artist's statement on the piece
including the purpose, message, or importance of the piece (100-300
words max)
Detailed list of materials used

Whether you would be willing to donate the work to the auction raising
funds for the AMS Bike Co-op

We at the AMS Bike Co-op believe everyone can be a creator of art.
Whether or not you have exhibited work before or identify as an
artist, we urge you to consider submitting your work. Being part of a
show can be an exciting and fun experience!

If you would like to work with the co-op to create your own fine piece
of art email to inquire about upcoming Bike Art
sessions or coordinate with us to use some of our scrap parts for your

AMS Bike Co-op
University of British Columbia


HUB Fest is this Sunday!

In case you haven't heard already HUB is having a party for you! We love our volunteers and members so we're hosting HUBFest this coming weekend on August 12th with the hopes of spending some time with you and your friends. The party is from 2pm til 6pm, there will be drinks, snacks, and fun times to be had! 

We are going to do a group ride out from Vancouver to New West's Pier Park, leaving the HUB office at 11:30am. There will be a stop in Burnaby to pick up anyone wishing to join from there. 

If anyone would like to organize a ride coming out from the East we would love to see it happen! 

Please share the event info widely, we would love to see all of you, your friends and families out. 
The official party poster is attached and the facebook event is here to make sharing easier :)

See you there!

HUB: Your Cycling Connection

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