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Occupy Port of Vancouver, Dec.12

Cycle in solidarity!

A major reason for the Gateway Highway expansion project is that the Port is pushing for it. More trucks instead of trains. More cars in our city expecting us to pay for all those subsidised roads to handle the "traffic" --- all just making our city less livable. The city council level of government is against this stuff but doesn't have the power to stop it because the Province and Federal levels of government use their purse-strings to force it on us. It is the opposite of the direction we need to go for a local, safe, sustainable cycling community --- and to deal with climate change. Large trucks account for a disproportionate amount of cycling and pedestrian fatalities.

According to Occupy Vancouver's events calendar, the local action will start at 12 noon at Callister Park (Oxford Street at Renfrew Street).

So get out there on December 12th!

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