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Welcome to Fall

Equinox has passed. The summer is over. That means its getting darker in the evenings quickly. Soon we'll lose our Daylight Savings time extra hour and it will be really dark while commuting.

The most dangerous time for cars not seeing other road users is at twilight when the light is fading but people haven't adapted to the dark night yet. The worst season for blind killer cars is the fall, when we are all unaccustomed to the shorter days.

Check out this silly video by The B:C:Clettes, and the VACC. You may recognise the lead singer/hotty as Amy from Momentum Magazine, and probably others too. Where did they get those luminescent hot pants!? I want!

Lot's of cozy winter cycling ahead. So light yourself up. Ride together. Ride Strong. Take care and take the lane.

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bicycle forklift

I don't know what they are saying, but this is pretty cool. There are lots of other crazy videos and pictures on the site. Like this:

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