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Bike over Burrard Bridge - Support the Protected Bike Lanes Trial


Please pass this on to your friends that walk, cycle, bus, drive and
run over Burrard Bridge.
One week to go! After years of close calls, conflicts and collisions
between people who walk and cycle over Burrard Bridge, on Monday, July
13, you will finally be able to cycle and walk safely over Burrard
Bridge. During the Protected Bike Lanes Trial, a southbound lane will
be reallocated to create a southbound bike traffic lane separated from
car traffic by barriers, the east sidewalk will be reserved for
northbound cyclists while the west sidewalk will be reserved for north
and southbound pedestrians. This isn't the best solution, obviously 2
car free lanes opened up to bikes and 2 walking sidewalks would be the
best... but this trial is the best we've got and the best way to make
things better.

Bike Over the Bridge
For the trial to be successful, lots people need to cycle and walk
over the bridge, especially on the first day when there will be tons
of media out looking for a big story.

Lets make the story crowded bike traffic lanes, not congested car lanes!

So bring your friends. Make a celebration out of it. Make a Summer of it.
- Cycle over the bridge to go to Kits Beach, English Bay, Stanley Park
or Granville Island.
- Enjoy dinner and a drink on a patio. Have a picnic on the beach.
- Take the long way to work over Burrard Bridge
- Take the long way home over the Bridge
- Go to a movie or a play

Several opening celebrations are planned for July 13th.

Breakfast and Ride over Burrard Street Bridge
1154 Gilford, 7am; ride starts at 8am.

Take the long way to work - Burrard Bridge Trial Opening Day Bike Ride

Momentum 40 Rolling Launch Party & Picnic
Join Momentum and the VACC for a ride over the bridge, a picnic at
Vanier Park, and a Bike-in Movie at the Museum of Vancouver.
Meet at David Lam Park in Yaletown at 6pm. We will ride over the brand
new bike lane on Burrard Bridge and have a picnic in Vanier Park.

Bring a blanket + food to share + plate & utensils + yer own mug!

That night the Museum of Vancouver will screen the movie Triplets of
Belleville outdoors (at around 10 pm)
Valet bike parking available at the museum.

So join in or plan your own event on July 13 or some other summer day.
Let me know and I will pass it around.
The bottom line is: Use it or lose it!

Two Lane Reallocation
By helping to make the one lane trial a successful, you will send a
strong message to Mayor and Council that the two lane reallocation is
the best the permanent solution. The two lane reallocation would
enable pedestrians to use the east sidewalk while cyclists would have
a lane separated from traffic. In the trial beginning on July 13,
pedestrians will be banned from the east sidewalk which will be
reserved for northbound cyclists. The banning of pedestrians from the
east sidewalk is not an acceptable solution.

Contact Mayor and Council
Please e-mail mayor and council:,,,,,,,,,,
If you wish to call them, their numbers can be found here:
Join the Facebook Group
For those of you on Facebook, please join the group:
And invite your friends. Lets get over a 1000 members to show that
there is a lot of support for the trial.
Contact the Media
Write letters to the editor and phone radio call-in shows letting them
know you support the trial.
Stay Positive and Avoid Conflict with Motorists
More Information
City of Vancouver:
Burrard Bridge Blog:
Councillor Megges has a good summary of the history of the Burrard
Bridge proccess:


Wheely Wheely Fun 2 Wheels Tour

B:C:Clettes Tour 2009

Dance, Inspire!

June 27 to July 5, 2009

Nanaimo · Parksville · Courtenay · Sunshine Coast

• • •


Sat, June 27

Maffeo Sutton Park, 7 pm


Sun, June 28

Rathtrevor Beach Amphitheatre, 7:30 pm


Wed, July 1


Grand Parade 10:30am

Performance, Lewis Park Main Stage, 1 pm

Roberts Creek

Sun, July 5

Mandala, 11:30 am


Tour Poster

Flyer - Nanaimo

Flyer - Courtenay

Flyer - Tour

• • •

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