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Fwd: a new coalition

Dear friends,

I hope you'll all take 30 seconds to sign the petition at, encouraging the Liberal Party, NDP and Bloc Québécois to join together in a coalition government to replace the Conservatives. Such a coalition is our best bet to transcend partisan politics and make sure the majority of voting Canadians are REPRESENTED rather than IGNORED in Parliament. This petition is our chance to give the opposition parties "a few whacks in the right direction" !

If you're in B.C., I urge you to take another 30 seconds to sign a letter to Transport Minister Kevin Falcon at Investing in public transit should be one of the provincial government's top priorities: it's by far the most cost efficient way of moving people around, [after bicycles and walking of course, and some rail is right up there on par... but you get the point ~Ed.] so it allows us to tackle the economic crisis at the same time as the environmental one.

Feel free to pass this message on!

Best wishes, Luke

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