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May I borrow your time and superpowers for 3 or so hours? (For Saturday, July 28)

To all of my favorite Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is indeed high summertime in this fine city. I note this because, let us marvel for a moment, summertime has come to mean something entirely new and exciting 'round these parts of town. What say?! I say: you ain't hearing "festival" anymore without great expectations that we will have again taken to the streets, reclaiming them from car traffic! Ahhahaha ha! ha!

Now I plug the Illuminares Lantern Procession at Trout Lake Park, Saturday, July 28: We're opening Victoria Drive from 12th Ave to 19th Ave. [by closing to cars] Ah! The beauty! Lanterns, bikes, kids, dogs, and good folks of all sorts. 7pm until 11pm.

And even more to the point. We know what this takes, this street closing. Barricade superheros. We'll be rockin the pavement for 6 hours -- two shifts of 3 hours each. AND food, love, and a stellar Public-Dreams style after-party on August 1st. This and many other a fine opportunity abound to keep the tradition rollin... and rolling into the streeeeeeeets! (Contact me for more info and see below for a few of the other opportunities.)

Bike Valet on site, of course. Props to BEST. Yessir!

Y'all are the most fab, crazy cats around. And I really.. really.. need your help. Tell your friends and lovers! Forward far and wide!

Viva! Viva!
Your network devoted, email spammer, lover of a good throw down, and forever indebted,

Email me at


This is how it gets done:
* Pre-Event Lantern building & repairing Team
* Event Production Crew
* Trout Lake Site Decor Crew
* Hospitality -- dispensers of food and drink
* People Liason -- info stations, performer/vol check-in
* Perimeters of the Party Barricader Team
* Public Dreams Jesters -- we've got costumes for the vibe keepers and donation collectors
Shifts during the event are 3 hours, Pre and Post Fest shifts are 5 hours. All folks are fed and watered. Full hot meals provided for anyone doing double shifts.


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