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June Massive Ride 2009

This Friday June 26th
Ride with us (skate, walk, roll...)
Take public to the streets, by all means except the motor
We are the world that we imagine, and our vision can be made real
The Age of the Bicycle will be upon us!
as we move Towards Carfree Cities.
The choice is Live Free or Drive,
We choose to ride en mass!

Meet 5-5:30pm
Depart 6pm ish
from Vancouver Art Gallery fountain
this Friday June 26, 2008
The traditional June Bike Month
Massive Critical Mass

This year, I strongly suggest we ride ALL the way across the Lions Gate bridge to the North Shore. This is may be more considerate of other (always jammed cars) bridge traffic - and it is more fun than doing the same thing every year. We are traffic (and we increase speeds of people crossing the bridge when we ride there) so lets act like it!

you are invited to come with us and enjoy the safety and comfort that we create by simply riding together. families too! dress us, bring sidewalk chalk, bring musical instruments, or just be part of the fun.

we ride together in a big mass, because together is more fun. That means we don't go too fast and occasionally the front of the ride will stop (say, just past the apex of a bridge) and wait for the mass to bulk up so we don't all become spread thin. this also helps make the ride safer and less confusing for those stuck in cars (the ride sometimes precipitates road rage) because we stay together. We don't cut the ride in half at red lights but volunteer corkers stop and talk to drivers to get them to wait for us to pass. Since there is no leader of the ride we are all responsible for watching out for ourselves, other riders and keeping it fun and safe.

This is not an us vs car drivers ride. Those stuck in car traffic are our friends and we need to be polite and respectful of them as we increase the traffic by putting more people on the roads. We do have to prevent cars from entering the mass and if anyone tries to use a car as a weapon to threaten aggressive force we call 9-11 and try to defuse the tension. We can't avoid all the road rage that precipitates when we liberate city streets from the yolk of car-only dominance - but we can make our ride safer by being intelligent and respectful as we deal with people.

Communication is very important so please talk with pedestrians, other cyclists and those in their cars. Critical Mass is opening up the once silent (loud with the noise of motor nothings) city streets to the conversation about how we live and move around. This is not just transportation, it is about affordable housing (people "must" drive if the only choice is suburbia), the environment, and much much more. You never ride alone so don't act alone, we are strong in one another.

Instructions for Ride and Photos from Last Years:
(and details of corking, flyers to use, etc...)

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  • At 7:18 pm, June 26, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Have you guys not ever thought that blocking off traffic during rush hour really isn't the way to get people to appreciate biking. In fact, it probably discourages a lot of people.

  • At 7:42 pm, June 26, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    No kidding. And when people try to cross at a cross walk, they are yelled at with "wtf" by the bikers. Real nice guys!
    Bunch of clowns.

  • At 8:14 pm, June 26, 2009, Anonymous Mike said…

    You guys are just mass idiots. Plain and simple.

    First off you don't get any respect or support from 95% of the people you hope to fact you just piss them off. If you want respect it must be given to those around you and earned by your actions (hopefully positive...not confrontational like this ride is)

    Second, the thought that you are making a difference by riding instead of driving and not using a motor is complete bs when you cause thousands and thousands of people to gridlock and cause tons of pollution. Great attempt at logic there clowns. Mind ya when your in a haze how clear can you really be thinking?

    Third, if riding a bike was the way of the future then why is it that bikes only outnumber cars in 3rd world countries where as in modern countries and cities people use bikes, cars and transit?

    In closing, maybe if you tried to work WITH other forms of transport instead of AGAINST them you might find yourself having far broader support and consequently more success in reaching actual goals like better and more bike paths/lanes, a False Creek bike bridge, etc. Of course then you'd all have to give up on being such douchebags...and where's the fun in that now?

    Hopefully one day someone organizes a Critical Mass Walk around the art gallery and they just keep walking in a circle and not let you tools onto the streets.

  • At 9:31 pm, June 26, 2009, Anonymous Aurora said…

    I find it intriguing the amount of bitter, extreme anger exhibited by some on the streets of this city and on the web directed towards what is, at the end of the day, a valid, non-violent, fun (yes, you should try it!), invigorating bike ride by a portion of the population base who are just tired of the fact we've designed our entire urban environments around the automobile for the past 80 years. And, I realize, the bit of vision required on the part of some of you to see this may be a bit hard to ask for, but I think we who participate in the Critical Mass ride each month wish you would, just once, give it a try.

    Yeah, I guess it is a real drag sitting in a car, for what? 20 min? 30 min?, or, gee, I dunno, 45 min?, but that could be pushing it - for once a month. And, yes, maybe it's shocking and a pain in the ass to see that many bicycle riders en mass. But it's all in the perception, really. I, myself, get pissed off at this city inundated with more and more vehicles, frankly, and roadways where cars speed along at ever faster and rage-filled speeds. So, yes, that's my perception. Cars drive en mass for the other 29 days, 22 hours of the month, and it's only because that's what's perceived as the "norm", what we have built our cities to do for nearly a century, that we never criticize THAT. Well, guess what? Some of us feel there is a better way, and this small, benign monthly activity is our harmless way of trying to make that point. I'm not sure where you angry, Vancouverites come from, or why you persist in slamming this event, calling it and its participants every name in the book, denigrating it and its riders. Your anger feels misdirected. Perhaps you need to direct it at our politicians, encourage them to build more bike and pedestrian lanes and put more buses and trains on the road - thereby giving you who will continue to drive more space on the road.

    But, please, cease your name-calling and criticism of those of us who see the world a little differently than Mr. Ford would design it for us. As we head to more expensive and scarcer oil, global climate change, the likes of which we here are blessed to have experienced minimal effects to date but make no mistake it's coming, and big time air pollution in this region, already pretty horrendous (case in point, earlier this month after 1 hot week of weather), sooner or later you're going to have to realize, the car will become more and more of a luxury. And that's fine, for those of you willing to continue to spend your disposable income on its use, you shall. However, you must accept, precedence WILL now be given other modes of transportation, this has to be the way for the 21st century.

    Critical Mass is a monthly event here to stay. For you car-riders who absolutely refuse to accept that, please, head to a restaurant or park your car and go for a walk, enjoy a beer on a patio, or hit a movie on the last Friday of each month from approx 6-8pm. It's a small sacrifice to make, really, to permit, just for that couple hours a month, the rest of us to feel safe on our roads.

  • At 10:23 pm, June 26, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "a valid, non-violent, fun"

    It's not valid, it's illegal.
    As for fun..great, go have fun, but don't get in other people's ways on purpose doing it.

    "wish you would, just once, give it a try."

    I'm not going to go out of my way to block other people from traveling to wherever they need to get to, that would be one of the rudest things to do!

    "roadways where cars speed along at ever faster and rage-filled speeds."

    So you're protesting people speeding and being dangerous? And you do this by running lights and almost hitting people who aren't part of your group.
    Yes, drivers shouldn't speed and be dangerous, they should obey the rules of the road to keep everyone safe and moving along. As so should you, but you don't.

    "Your anger feels misdirected. Perhaps you need to direct it at our politicians, encourage them to build more bike and pedestrian lanes"

    Your ride wouldn't use them anyway.

    "For you car-riders who absolutely refuse to accept that, please, head to a restaurant or park your car and go for a walk, enjoy a beer on a patio, or hit a movie on the last Friday of each month"

    Ok, I'll go to a movie.. hey wait a minute, who the fuck are you to tell me what to do with my time?
    You're arrogant enough to tell people what they should be doing if they don't like your criminal actions?
    That's amazing. Hmm ok, I'll do the same. How about you stop blocking traffic on the last Friday of every month? But of course you wouldn't want to be told what to do, right?
    The difference is I'm telling you to stop breaking the law.

    "benign monthly activity is our harmless way"

    It's neither. When you run a red light and hit a pedestrian who is trying to cross the road (as seen today), it's far from harmless. Just as you wouldn't want a car to run a red and hit you when you're on a bike, right?

  • At 12:48 am, June 27, 2009, Blogger Jane and Rusl Bike Hitch said…

    Hey Mike this is a great idea: Please organise a walking mass. I will help you. (As much as I can, I'm pretty busy but I can publicise some stuff) I love that idea. However, if the point is just to be bitter or fight bikes or something it won't work. But it would be really great to have masses of people just walking as a moment of protest.

    I would be honoured to be a clown. You should look up the Koshare clowns. Maybe a little over your head if you've never thought about trickster system of ideas.

    Yes, we have thought about ways to provoke less antagonism. By doing that, the ride in this city is much more sucessful than many in other cities - we focus on the point of the ride rather than us vs. them mentality. Do you have any serious (rather than obvious) suggestions on how to do this?

    Keep in mind that, if you really look at the problems of car use and car culture, a confrontation of the problem needs to take place. That problem is in the street (not so much in the intentions or donation or the usual liberal guilt/alleviation cycles) so it is natural for the confrontation to take place there.

    Cars are a weird social problem. It is a big system that we all contribute to that require massive cooperation and government intervention to maintain. Yet, on the other hand it is a totally individualistic issue and everyone has an atomistic "right" to drive so that not even the government can get you to stop from driving through parks or reduce C02 etc etc.

    The 3rd world is ahead of the West on many fronts. Music is one. Sustainable activity in many forms (cycling, farming) is another. But they are going backwards and copying us because we are the trend setter and we set the rules of our economies.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time/courage to write your thoughts in an unsympathetic setting.

  • At 2:24 pm, June 27, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Western culture breeds feelings of entitlement. So many people feel like they deserve to drive a car. Far too often I hear drivers complain about traffic jams and lack of parking - they want a solution. However, when one suggests taking the bus they are appalled by the idea. These complainers (drivers) are too good to take the bus, walk or ride to their destination. So these people are entitled to drive their cars - at what expense?? We have been shown over and over again the effects of greenhouse gases. We have begun to truly experience these effects in our own province. It would be nice to see some positive changes in our cities, but that would require a shift in the way most of our population views their own "rights" (sense of entitlement) and the way each person acknowledges his or her own carbon footprint.

    Hey - for all you drivers who feel like this is an incredibly advanced society then you should observe the way people commute in London (England). The majority of the population takes public transportation. They do this for many personal reasons probably. My guess is that many do it because it really sucks to sit in rush hour. Others may do it for the cost. But perhaps most people do it because you cannot drive into London's downtown core without paying an electronic toll. The government recognized years ago that it had to pry people from their ignorant ways to reduce the harmful effects of greenhouse gases (and the irritation of traffic).

    I look forward to the July CM!!

  • At 3:29 pm, June 27, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    To anon above, your points have some validity, but you have failed to explain how clogging up roads even more helps to solve the problem. You say how bad the roads are then the next sentence says how you are going to add to the problem next month.

    Maybe that's the problem? The criminals who partake in these rides think that because people who are against it are against their "cause". That's not true.

    What we are against is the WAY you protest your issues with cars/roads etc etc. No one has explained how adding even more "mass" to the roads is a good thing, or how blocking people (cars and pedestrians buy the way, as when a pedestrian tries to cross the road, you riders yell at them as if they are against you or something) helps them to see your point of view.

    To most people all they see is a bunch of people shit disturbing by blocking traffic during rush hour. Where are your signs or ANYTHING to show WHY you're out there? Who is going to look at criminals blocking them and think, "Aha, they're against pollution/not enough bike lanes etc.? I agree with their point of view". No one.

    You're out there to get a reaction, to be seen doing your thing, but then are mad when the reaction isn't what you intended and have the arrogance to say suck it up, too bad, go do something else if you don't like us getting in your face.

  • At 4:01 pm, June 27, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am sorry that so many drivers are angry people. I would be angry too if I was commuting one hour each way to and from my home in suburbia because I feel "entitled" to a yard, and because I feel like transit is below me. We don't block the skytrain so go ahead get on board and buy that three zone monthly pass, get your tax-deduction, and save the environment. If you live in the city then why the heck are you driving?? Oh, because you are entitled to pollute our streets in your rightfully purchased car. Get off your ass, get on your feet and walk!! Or better yet, cycle!!

    looking forward to the July CM!!

  • At 7:37 pm, June 27, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You mean the anger that the CM biker that almost hit me yesterday when he ran the red light and then yelled at me that I was in HIS way?! That anger?
    By the way, I was walking, not driving.

    Drivers aren't angry. That's a leading statement.
    The anger is toward criminals like you who purposely interrupt a person's day for no reason.

    You still haven't explained how clogging up the streets more is a good thing (and making blocks of cars pollute more for the time you're blocking them). Nice try though.

    There's already wheels in motion to interrupt your CM ride next time around. And it won't just be blocking you.

  • At 10:18 am, June 28, 2009, Blogger VanCM Blogger said…

    Critical Mass does not exist to block traffic. Where did you get that idea? Critical Mass does speed up traffic. It is simple math. There are many more people moving (traffic) through the street and their movement is overall faster. Automobile use, which is leathally dangerous, is restricted somewhat to the point that you are delayed as if you were in a normal car traffic jam. But it is easier to blame cyclists for being intentional than to recognise the unintentional system of car transit has this sort of problem every day and no one is taking responsibility. We are guilty of taking responsibility in public space which is offensive to you apparently because you worship the religion of modern automobile orderliness.

    And Critical Mass is not criminal. Crimanimal Mass is criminal. Look it up, it is in LA. (And they are probably less "disruptive" than Critical Mass) Critical Mass may be civil disobedience. Civic and provincial traffic laws breeched under the Motor Vehicles Act are civil not criminal legal matters. The MVA expands its authority to regulate walking and cycling and everything else in public streets to the point where you can be killed and it is OK because you were walking where you shouldn't. Besides the fact that it is bad law, the defiance of said bad law is civil, not criminal.

    Certainly I agree with you there is no excuse for endangering pedestrians as you describe. And CM and cyclists need to recognise this and behave much much much better to let peds through and feel safer. However, a slow bike/ped collision is not nearly as serious as a ped/car collision. And the ignorance of cyclists to pedestrians is a reflection of the overall cultural disregard for walking. People being dangerous and inconsiderate towards pedestrians is not unique to Critical Mass. And sadly that part is lawful everyday, even at Critical Mass.

    If you want things to stay as they are then you are against Critical Mass. If you want change, Critical Mass is for that. Critical Mass is not the most intelligent, or the be all end all of activism. It is there to support activists doing other things. It is there to widen the space avaliable for the challenge (physically and symbolically)

    The system of car driving is very fragile and requires cooperation. You would prefer that we maintain that so that we can continue to have 100 more cars per day in the lower mainland every day (as we speak), less and less space for humanity in the city, etc. Leave well enough alone. Well, we do, you can stay alone in your car or you can get out and see the real world is changing.

    If you really care about the pedestrian rights element then you do something to advance that not doing something to attack CM. CM is supposed to be more respectful of peds than you have described. You could help that happen if you want to be useful. But you'll have to drop the "not driving the way I say you should makes you all criminals shtick."

    Critical Mass is to confront a behaviour - driving private automobiles in the city. It is also hopefully as positive as possible in all other ways besides that. We are 100% open to more ways of being positive. However, if you think we should give up on the point - that We Are Traffic - then you're totally against us so why would we listen?

  • At 5:30 pm, June 28, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "Critical Mass does not exist to block traffic. Where did you get that idea?"

    From the CM'ers that sit in front of traffic at intersections and block traffic that has the green light and the right of way to go. That's where. You must be at a different event.

    "And Critical Mass is not criminal."

    Yes it is. Running stop signs and red lights is against the law. Hence criminal.

    "Certainly I agree with you there is no excuse for endangering pedestrians as you describe. And CM and cyclists need to recognise this and behave much much much better to let peds through and feel safer. However, a slow bike/ped collision is not nearly as serious as a ped/car collision."

    So the degree of injury validates doing it. Interesting.
    How does a ped/car collision come into the conversation. I'm talking about ped/bikes. I'll run into you with my bike when you're walking and you tell me when it starts to hurt.

    I went to a critical mass ride once. At the beginning, everyone seemed to agree that traffic laws would be obeyed (something about bikes being traffic, maybe?), but we hadn't gone three blocks until that was blown out of the water.

    So I turned around and went home, and never went to one since.

    If you expect car drivers to share the road with cyclists, then share the road with them.

  • At 8:25 pm, June 28, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    To all the drivers out there - what would it take to get you out of your car for one day a month? Roads, alleys, parking lots, driveways, garages, account for nearly 50% of the city area. Private automobiles account for nearly 50% of carbon emissions. I would personally like to have some of that space and clean air back - wouldn't you?

  • At 1:49 pm, June 29, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am not here to argue about the merits of reducing the number of cars on the road - I agree with the cause completely.

    But overall CM is a very poor and foolish method of attempting to reduce emissions. Your positive message gets lost when you prevent ordinary people, who are obeying traffic laws, from getting home. I see no reason why CM couldn't obey traffic lights just as the rest of us do. Mob mentality doesn't justify idiotic behaviour.

  • At 2:10 am, June 30, 2009, Blogger Jane and Rusl Bike Hitch said…

    Anonymous, you're getting myopic.

    Do you want dialogue or just to bitch at us and to say you prefer having more cars everyday everywhere? You want to discourage people who are trying, in favour of your approach which is to not try?

    There is a very, very good video about the merits of bikes (not) stopping at stop signs on this blog, a few entries down the page. Look around, it isn't just a good practice on the street. Write some comments in that thread if you disagree with those ideas.

    You don't have to agree, but you do have to consider what we say rather than just your pre-conceived notions of it. (If you want us to consider what you say, maybe you don't and are just trolling?)

    "not here to argue about the merits of reducing the number of cars on the road" is nonsensical. The point of the event (CM) is to do that. That IS the conflict. Critical Mass is the only mass event that literally makes space for people to cycle without cars. This is done by stopping (corking) cars. This may be illegal (or quasi-legal if you look at it objectively as the police do, traffic lights are signals, corking is also a signal and it is appropriate and safer at CM)

    I directly have asked you for positive suggestions. Have you none?

    Don't ever tell me I'm condoning running into pedestrians with bikes. That is clearly not what I said and threatening that you would do the same to me is really beneath even you. To spell it out, what Critical Mass (sometimes, you argue, I dispute the frequency) does to inconvenience pedestrians is wrong. But it is legal and normal (mostly, the common part). This should change because it is wrong. Only targeting CM rather than the everyday experience of the same problem (and the more dangerous because we all know cars kill pedestrians constantly whereas bikes do not) is assnine.

    Yes, CM should be better. But your approach of "don't be CM." Only polarizes the issues, blames cyclists for the problems created by a car culture, and works against any improvement of CM. You can do better than that.

    Furthermore, if you had been listening to the announcements at the beginning of the CM, you would hear the part about following rules and the safety talk which always includes the Biking Bus idea: ride together as a group corking at red lights until the tail of the bus comes through - parade style if you like to think of it that way. What alternative is there? dozens of Masses with dozens of cars trapped in the middle every time there is a red light? That would be chaos and that the police would not like.

  • At 9:57 am, July 09, 2009, Blogger Adam Cooper (Vancouver, Canada) said…

    It would be great to see CM take advantage of the new Burrard Bridge Bike Lane Reallocation for July. Perhaps this would be a way for the mass to recognize that the City is making an effort to make cycling and walking safer in the city. Given the incidents that happened last month, it also might help to alleviate some of the tensions between users of road space?
    Let me know what you think.

  • At 12:32 pm, July 29, 2009, Anonymous J.H. said…

    Since a few commenters have brought up the idea of self-entitlement (referring to car drivers, of course), I figure I would point out the irony.

    Don't you think holding downtown hostage once a month is a reflection of self-entitlement? You don't automatically deserve the respect of the city, just because you believe your cause is just. I think you need to find a less antagonistic way of gaining support and creating awareness. Your message is completely lost and you seem to spend more time fighting than educating.

    You could begin by educating your own. Make sure that if you're asking for respect when you're on the road, you're also giving it. Besides CM, there are way too many instances where bikers are riding on the sidewalk (despite there being a bike lane), breaking traffic laws (apparently red lights don't apply to cyclists) and just general unnecessary aggression.

    Look, I think the idea of having less cars on the road is a good one. But the idea that it's drivers v.s. cyclists is naive. Too many commenters on here are quick to defend bikes over cars, but did you guys ever stop to think you're alienating your closest ally; the pedestrian!

    Personally, I don't drive or cycle. Unfortunately, I have no desire to learn anything about CM because I associate them with those angry, self-righteous goofs who are so busy patting themselves on the back they don't realize that life is not all about them. CM should consider some serious self-reflection about their actions before their ego destroys what could be a very positive message.

    This sanctimonious, arrogant and combative attitude displayed by (some/most) cyclists does nothing to further your cause. Start there before you use the automobile as your scapegoat.

    PS - If you think your critics are ignorant or uninformed, it might just be a reflection of your own inability to educate.

  • At 3:10 pm, July 30, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "Critical Mass does not exist to block traffic?"

    I missed an important family event during last CM ride in July - the funeral of my grandfather, because this CM group feels that blocking an important artery (Lions Gate Bridge), is helping put more bikes on the road and get more cars off. I cycle everyday (50KMS) and use my my car when required. Your holier than thou attitudes (and i am sure you all live in homes that consume energy, and alot of you also own cars) are costing people family time, vacation time and creating more stress just so you can "ride in safety and freedom with space". I tell you what- a bike is at most 36" wide, it fits on the side walks of bridges, and there are extensive bicycle lanes all over downtown. GET A LIFE! Your organization is a selfish, hypocritical, left wing self interest group.

  • At 5:32 pm, July 30, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My partner has been diagnosed with cancer. He can't eat anything by mouth, all his nutrition is going through a tube inserted in his stomach. Just to maintain his weight he has to have the tube running all day. So, he's going to a procedure at St Paul's hospital this Friday, July 31, at 4pm. He is very weak, we have to transport him by a car.

    I am pretty sure i'm not the only one in a situation like this. We don't have a car. But if your ride will result in my partner feeling worse because we have to seat in traffic - well, you just made one more enemy. How is pissing people off helping your cause?

  • At 12:26 pm, July 31, 2009, Anonymous trajanc said…

    Last critical mass these a holes almost got me fired from my job by causing me to be over an hour late for work. Any idea how hard it is to get a job these days?
    The mob did not listen to this blogs tips. No surprise because that's what mobs do. They did not speed up traffic.That is a joke. They blocked the bridge and then turned around to ride back. They didn't stop cars by respectfully talking to people. They bullied and intimidated people.
    I have an idea. I will randomly pick some cause that I am committed to. Convinced of my own moral superiority I will break the law at will and interfere with others lives and livelihood. CM’ers, what do some of you do for a living? Own a bookstore? I love trees! How about I blockade your store just a few hours every month?
    Work on a computer? I think electronic waste is a big hazard! How about I cut off the internet and power for a few hours at your business every month?
    Or I just stop you from getting your kids from daycare for an hour or two. Or delay your trip to the clinic or hospital.
    You have a right to peacefully protest. That’s it. No matter what you imagine you do not have the right to mess with other peoples lives.

  • At 1:49 pm, July 31, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't think anyone ever claimed that CM was intended to advance the cycling agenda in Vancouver. People need to stop associating CM with advocacy, because that is not what it is about. CM is a bunch of people getting together to take back public space and have a lot of fun doing it. Yes, many ways CM is about pissing off car drivers, that is the draw for many people. The feeling is that cyclists - even the ones who obey the law - get the short end of the stick 90% of the time. Look how hard cyclists had to fight to get the Burrard Bridge trial - people went crazy over that, and really how much of an impact has it had on the economic vitality of downtown?

    So yes, maybe CM is about saying fuck you cars and fuck you to the people who treat law obeying cyclists like crap! CM is about stirring shit up, it always will be. And guess what? There is nothing the city will ever do to stop us, because they arent going to arrest 1000's of people. So find another way to get where you're going, because were riding tonight!

  • At 3:33 pm, July 31, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "CM is about stirring shit up, it always will be. And guess what? There is nothing the city will ever do to stop us, because they arent going to arrest 1000's of people." - anonymous

    Hmmm. You make a comment like that and then wonder WHY the Burrard Bridge cycling lane proposal was met with so much resistance?

    It's cyclists with your attitude, who admit their is no cause at all other than to act like a bunch of angst-ridden, wanna-be rebels, that ruin the public perception of ALL cyclists. Do you not realize that even fellow cyclists are sick and tired of this nonsense?

    You guys are "taking back the street"? Seems to me the best solution is for CM critics to do the same, no? What does that create? A critical mass of conflict with absolutely no cause or purpose whatsoever.

    It's starting to look like CM is nothing more than a group of social rejects who are desperately seeking a sense of belonging.

    Psst. High School's over, kids. Grow up and find a more constructive way of getting your point across before you end up facing your own tactics!!

  • At 7:44 pm, August 05, 2009, Blogger Jane and Rusl Bike Hitch said…

    Anonymous "CM isn't about advocacy" you do realise your opinion is the minority at CM don't you? People in cars are not the enemy even if they are idiots for putting themselves there (and blaming us that they are stuck)

    I'm excited about the Critical Manners ride because it's going to show how hypocritical the self righteous "I do cycle but CM blocks my car" people will complain exactly the same about Critical Manners as they do about regular mass and completely expose how their "if only CM did this different" arguments are disingenuous. Also it's a great, ironic excuse for having more mass rides.


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