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Support the English Bay Ciclovia

Please support the English Bay Ciclovia proposed by the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC) for several Sundays this summer.

Video of last year's landmark success Ciclovia in Portland:

The Ciclovia will provide the missing connections between Burrard Bridge and the Seawall providing a wonderful, safe cycling and walking experience for people of all ages. The 'ciclovia' concept was pioneered in Bogota, Columbia in the 1980s to promote active recreation and social interaction on car-free streets. Generally, a ciclovia involves opening kilometres of city streets to non-automobile traffic to provide a safe space for cycling, walking, aerobics, and other similar activities.

Ciclovia-style car-free events are becoming increasingly popular in many cities, including New York, Ottawa, Chicago, Portland, and Guadalajara. The proposed route is from Denman at Beach (English Bay Beach Park), along Beach Avenue, Pacific Street, Burrard Bridge, Cornwall Avenue, Point Grey Road, to Jericho Beach Park. The ciclovia would thus be approximately 6 km and would provide opportunities for walking, running, cycling, rollerblading, and other forms of active recreation, while connecting parks and public spaces along the English Bay waterfront. The Ciclovia will encourage people to cycle and walk over the Burrard Bridge during the trial increasing the likelihood of success of the trial and a two lane reallocation as the long-term solution. The Ciclovia is being put forth as a consideration to council this Tuesday at the Traffic and Transportation meeting. It seems to have received a favourable review by staff but it wasn't included in the recommendations as it was not in exactly in the scope of activities that where defined for the Summer Spaces program. It would be great if you could send a message to council supporting this.,,,,,,,,,,

Here is the VACC's proposal:
is the staff report:
the link to the Traffic and Transportation council meeting:

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  • At 12:49 pm, June 10, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    the correct spelling is Colombia not Columbia! please...

  • At 1:25 pm, June 12, 2009, Blogger hello said…

    Maybe what we really need is a new car-free bridge over False Creek. Comment here

  • At 3:19 am, June 27, 2009, Blogger Jane and Rusl Bike Hitch said…

    The bridges we have are great for bikes. You can tell during Critical Mass. We just need to make them be open/accessible bridges. That means taking cars out closing off to one things for the benefit of all.


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