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our records show you haven’t voted in Vancouver

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From: Kai Nagata, Dogwood Initiative <>
Date: Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 6:14 AM
Subject: Rusl, our records show you haven't voted in Vancouver

Dogwood Initiative

The last day of voting is this Saturday, November 15. But these races are so important we asked staff and organizers to vote early so everyone can spend election day on the phones.
Why? Because foreign oil companies have no limits on what they spend in our elections, but they still don't have the right to vote. They've got lots of money – but we've got lots of people.
The ability of grassroots citizens to beat Big Oil was on full display in Richmond, California last week. Chevron blasted the city with millions of dollars of advertising, buying every billboard and burying welcome mats in glossy pamphlets featuring their grinning pro-oil candidates.
Outspent 60 to 1, the progressive incumbents did the only thing they could: they rallied an army of citizen volunteers and they went and knocked on doors. Led by councillor Tom Butt, the people-powered campaign swept to victory – defeating Chevron in humiliating fashion.
We can do it too.
We can elect strong candidates who share our values and will fight for our home. We can elect mayors and councillors who will be a thorn in Kinder Morgan's side for the next four years.
But none of that will happen if people don't vote.
Click here to find you nearest voting location in Vancouver:
When you go to vote on Saturday, here's my challenge to you: find one person in your life that didn't vote in the last municipal election. Drag them to the polls. When you're done, go ahead and click this button:
Thanks again,

Kai on behalf of the whole Dogwood team

P.S. Are your friends overwhelmed by the number of candidates? Send them to so they can see how candidates answered our questions on tankers, coal and local democracy.

Dogwood Initiative - PO Box 8701 - Victoria, BC V8W3S3


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