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Occupy Howe st. today, Now.

UPDATE (Oct.17):
Occupy Vancouver Livestream:

Watch live streaming video from axiomaticaorg at

Taken from Occupy Vancouver Resource Page

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Quick guide on group dynamics in people's assemblies
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Arrest Handbook - Civil Disobedience and Protest (Chapter 12 only)
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General Assembly Hand Gestures
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» Peaceful Demonstration Against the Powers that Claim To Be
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Open Media - Stop Online Spying

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Occupy Wall Street has turned into a Global Movement that is now spreading to Vancouver. Last week there was a small gathering at the Art Gallery and this week there is a protest that aims to be patient, and long term continuing.
Saturday, October 15th,
2011 Vancouver Art Gallery

Occupy Vancouver - A Non Violent Movement
for Social, Economic and Political Change

for more details follow the link
It's quite breathtaking how radical and quick this is moving. There is lots of room for local leadership and growth. This is a globalised movement in solidarity but it will be local in direction and aims to universally appeal to "the 99%." Come out today!

Here are a few connc:
Time's Up! Sound Bike Dance Party at Occupy Wall Street

As cyclists and pedestrian users of the street we have keen insights to add to this movement as we have a much more accurate perception of the role that public space has and how the globalised phenomenon of car culture cuts off people's public social connection to their city.

And don't forget the Egyptian revolution (The Tahrir moment) only really came into full force once they censored the Egyptian Internet. We need to Get off the Internet, I'll meet you in the street!

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  • At 4:41 pm, October 20, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Occupy Vancouver

  • At 3:02 pm, November 17, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    1 car makes 4 tons CO2 per annum.
    Replace ALL cars in Metro vancouver ( 1.4 million) displaces 1.4 million x 4 tons = 5.6 million tons CO2.

    1 coal fired electric plant produces 10-20 million tons CO2 per annum.

    China brings a new coal fired electric plant onstream every 5 to 7 days.

    Gasoline not burned trhough biking in Vancouver will sequestered burned in the USA .. or India... or China.

  • At 8:09 pm, November 17, 2011, Blogger Rusl Bicycle said…

    Hey carbon calculator. That's off topic but I like thinking about it. The problem with your logic is this: Cars don't just create emissions at the tailpipe. The 'tailpipe is the only factor' magical thinking is very common and central to the auto industry greenwashing cars. What are all of those coal fired power plants powering? A huge amount of coal goes into steel. Nowadays the auto industry has been working on the tailpipe problem for decades and not many environmentalists will say this but modern cars (since the start of aircare, it isn't new) Are very clean all things considered. The main pollutant is now CO2. They cleaned up the heavy particles so that more cars could drive. Jevon's paradox. Now car production uses more energy/CO2/water thanin the driving of it. Part of it is the fancy new materials that are lightweight in order to create the "green" cars. For instance aluminium requires stupendous amounts of power to refine. (that is why it is only ever built next to a damn or other power plant)

    Interesting topic. Personally I promote cycling for cycling social reasons much more than environmental reasons - (or rather my local social environment rather than an abstract global environment)



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