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Vancouver goes CAR FREE!

Please post and forward far and wide!

Come celebrate the future of our City

Sunday June 15

Car-Free Vancouver Day, this Sunday June 15 (Fathers Day), will feature FOUR simultaneous car-free festivals. Come out and play, and help change EVERYTHING!

We are expecting over 100,000 people to come out to party in streets, and let the world know that Vancouver is ready for car-free days, car-free streets, and car-free districts. Other cities in Canada and around the world are doing it. It's high time for Vancouver to catch the wave, and join the car-free revolution.

Kits will boast a tapestry of over 20 block parties all day, with street "living rooms", dances, performers and potlucks. The West End will shut down Denman Street from noon to 6 for Parades, salsa and merengue lessons, skateboard demos, community tables, and that special W. End bohemian flavour. Commercial Drive will rock car-free from noon to six, with Tribal Harmonix/Burn BC revelry, Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestling the Healing Garden, and the usual mix of joyful chaos. And Main Street (between 12th and 16th) will rock out late from 4 to 10pm, with a farmers' market, street hockey, fire show, Burlesque and Skateboard demos, Happy Bats film fest, an
all-bassoon orchestra, and much more madness.This event is 100% volunteer organized and produced. We encourage everyone to come out and contribute their gifts today...for tha love, not for tha bux!

All Fests will feature Bike Valet Parking. Ride, walk, skate or transit from Fest to Fest -- but don't drive, parking will be crazy!

Info, schedules and route maps are

And YES Main Street, Commercial Drive and West End still need VOLUNTEERS!! Be a superhero, person a barricade (or teardown, setup, infobooth, photography, etc. for only a couple of hours or a chore or two and you'll get treated like a rockstar, and invited to the very special Work Less Party Afterparty...DO IT NOW! info@$@carfreevancouver .*org and tell us what crew you want to join. Or just show up at an Info Table or Tent on the day-of and offer to lend a hand. Make it your party, is!

Thanks to all of you for making this dream come true.


p.s...special note from Carmen, delete in forwards as you wish...I know this is tricky, but if you are a member of Vision Vancouver, try to drop by the Croation Cultural Center at 3250 Commercial Drive (16th and Commercial Drive) between 8am and 5pm to cast your vote in the Mayoral nomination race. If you're on a bike it's less than 10 minutes from the party, so you should be able to get there, vote, and be back on the Drive within half an hour. It's a very tight race. I am supporting Gregor Robertson and will be trying my best to get down there and cast my vote. I know that if Gregor wasn't trying to get elected, he'd be out there with us partying for car-free streets.

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