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still buzzed from the Delta party

Shout out to all who came to Brad's on Friday night to the "Gateway to What?" party under the solstice moon, to celebrate the turning of the tides...I'm still buzzing from it!

I've attended and thrown many parties but seldom have I seen one where two large groups of people who had no previous social interaction meld so harmoniously. North and south of the Fraser united, by the night's good spirit and the subconscious realization that this place (Brad's land, this ecosystem, this planet) is sacred and vulnerable, and we cannnot take it for granted. When I left at 2:30-ish the party was still rocking and i'm sure it continued on into the dawn, thanks to Brad for the beautiful space and the bonfire and the sauna, and the dj's for uniting up the people on
the dancefloor, and the Mexican Wrestlers (Greenwashing Gordo vs. Farmer Brad...don't take that golden handshake Brad!), and the Wilderness Committee (esp. Ben West) for bringing it all together, and realizing the importance of the party to raise spirits and light the flame.

Many S.of Fraser neighbours met each other for the first time, and found out about exactly what SFPR would mean for their community. This was a very powerful night, and it is clear that Brad's place will not go down without a fight (and a few more rockin' parties).

Lookin' forward...


and if you haven't watched the video yet check it out:

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