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Fw: cycling route planner - feedback requested

>>Students -
>>I'd like to ask for your help. As part of a research project designed to
>>understand the relationship between infrastructure and decisions to
>>bicycle as a mode of transportation, we have created an interactive
>>web-based bicycle route planner for the Metro Vancouver area. Users can
>>select in a familiar interface origins and destinations and choose to
>>prioritize routes by a number of criteria (shortest, least elevation
>>change, greenest routes, etc.). We are about to publicly launch the tool
>>but would like to conduct some additional testing and would appreciate
>>your help - especially with regard to specific routings determined by our
>>algorithm. The site is located at
>> and comments/feedback
>>should be sent to
>>Thanks in advance for your help. Feel free to forward to others.
>>Michael Brauer
>>Professor, School of Environmental Health
>>The University of British Columbia
>>2206 East Mall, Vancouver BC V6T1Z3 Canada
>>tel. 604 822 9585
>>fax. 604 822 9588


  • At 12:59 pm, June 13, 2008, Blogger Oost said…

    that's fantastic. btw, i heard there's going to be a roving critical mass that'll travel to each car-free festival location on june 15, 2008 (west end, commercial, main, kits), do you have any info on a start time/location?
    - rob


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