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Fw: [Velolove-Vancouver] CycleHack Vancouver event this weekend

YI bike nerdsz! 

CycleHack Vancouver is this weekend!


Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.


What is CycleHack Vancouver?


CycleHack Vancouver is a 48 hour event that is gathering together a diverse range of people with different skills and experiences of transit to look at cycling in a new way. The organizers looking for those with key knowledge and background in transit to join us during the weekend to spark conversations and drive good ideas.


Over the weekend of June 19th - 21st we're joining a network of over 25 cities around the globe and tooling up citizens to take a pro-active, DIY approach to reducing the barriers to cycling.

Whether you cycle, drive or walk; make, design, code or just have great transit ideas this event is for you! We're giving voice to all those who use our roads, and helping them prototype, build and test new ideas that make the experience of cycling more accessible, safe and fun.

This first-ever CycleHack Vancouver Event is supported by the Vancouver Maker Foundation and will be hosted in Maker Labs! Find out more about CycleHack Vancouver and the Global Movement here -


Advance tickets here (if you're City staff, let me know you're coming and you'll be put on the guest list for FREE):


More information about the CycleHack movement, including their library of hacks from previous events: ‎


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