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Fwd: [BIKEHUB] Money - the Root of All Contention

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From: K E Ohrn  [BIKEHUB] <>
Date: Sun, Mar 15, 2015 at 8:58 AM

Tamsyn Bergmann  writes in the Globe & Mail on a little-discussed aspect of the transit referendum.  Of the three levels of government (Federal, Provincial, Municipal), the Municipal level has the fewest tax levers.  This referendum is mostly about where transit money should come from, and who will be seen to raise the money.  In this case, the Province of BC has forced the Municipalities to be the bad guys, and the public will respond in due course.
As to who supports and funds the NO campaign, aimed at starving transit of any new funding, I leave it to you to surmise whose profits are maintained, and whose philosophies are served if the public denies this funding.  And who is watching carefully.
Ken Ohrn  |  Cypress Digital
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