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Fwd: Last chance to support Graham!

Critical Mass is not associated with any particular party. Some riders on Critical Mass forwarded me this to post. We might do the same for any other party. Critical Mass is a venue for politics but people who ride make up their own mind and there is never any "official" position. (because, how could there be anyway?)

That said, Vision is the governing party right now, so attending their nomination is a good way to influence city politics. Same could be said for NPA, COPE, Green.... CEDAR? I don't know all the new parties... post a link in the comments if I've forgotten any, or if you want to invite to anything, or just to generally share your opinion.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Graham Anderson
Date: Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 6:22 PM
Subject: Last chance to support Graham!

I'm amazed and grateful for the support I've received in the last few weeks of my campaign. But it's going to be a very tight race, and your vote could make a huge difference!

This is the last day to Join Vision and be eligible to vote for me- the deadline approaching on Tuesday at 4pm (sharp!)

Please, take a minute to join Vision online now. And let me know once you do, so I can follow-up with details on where to vote! Here's the link.

I really appreciate your support!

Graham Anderson


Graham Anderson ยท Canada
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