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Peaceful Anarchy

Rain OR shine?

Well which one is it?

Any invitation I get to an outdoor event that includes this foreshadowing tidbit is an invite I only want to attend half of. The shiny half of course.
Now I don’t want to rain on your parade, but if it literally rains on your parade - count me out. I’ll catch the next one or better yet, I’ll watch it later on youtube.

Although I had already RSVP'd yes, it came with a definite caveat on my part - rain free please. Looking up at the grey skies on Friday, although it technically wasn't raining yet, this was Vancouver so it was really just a matter of time. With this optimistic mindset in place, I packed an umbrella and a helmet and headed out into the dark, cloudy afternoon.
The invitation was presented innocently to me as a fun group bike ride through the city.  Based on that info, I assumed it was going to be a fun group bike ride through the city. Little did I know I had just agreed to be an unwitting participant in an event dubbed by some to be a radical anarchist social movement subject to vilification and desired subsequent arrest complete with jail time...

And we're off!

Ride on!



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