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We're selling the Premier's house. Really.

I'm not into mean spirited events targeting politicians as individuals rather than for their politics. This seems to be a fun spirited event and not meant to harass, but rather to make a very important point and to put something on the media radar that should be front page news: Even though all sides proport to support affordable housing there are very obvious bad decisions being made that the provincial government needs to be held accountable for.

From: CALM Housing

Sunday, April 26, 1 pm,

East 33rd & Quebec Street, Vancouver

During the past year we have marched, leafleted, petitioned and rallied. Now it's time to turn up the heat. Before May 12th we need to hear explicit plans from both major parties about how they will put an end to the rampant housing crisis in B.C.

One of the most blatant examples of government indifference to the housing issue is the plan to sell off Little Mountain Housing and other social housing sites to developers. Government has promised to put the proceeds of the sales into social housing sometime in the future, yet their only published plan is to build supportive housing for people with addictions and mental health problems. They have persistently ignored the urgent housing needs of low-income families.

Public land is a public trust and is not the Premier's to sell. If he thinks he can sell property that belongs to us, we figure we can sell property that belongs to him. This satirical strategy worked 20 years ago in Saskatchewan when a group of citizens put the Premier's house on the market after he announced that he was selling off a crown
corporation. The government looked foolish and the sale was cancelled.

Please join us for an hour on April 26 at 33rd and Quebec Street in Vancouver. An entertaining event with a very serious purpose. A crowd will make headlines.

Barry Growe, Community Advocates for Little Mountain (CALM)





We are selling the Premier's House

Why? Just because.

  • Because housing is a human right
  • Because many low-income families cannot afford to live in B.C.
  • Because the government is selling off Little Mountain Housing to a developer
  • Because public land is a public trust and is not the premier's to sell

If he can sell property that belongs to us, we figure we can sell property that belongs to him.

Join us on April 26. Become a shareholder. You will receive an official, completely worthless certificate suitable for framing, entitling you to 1 share of the Premier's house.

  • Skits & political satire Clowns but no politicians
  • Jugglers No distinguished speakers
  • Cheap donated food Great music
  • Have your photo taken with Mr. Con Dough. It's a freebie.

April 26 Too hot to ski, too cold to camp. Just right for tossing politicians on the barbie.

It will take you 45 minutes to participate and, if we get a big crowd and good news coverage, we just might influence government policy on affordable housing in this province.

Come for the satire, stay for the garage sale. Yes, we're selling his garage too.

Rain or shine. We've got 9 tents. The Canucks game doesn't start until 5 pm. For more details go to or call the CALM Warm Line at 604--->325-7209

Authorized by Community Advocates for Little Mountain (CALM) Barry Growe 604-325-7209 Registered sponsor under the BC Election Act Gag Law

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  • At 9:22 am, April 21, 2009, Blogger Barry Growe said…

    Thanks for the post. We're still looking for non-noisy street entertainers like jugglers to entertain the crowd, including kids, while they stand in line to claim their share in the Premier's house. It's this Sunday 1-2 pm. REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: You can have your say about affordable housing and be home on time for the Canucks 6th game, which there won't be anyway, at 5 pm.

    PS--The post is correct, this isn't going to be mean or partisan. In fact, we plan to have some fun with the NDP too. Vancouver comedian Charlie Demers is co-hosting.

    Barry Growe, CALM

  • At 2:40 am, May 11, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 1:30 pm, May 11, 2009, Blogger Rusl Bicycle said…

    Please note, 33rd and Quebec is nearly the site of Little Mountain housing. To be sure, this is not where Premier Gordon Campbell lives.

    It would be just if people like Gordo who make decisions to turf people out in order to make a quick buck also had to live in the places they had control over --therefore, he too would be turfed out if they made such a selfish decision. Alas, it doesn't work that way --- the rich and powerful don't often have to deal with the direct consequences of their mistakes.


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