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Critical Mass Ride for Electoral Reform


On Friday, March 27, a group of supporters of BC-STV will participate in the regular Critical Mass ride. Just as Critical Mass empowers cyclists to take back the road, BC-STV empowers citizens to take back our democracy.

Did you know that under our current voting system, approximately half of all votes are wasted (meaning that half of votes cast don't elect an MLA)? Is it any wonder that so many people don't vote? If BC-STV becomes our new electoral system, 80-90% of votes cast will go towards electing an MLA.

BC-STV was chosen by the Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform. They chose BC-STV because it produces fair results, offers greater voter choice and encourages cooperation amongst political parties. Isn't it time for an end to swing politics in BC?

If you support electoral reform, please join us on March 27!

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