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The Car of the Future

The future of the car is the past. It's over. All this nonsense is desperation. Cars are a trap - environmentally and socially.

In the future there will still be people marketing garbage you don't need that will only do what you don't want... But it won't be cars anymore.

What are cars for anyway? We need transportation - not public masturbation. Cars don't move people around, they move steel, oil, plastic and dollars. Why would anyone own a car in the city? Just to have a big financial burden than is too big and slow and destructive to get you anywhere?

Oh yes, social status. Cars use bicycle and train technology but are considered to be horseless carriages - the stage coach limousine. Social status is the reason for cars. Cars in the city are needed in order to fit in. But that is changing - and the whole sham of an industry will disappear just as quickly as it rose up.

Bye bye and good riddance.

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