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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


Pirate Crrrtical Massst!

If April Showers bring
May Flowers,
then what do Mayflowers bring?


Pirates on Bicycles!!!
Avast me hearties, for 'tis once agin de Mayflower Grrrtical Mast Ride and Roll on the High Seas. Friyday, the 9 and 20 of Mayflower. Meet at the Scurvey Captain Vancouver Arte Gallery Downtown (on dry land). We set sail at 6 boney hours past Noontyme. If the wind be for us or agunst us; nomatter. Butchu best be earlie for the ragtag crew gathers half of one hour before them to conspire about the downfall of the American Automobile Fleets. We will send them to Davey Suzuki's Locker!


The public space we will publicize, the Private Space we shall loot. Copy this ride the world over, the bicycles are taking over! Not just bicycles, but all pedestrian modes of transport including the skates on feet or skates on planks. Wheel chairs and pedalling couches {Yo, Ho HO!}. All are invited that will humbly submit to report for on the deck duty, reclaim the streets and ride the pARRty!

lots of bike things happening:
And that's just the tip of the iceberg for this thriving bike culture. The end of June (27th) will be the Giant Critical Massive, which will be -as ever- an exercise in large scale co-operation.

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